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  • STEVENSON Family History (877,282 bytes)

    The file STEVBOOK.EXE is a scanned copy of STEVENSON Family History from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Worcester County (Old Somerset) Maryland to Woodford County KY to Putnam Co IN with Allied Families published 1966. This file requires Microsoft Windows in order to be viewed. Double clicking on the file from the Win File Manager brings up the embedded viewer.

    Very interesting account of the migration of the STEVENSON's from Worcester Co, MD to Woodford Co, KY about 1790. Other surnames include Cropper, Martin, Fassitt, Tull, Jones, Campbell, Nelson.

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  • THE PISGAH BOOK 1784 - 1909

    THE PISGAH BOOK 1784 - 1909 By W. O. SHEWMAKER Pastor of Pisgah Church at Pisgah, Woodford County, Kentucky

    This executable requires Windows, or you can download a viewer for UNIX or the Mac from

    Double clicking on the executable launches a Common Ground viewer which will bring up the Digital Paper file containing the book. The executable takes 1.5MB including viewer and book.

    This book is a history of Pisagh church written in 1909 by the Pastor of Pisgah at that time. It includes a roster of members from 1808-1909 which has been indexed alphabetically. Good early history of Woodford County, KY. Talks a lot about the first families to start the church (and Woodford Co) including STEVENSON, GAY, McILVAIN.