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Welcome to the Co. Limerick page of the Ireland Gen Web. Many of the links on this website will take you out of the site, so why don't you bookmark (or make a favorite) before you leave. Resources and links can be found here. Some sites allow you toadd your query or look at those left by others. Look around. There is much here which may help you in your search for information on your ancestors and links to even more information. I hope this site is a good starting point in your research on your Limerick ancestors.

But first a word about where this site fits into the larger picure of Irish genealogy and internet genealogy in general. If it's Limerick you want, you are already in the right place. But if your interests (or some of your interests) go beyond Limerick you may want to check out the sites in the next paragraph.

This page is part of the Ireland Gen Web which has general Irish information as well as links to all the counties in Ireland. That in turn is part of the British Isles Gen Web and the World Gen Web. .

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  • Photos of Limerick. If you have a scan of a photo that may be of general interest to users of this page, please consider letting me post it here. Also let me know if you are aware of pictures on the web that other Limerick genealogists might be interested in.
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  •  Jack's Search page Sometimes a good search will uncover much.

  •   Rootsweb   If you haven't registered your surnames here, you probably should. It is one of the biggest genealogical sites on the internet. You're sure to find something of value.

  •  Irish Surname Links  - many people have WWW pages dedicated to specific surnames.

    You might also want to check out more general sites in the Irish Links section.

    I have been a fan of Ancestry. I took a trial membership and just loved being able to search census, birth, death records and more from home. So I stayed on. I found a lot on my families. So if you think you might find this useful, read what I have to say by clicking the link below.
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