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MILLER--GINGRICH CEMETERY, North Annville Twp., Lebanon Co., PA
(in a farmer's field)

(All on large stone)
MILLER, John "elder" (no dates)
MILLER, Magdalena Baum (no dates)
BAUM, Magdalena (1794-1801)
BAUM, Berdnica (1792-1802)
MILLER, Magdalena Snavely (1766-1802)
MILLER, John "younger" (1768-1832)
FABER, Jacob (1830-1834)
FABER, Barbara (1779-1838
SHERK, David (1819-1843)
MILLER, Abraham (1802-1845)
GINGRICH, David (1812-1848)
GINGRICH, Michael (1827-1849)
GINGRICH, Levi (1829-1849)
GINGRICH, Barbara Miller (1789-1850)

(All on another large stone)
GINGRICH, Catherine (1824-1850)
MILLER, Barbara (1784-1851)
GINGRICH, Anna Yordy (1827-1854)
GINGRICH, John (1788-1854)
OBERHOLTZER, Catherine Faber (1832-1856)
REIST, Adam (1857-1858)
GINGRICH, John (1816-1860)
MILLER, Abraham D. (1866-1867)
MILLER, Abel D. (1870-1872)
MILLER, Isaac Z. (1873-1877)
FABER, John (1803-1877)
MILLER, Magdalena Heisey (1810-1881)
GINGRICH, Anna Heisey (1811-1882)
FABER, Magdelena Miller (1807-1884)
MILLER, infant son of Henry and Sarah Miller (1894-1894)

Transcription of some of the Individual Stones still remaining:

Berdnica Baum b 9-17-1792     d 3-26-1802
dau of Michael and Magdalena Baum

Magdalena Baum b 12-16-1794     d 10-23-1801
dau of Michael and Magdalena Baum

Anna Gingrich b 10-29-1811     d 3-14-1882
wife of David Gingrich

David Gingrich b 10-18-1812  :   d 5-14-1848

Johannes Gingrich b Sept 1788     d Feb 1854

Barbara (Miller) Gingrich b 1789     d 1850

Anna (Yordy) Gingrich d 8-23-1854

Johannes (John) Gingrich b 4-18-1816     d 1806     Aged 44y 8m 21 days

Catherine Gingrich b 11-2-1824

Magdelena (Heisey) Miller is wife of Abraham Miller

Isaac Z. Miller b 11-22-1873
son of John and Elis. Miller

Magdalena (Snavely) Millerin (is on old stone) b July 1766     d 2-3-1802

Johannes Miller (younger) b 12-24-1768     d 10-2-1832

David Sherk b Nov 1819     d 8-5-1843

Magdalena (Miller) Faber is the wife of Johannes (John) Faber
Their son:
Jacob Faber b 12-8-1830     d 11-20-1834

Adam Reist is the son of Peter and Barbara Reist

Seigrist property (farm cemetery) South Annville, Londonderry Twp., Lebanon Co.
(1 1/2 miles south of Annville, PA in a farmer's field)

(All on a large stone)
SIEGRIST, Daniel (1808-1837)
SEAGRIST, Mahlon (1843-1843)
SEAGRIST, Henry (1844-1844)
GILMOYEY, Isidorus (1850 -1851)
SEAGRIST, Jacob (1852-1853)
WITMEYER, John (1852-1857)
WITMEYER, Franklin (1854-1857)
WITMEYER, Amanda (1839-1861)
MILLER, Magdalena (1783-1865)

(On another large stone)
SIEGRIST, Magdalena (1751-1801)
GRUBER, Christian (1761-1814)
SIGRIST, Lorenz (1817-1820)
SIEGRIST, Johannes (1782-1823)
GRUBER, Christian (1787-1824)
SIEGRIST, Lorenz (1731-1825
SIEGRIST, Jacob (1788-1828)
HEILMAN, Margreta (1790-1831)
SIEGRIST, Sybilla (1833-1833)
BAUMAN, Johan (1831-1833)

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