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Volunteer Spotlight values each individual and organization that volunteers their time and talents to making our site one of the best on the Internet. We hope you enjoy meeting some of these outstanding volunteers whose dedication have made a difference to and other researchers.

RootsWeb HelpDesk Volunteers

As many users know, much of the site content is submitted and maintained by volunteers. Just as these areas need volunteers to function efficiently, the HelpDesk depends on the dedication of a group of volunteers to help the many users of the site by maintaining help pages so users can find answers to their questions, and by answering the questions that need personal attention.

The HelpDesk was created when the founders were overwhelmed with e-mail, and needed assistance with answering them. users volunteered to do this, and have manned the HelpDesk ever since. The volunteer staff currently includes six members, each of whom have a different specialty. They include Patricia Caster, Leigh “Elsi” Compton, Pat Asher, Chris Hankins, Carol Sterling, Clare Midgley, and Josh Taylor.

Patricia Caster and Leigh Compton have been members of the HelpDesk team almost from its beginning. Patricia’s duties usually place her in the background, but she plays a vital role in the maintenance and organization of the inquiries. Leigh is one of the technical experts, and specialized in programs and scripts such as mail merge.

Pat Asher and Chris Hankins are also long-time HelpDesk volunteers. Pat not only handles the general questions with ease but also is great with website problems and copyright related questions. Chris is able to answer nearly any question asked by users. He is especially good with the technical computer and program problems as well as family trees in the World Connect Project.

Carol Sterling and Clare Midgley have recently joined the HelpDesk. Clare is someone many users will recognize, as she is a former staff member. She is familiar with many of areas of the website and will be a great help in answering user messages. Although Carol has not yet been able to answer many messages as she has just moved across country and has two small children, she is learning quickly and will be a great asset to the team.

The most recent addition is Josh Taylor. Although Josh has not yet graduated from high school, he has been doing genealogy since he was ten. He is a state and county coordinator with the USGenWeb Project, serves as a coordinator for the USGenWeb Census Kidz project, and is an accomplished genealogy lecturer. Josh is just joining the HelpDesk team this week, and will be a great asset to

Each of these dedicated volunteers work hard to ensure that most questions are answered the same day, and sometimes within hours, even on holidays and weekends. This persistence and dedication to continuously provide high quality service for users makes each member of the HelpDesk a valuable asset to the entire genealogical community.

On behalf of the genealogical community, we thank you.

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