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  1. The form below will help you format your look-up request, and will e-mail it automatically to the owner of the resource you have just selected.

  2. Please fill out the form completely, particularly those items marked [REQUIRED]. Missing or unclear information may well result in you receiving no answer to your request.

  3. Please make sure your return email address is correct - our lookup volunteers receive countless requests they are unable to fulfill because of invalid email addresses. It is YOUR responsibility to provide the correct email address. Provide the email address within your message, too, just to be sure.

  4. If your email service has a "whitelist" [where you accept emails only from those on an approved list] please add the lookup volunteer's email address to that whitelist - otherwise, they will not be able to respond to your request in a timely manner.

  5. Please note and follow any special instructions from the resource owner, whose information appears below.

  6. Please limit the number of surnames or resources you want looked up by any one owner. Many owners receive up to 300 e-mail messages per day. Since they are doing look ups as volunteers, it is important not to overuse their service.

  7. Be sure to notice whether the owner is requesting an SASE. If the owner is making copies of information and sending it to you, be sure to ask how much it will cost, so that you can reimburse the owner for his or her expenses.

  8. Please be sure to thank your lookup volunteer, whether or not they were able to locate your information. They are performing a valuable service - it is always nice to know their time and effort are appreciated.

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J26 [MS]

Requestors must give specific given name with surname if possible, and what they want: birth and/or death dates, inscriptions on the headstones in the cemetery, race, gender if known, etc. I have done lookups before, and just a general search for any one surname listed in my book is time consuming and almost impossible for me to be much help because there may be many people with the same surnames listed. I will send replies asap by email or snail mail. Any charges for information by way of snail mail must be made in advance by money order, or send self-addressed stamped envelope for reply for inquiries or return of printed search results. Any requests for reproduction of pages in my book must be made by the requestor to the copyright owner, not through me.

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