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Volunteer Spotlight values each individual and organization that volunteers their time and talents to making our site one of the best on the Internet. We hope you enjoy meeting some of these outstanding volunteers whose dedication have made a difference to and other researchers.

Cornwall Online Parish Clerks
Volunteers dedicated to the collection, preservation and distribution of Cornwall, England Parish Records

Genealogists have a history of helping each other out. In fact, many genealogical organizations were founded and are successful only because of this long-time tradition. The Cornwall Online Parish Clerks (OPC) is group that not only honors this practice, but was created for the sole purpose of collecting, preserving, and sharing records from Cornwall, England.

The Online Parish Clerks organization was created nearly two years ago following a discussion on the CORNISH mailing list. List users Paul Brewer, David Stick, and Michael McCormick envisioned an organization that would provide genealogists researching their ancestors from Cornwall, England with free access to records. The organization was designed to function through the work of volunteers who would each collect, transcribe, preserve, and share as many records as possible from a specific parish in Cornwall.

Following the founding of the organization, the group posted a request for volunteers. Much to their surprise, more than eighty persons from around the world initially volunteered for one or more parish. Just as the founders originally intended, Cornish OPC volunteers collect and transcribe any records they can for their designated parish, and offer their knowledge to researchers for free.

Each OPC chooses what data to collect, how it will be organized and distributed or displayed. OPCs are encouraged to preserve the data by posting it to a parish Internet website such as FreeCEN and FreeREG. However, many individuals have created websites that often contain information on the parish they research.

At the time of its creation, Cornwall OPC was one of a kind. However, during the past two years, other counties have now adopted the concept. Those searching their ancestors from Dorset and Devon now have an OPC project to turn to. Although these organizations began more recently, they are well on their way to providing researchers with great information.

The persistence and dedication of these great volunteers to continuously assist other genealogists make the Cornwall OPC organization a valuable asset to the entire genealogical community.

On behalf of the genealogical community, we thank you.