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Most of the names below are men who have documented Revolutionary War or Patriotic Service. There are a few exceptions that have been included. Local tradition recognizes these men to have served in the Revolutionary War, for this reason they have been included, even though official documentation has not been found. Our hope is that by preserving the names of these men, that one day a family researcher will uncover the documentation to prove the service.

The men listed below are buried or were living in Centre County at the time of their death. Centre County was formed in 1800 from parts of Lycoming , Mifflin , Northumberland and Huntingdon Counties. The names are taken from a 281 page book, Centre County, PA, American Revolution Soldiers and Patriots.

The book published in September 1996 includes information on birth date, death date of the soldier or Patriot and spouse. Children and spouses are included. Complete references for each entry. Includes index of all names and cross indexed by maiden name for women.

Cost is $34.75 which includes postage.

Available from the compiler:

Nancy Lee Stover

P.O. Box 73

Boalsburg, PA 16827.

Archibald Allison

Matthew R. Allison

Thomas Askey (Erskine)

Philip Barnhart

David Barr

John Barron, Sr.

Lawrence Bathurst

Philip Benner

Tobias Bickle (Pickle)

Anthony Bierly (Beerly)

John Boggs

Adam Bolander, Jr.

John Borland (Boreland)

(John) George Bottorf (Batdorff)

Jacob Bower (Bauer)

Nicholas Bressler (Pressler)

John Brisben

Peter Bruner (Pruner)

Cleary Campbell

Elijah Chambers

George Corman (Kornman)

John (John) Henry Dale (Deal)

Jacob Duck

Melchoir Dunkle (Gunkle)

James Dunlop

Andrew Eakins (Aikens)

Abraham Elder

(Johann) Michael Emerich

Eleazer Evans

John H. Farber (Faber)

William Fisher

Jacob Fleisher

Robert Fleming

Peter Florey

Frederick From

Robert Gardner

John Garrison

(John) Christian Gast

(Johan) Nicholas Gast

Henry Gates (Getz)

John Gearhart

John Glenn

John Goheen

Francis Gramley

Andrew Gregg

Richard Gunsalus (Gunsaulis)

John Hall

Adam Harper (Herper)

James Harris

Barnabas Hasson (Wasson)

Peter Heckman

(John) Adam Hennig

Christopher Hennig

Frederick Hennig

Mathias Hess

Michael Hess

(John) Balthaser (Balser) Hetzler

William Hinton

John Holt

Jacob Hosterman

Jacob Houser

Samuel Howe

Jacob Hubler

James Huston

Michael Jack

Christopher Keatley (Kettley, Ketley)

Jacob Kehl (Kail, Kahl)

Jacob Keller, Sr.

William Kelley

Daniel Koons (Kunes)

Daniel Kreamer

(Johann) Stephen Krumrine (Krumrein/Crumrine)

David Lamb

William Lamb

Daniel Livingston

John Livingston

Wilhelm Long

Benedict Lucas

Joseph Lucas

Isaac McCalmont (McCamon)

Thomas McCalmont

John McConnell

George McCormick

Henry McCracken

Henry McEwen

John McGee (Magee)

Charles McLain (Mc Clain, Mc Clair, Mc Clane)

John McLain (Mc Clain, Mc Clair, Mc Clane)

Michael McMullen

Richard Malone

John Marsden (Mas den, Warsden)

William Mason

George Meek

Henry Meyer

Philip Meyer (Moyer)

James Miles

Richard Miles

Christian Miller (Mueller)

Jacob Miller

Robert Moore

John Motz (Moatz)

Michael Motz (Moatz)

Levi Murray

Daniel Musser (Mosser)

Philip Musser, Jr. (Mosser)

Sebastian Musser (Bastian Mosser)

Peter Neese (Niese, Neisz, Niess)

Solomon Neidigh

Christian Nestelroad (Nestelraad, Nistelroth,Nestlerode)

James Packer

Job Packer

John Patton

John Patton (General)

Robert Pennington

Anthony Peters

Abraham Piatt

Henry Pletcher

James Potter

Henry Price

Edward Quigley

Abraham Ream

John Frederick Ream

(John) Christian Reese (Ries)

(Johann) George Reinhart (Rineh art, Rhinehart)

Conrad Rimmey (Reamy, Drimmey, Rimee)

Ludwig Rishel (Rischel)

Evan Russell

John Adam Schafer

Nicholas Schaeffer (Schaffer)

Robert Scott

Jacob Shadacre Shawnee

John Nicholas Shenefelt (Schoenefield, Sche nafeld)

John Shook (Schuck/Shuck)

John Snyder

George Christian Spangler, Sr.

Francis Steele

Michael Stiver

Adam Stover (Stober)

Frederick Stover (Stober)

Jacob Stover, Sr. (Stober)

John Stover (Stober)

Valentine Stover

William Stover (Johann)

Adam Sunday (Sontag, Suntag, Sonday, Sontagh)

William Swanzey, Sr.

William Taylor

William Thompson, Jr.

William Thompson, Sr.

John Turner

Thomas Van Doren

Simon Vaugh

Joseph Vaughn (Vahn)

Daniel Wagner (Waggoner)

Isaac Wall(s)

James Watson

James Watt

David Weaver

John Weaver (Weber)

Michael Weaver

Cornelius Welch

Philip Werntz (Wernsz, Werns)

Joseph White

David Whitehill

David Williams

Jos Joshua Williams

Charles Wilson

David Wilson

John Wilson

Thomas Wilson

William Wilson

George Wolf

George Woods

James H. Woods

John Woods

William Woods

John Young

Robert Young

(end of list)


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