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Names, Dates, Counties: c1760- c1850

PENNSYLVANIA PENSIONERS, 1789--(Alphabetically) Act of Congress-1789; to invalids, wounded and disabled; finally allowed March 18, 1818. "The following is therefore a list (though necessarily incomplete in consequence of removals from the State) of the wounded and disabled officers and soldiers of the Revolution resident in the state in 1789. The dates annexed being those to which they were paid, may be regarded as approximate to that of their deaths. This list was made out in 1812."[PA ARCHIVES: 2:11:747]

Allen, Samuel, marine, Sept.,1800; Allender, George;
Alshouse, David; Alsop, Samuel, Sept., 1802; Anderson, Robert, dead,
March 7, 1795; Arbogast, Ludwig, 1812; Armstrong, William, serg't,
Sept., 1805; Atkinson, William, Sept., 1811

Baker, Daniel, 1791; Baker, Jacob, matross; Baker, Jacob, artificer;
Baker, Thomas, transferred to New Jersey; Bannon, Robert, paid to Sept., 1809
transferred to War Department; Barnitz, Jacob, ensign; Barnes, Caesar,
paid to March, 1803; Barr, Robert, March, 1803; Bartlett, Benjamin, Sept.,
1795, transferred to New Hampshire, March, 1803; Bate, Abraham, corp.,
March, 1790, dead; Beatam, Jacob; Beezley, William, fife-major, March
1800, transferred to New Jersey; Benedict, George; Bennett, Oliver,
transferred to War Department; Bennett, Samuel, corp., Sept., 1793;
Benton, George; Berry, James, March, 1796; Berry, John; Berry, Michael,
March, 1804; Best, Abraham, March, 1794; Besun, Nicholas, March, 1791, dead;
Bevins, Wilder, paid to Sept., 1809, dead; Biggs, Joseph, Mar. 9, 1796,
transferred to Virginia; Blackburn, John, Mar., 1793; Blair, Thomas, lieut.;
Blatt, Andrew, Mar., 1799; Blew, David, Sept., 1793, transferred to Va.;
Bole, Peter, Sept., 1791, dead; Bond, Thomas, Sept., 1791; Bottomly, John,
Mar.,1791; Bowman, Michael; Boyd, Alexander, Mar., 1803; Boyd, William;
Boyle, John, March, 1795; transferred to Md; Bradley, Robert, serg't,
March, 1799; Bradley, William, serg't, March, 1791, transferred to Ga.;
Brady, Roger, Mar., 1799; Brannon, James; Brannon, John, Sept., 1792,
dead; Brant, Jacob, mariner, Mar., 1794, dead; Briener, Philip, March, 1806;
Brodhead, Luke, lieut., March, 1806; Brooks, William, Sept., 1798, dead;
Brown, John, lieut., Sept., 1794; Brown, John, serg't; Brown, Daniel;
Brown, John, 1801, dead; Brumagen, Patrick, never received any; Daniel Buck;
Burg, Conrad, Sept., 1799, dead; Burnham, Isaac, March, 1809; Burrows, Joseph,
March 1797, dead; Burwell, Jonathan; Bush, Solomon, lieut.col., March, 1795,
dead; Bush, William, Bushell, John, Sept., 1805; Butler, William,
transferred to Va.; Buxton, John, Sept., 1811; dead.

Cain, Henry, serg't, March, 1791; Cain, James, Sept., 1800, dead;
Califf, Stephen, Sept., 1791, transferred to NY; Callighan, Daniel;
Callighan, Patrick, March, 1797; Caldwell, Nicholas, corp'l, March 1801,
dead; Campbell, Alexander, marine; Campbell, Thomas, capt;
Campbell, William (1) private; Campbell, William (2) lieut; Cardiff, John;
Carney, John, March 1798, dead; Carrigan, Thomas, March 1798, dead;
Carte, John, matross, Sept., 1791; Caruthers, James, March 1801, dead;
Cary, John; Casey, Morris, March 1791; Casey, Patrick, March 1799;
Cavenaugh, John; Chamber, Robert, corp; Cherry, Robert, March 1798, dead;
Chidsey, Rohland, Sept 1797, transferred to VT; Christey, Alexander;
Christ, Adam, serg't, March 1808; Chubbs, William, March 1, 1797;
Clark, John, lieut; Clark, Charles, lieut; Clark, Charles M., March 1797;
Clark, John, Sept 1797, transferred to NH; Clark, Peter, gunner, Sept 1805,
dead; Clark, Silas, corp, Sept 1800; Clinton, Matthew, Sept., 1804;
Clutterbach, Henry, March 1791; Clutterbach, Joseph, March 1791, dead;
Collier, John; Collins, John, Sept., 1791; Collins, Patrick; Conckling, Josiah;
Conklin, John, Sept 1806, dead; Conner, Edmund, Sept 1793, dead;
Conner, James; Cook, David, Sept 1793, transferred to NY; Cook, Jacob,
March 1791; Cooke, Nathaniel, serg't, Sept 1801, dead; Cooney, John,
March 1792, dead; Copelwood, Christian, corp, March 1801, dead;
Copple, Nicholas, Sept 1799, dead; Colter, John, Sept 1797; Coughey, James,
March 1795; Cougleton, Wm., Sept 1806; Cowhill, Henry, matross, Sept 1804;
Craig, Gerrard, Sept. 1801; Crawford, Thomas, Sept. 1795; Crawford, John,
capt.; Crossly, Jesse, Lieut, Sept 1792, dead; Crow, George, Sept 1799;
Crowley, David, Sept 1801, Culle, Barney, March 1803; Cunningham, Robert;
Cunningham, Peter, Sept 1796, transferred to Delaware; Cunto, Alexander;
Curry, Thomas.

Dale, Samuel, Sept 1793; Daniels, Charles
Davis, Francis, Sept. 1804; Davis, John, gunner, Sept 1799;
Davis, Phineas, Sept 1794, dead; Dauber, Peter, Sept 1794;
Dawson, Anthony; Day, John; Deal, Andrew,sergt, March 1791
Dean, Samuel, Sept 1791; Deaver, William; Dempsey, Peter
Dewitt, William; Dixon, John, March 1800;
Donavan, John, March 1803, dead; Dorem, James, Sept 1794;
Doty, James, lieut., Sept 1794, transferred to NY
Dowd, Michael, Sept 1791, dead; Dowling, James; Doyle, Henry;
Doyle, Thomas, major, Feb. 1805, dead; Drury, Michael
Duffy, Michael, March 1806; Dunnal, John;
Dysart, James, corporal,died April 8, 1804.

Eagan, Thomas, matross, died April 8, 1804; Eager, Peter, March 1799,
transferred to Conn; Elliott, Joseph; English, Georgei, March 1802,
dead; English, James, sergt; Erick, Michael, March 1791; Erwin, Jacob,
Sept. 1793.

Fegan, Garret; Fegart, William; Finney, John L.; Fisher, James,
Sept. 1800; Fitzsimmons, John, March 1799, dead; Fogus, John, matross;
Forbes, Daniel, sergt, March 1798; Forsaith, Elisha; Forsman, Alexander,
capt.; Foster, William, March 1810, transferred to NY; Fowler, Patrick;
Fox, Jacob; Francis, John; Frazier, Robert, sailor, March 1791,
dead; Freaner, Thomas, sergt; Freeman, Benjamin; Fultz, Frederick.

Galbraith, James, died Feb 23, 1805; Gallagher, Francis, Sept, 1806,
transferred to NY; Gallagher, George, corporal, March 1795;
Gallant, James, Sept., 1793, dead; Gaskins, Thomas, Lieut.;
Gates, Ezra, March 1796, transferred to NH; Geddes, Samuel,
March 1791; Gent, Alexander, March 1806; Gerback, George;
Gerback, John, March 1792; Gettig, Christopher, Lieut., March 1791,
dead; Gibbons, Philip, corporal; Gilchrist, John, Lieut, March 1791;
Gilman, Philip; Gilman, Samuel; Ginderberger, Adam, March 1800;
Glentworth, James, Lieut.; Glover, James, corp., March 1801, dead;
Gore, Nathaniel, March 1791, transferred to NY; Gore, Simon,
Sept 1790, dead; Graff, John; Grace, George, Sept 1793, dead;
Grady, Younger, March 1796, transferred to VA; Grant, Samuel; Sept 1803,
dead; Gray, Alexander; Gregg, John, sergt, March 1781; Green, John,
sergt, never received any; Green, John, Sept. 1793, dead;
Griswold, Andrew, March 1794; Gueschen, Peter, Sept 1792;
Gunn, Jeremiah, Sept 1808.

Hafer, Andrew, paid to March 1781, dead; Haley, John, corporal;
Hammond, David, Lieut., March 1801; Hannon, William, sergt., Sept. 1793;
Harding, Robert, Sept. 1798; Harris, John, drummer, March 1794, dead;
Hartman, Jacob; Hartney, Patrick; Harvey, Samuel, Sept 1798;
Hedges, Elijah, March 1796; Henry, Philip; Hermity, Henry, died Nov 18, 1804;
Hertzhog, Valentine; Hickey, David; Higginson, William; Hillier, Davis,
Sept. 1785, dead; Hillman, Benjamin, Lieut.; Hinckley, Wiat, March 1807;
Hipple, Lawrence; Hobson, William, sergt; Hortleberger, Philip,
Sept. 1793, dead; Hougherty, John, March 1800; Houtshell, Peter;
Hullet, William, paid to Sept. 1794; Hungarius, Gabriel, paid to
March 1797, dead; Harroll, Thomas, paid to Sept., 1793, dead;
Hutchinson, John 1st, March 1799; dead; Hutchinson, John, 2d,
Sept. 1801; Hubble, Nathaniel, major, March 1892; dead.

Irvin, John, Lieut., March 1808, dead; Irvine, James, B.Gen'l;
Irvine, Alexander

Jack, Mathew, Lieutenant; Jackson, Anthony, died February 24, 1804;
Jackson, David; James, Elijah, Lieutenant, March 1795; transferred
to NY; James, Thomas; Jennings, Thomas, drummer, Sept. 1791, dead;
Johnston, James, Sept 1807; Johnston, Joseph, March 1793, dead;
Johnston, Thomas, Lieut.; Johnston, William; Jeffers, John
September 1800, transferred to VA.

Keating, Ignatius, March 1807; Keen, Robert, March 1791, dead;
Kell, Robert, Sept. 1798; Keller, Edward; Kelley, Thomas;
Kelly, Edward, Sept. 1803; Kendrick, Benjamin; Kessler, John,
midshipman; Kettle, George, March 1792, dead; Kincade, John;
King, John; King, John, Lieut., March 1795, transferred to NY;
Kirkpatrick, John, March 1794; Kissellbach, Oswald, March 1799;
Krone, John H., Sept 1796; Krough, Philip, dragoon; Kuhn, Christian,
March 1791; Kusick, John, Sept 1792.

Lane, John, died December 3, 1803; Lanscome, John, Sept 1802, dead;
Lator, John; Leary, William, March 1791; Lee, Samue, Leiby, John;
Leonard, James, March 1806; Lesley, Samuel, sergeant, March 1812,
dead; Letford, Robert, drummer, March 1802; Levi, Judah;
Levy, Abraham, March 1802, dead; Lewis, Isaac; Lewis, Miles;
Lincoln, Elijah, Sept 1797, transferred to NH; Lindsay, Samuel,
lieutenant, Sept 1800, dead; Linn, Robert, March 1799;
Linnington, Timothy; Little, William, Sept 1808, transferred to
War Department; Lott, Nicholas; Love, Henry, Sept 1808;
Ludwick, John M. Sept 1793, dead; Lusk, Patrick, sergeant;
Lyons, Edward, died May 1, 1799; Lyons, David, Sept 1806.

McAnulty, Michael, gunner; McBride, Archibald, sergeant,
died April 25, 1808; Mcburney, Thomas; Mcarty, Josiah;
McClurghan, Samuel; McConehy, John; McConn, James, corporal,
Sept. 1797, dead; McConnell, Mathew, Captain; McCord, Josiah,
March 1791, dead; McCormick, Thomas, Sept 1793; McCorvan, John
March 1791; McCouty, John, matross, March 1793, dead;
McCowan, Archibald, March 1794, dead; McCoy, Ephraim;
McCoy, Kenneth, Lieutenant, March 1809; McCullock, Roger,
Sept. 1792, dead; McCullough, Robert, March 1807; McDermot, John,
March 1806; McDonald, Godfrey, March 1801; McDonald, James;
McDugal, William, Sept. 1793; McEver, Angus, McFall, Thomas;
McFarland, John; McGaughey, John, corp. March 1806; McGee, Robert,
lieut. Sept. 1797; McGill, John; McGowan, John, Capt March, 1794;
McGuigan, Andrew, March 1797, dead; McGuire, Barney, corporal;
McIlhatton, William, lieut. died April 26, 1807; McIntosh, John,
Sept 1792, transferred to NY; McKenna, Robert, lieut;
McKennin, William, capt. Sept. 1809; McKinzey, Daniel, March 1790,
dead; McKnight, Dennis; McLean, Archibald, Sept. 1792, dead;
McLean, Charles, March 1798; McLean, Hugh, Sept 1796, dead;
McLean, James, lieut. died Oct 28, 1804; McLelan, Robert, lieut,
March 1807; McLoghlin, George, March 1791, dead; McMahon, John,
serg't, March 1798; McMann, John, March 1794, dead;
McMullen, Hugh, Sept. 1797; McNeil, James; McNeil, John, March 1803;
McPherson, John, midshipman; McSwane, Hugh, matross, Sept. 1797.

Mackay, William, capt; Macklin, John, serg't, March 1797;
Magoon, Josiah; Makins, Samuel, mate, Sept. 1801; Maloney, John,
sergeant; Mannerson, John; Martin, Alexander; Martin, Eleazer,
March 1794, transferred to Massachusetts; Martin, John,
Sept. 1806, dead; Mathews, James, Sept 1794; Mathewson, Alexander,
Sept. 1790, dead; Mayburry, Thomas; Maze, Thomas; Miller, Anthony,
March 1791; Miller, Jacob; Mills, Francis; Modewell, John;
Moffatt, Robert, rough rider, Sept 1806; Monday, Thomas;
Mones, William, March 1791; Montgomery, Robert;
Montgomery, Robert; Monty, Francis, Lieut, Sept 1794, transferred
to NY; Moore, Hugh; Moore, James, corporal; Moore, John, March 1803;
Moore, Thomas; Moorehead, Joseph, ensign; Morgan, William, seaman,
March 1797, transferred to VA; Morris, John, March 1803;
Morrison, Larken, Sept. 1797; Moit, John; Mullet, George,
March 1790, dead; Murphy, Barney; Murphey, William; Murray, John;
Murray, William, captain, March 1795, dead; Myers, Lewis, marine,
March 1809, dead.

Nagle, Christian; Naille, Nicholas, Mar 1802; Neafas, John, Sept 1805;
Neal, Lawrence, Mar 1807; Neil, Charles, Mar 1799; Nelson, William;
Nichols, David, capt, Sept 1809, transferred to NY; Niebach, John,
Mar 1798; Nisbet, Samuel; Norcross, John; Nugent, John, Mar 1791.

O'Brian, John, Mar 1808; O'Brian, Philip, Mar 1793, dead;
O'Neal, John, Sept 1803; Overstreet, William, Mar 1806, transferred
to Va; Owen, Thomas, Sept 1799.

Parchment, Peter; Park, Thomas; Parker, George, Mar 1796; Parks, John,
Sept 1793; Passmore, Joseph, Mar 1790, transferred to Vermont;
Patterson, Arthur, corp. Mar 1791; Paul, Frederick; Pearson, Thomas, Lt;
Peeling, Joshua, sergt; Peeples, John; Peyton, Thomas, Mar 1791;
Phite, Phillip, Mar 1794; Pickering, James, Lt, March 1794, dead;
Pierce, John; Pimple, Paul, Sept 1795, dead; Pinkerton, Andrew;
Pintell, John, Sept 1797, dead; Pinwell, Aaron, Mar 1805, dead;
Plemline, Charles; Pouks, John; Powell, Lloyd, Mar 1804;
Powers, Robert, cornet, died Jan 20, 1811; Proud, Charles, matross,
Mar 1791, dead; Partell, John, Sept 1797, dead; Pyke, Abraham.

Quig, John, Sept 1793.

Rasor, Jacob; Rawlings, Nathan, capt; Redman, John, Mar 1791, dead;
Reed, Eliphas; Reed, Zachariah; Rees, Griffith; Reilly, John;
Repley, Peter, matross, Mar 1805; Regbecker, John;
Reynolds, Elisha, marine, Sept 1794, transferred to Vermont;
Rice, William, Lt; Richardson, George; Richart, Thomas, died
August 12, 1805; Richaell, William; Richey, David, Roarer, Martin,
Sept 1798, transferred to Maryland; Robinson, John; Robinson, Matthew;
Roe, Michael; Rogers, Jacob; Rook, Patrick; Ross, John, sailing master,
June 1, 1792, dead; Ruddeau, John, Mar 1793; Russell, Joseph, Sept 1803,
transferred to Maryland; Russell, William, ensign, Mar 1802.

(wanted to highlight cause folks are missing it) For S to Z PA PENSIONERS, S to Z

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Achey, Jacob, Capt.
Alexander, Thomas, Ensign
Alexander, William, Capt.
Allen, Elisha, Ensign
Alspach, Mathias, Lieut.
Alston, Lemuel, Ensign
Altemus, David, Capt.
Anderson, Benjamin, Capt.
Anderson, Samuel, Capt.
Andrews, James, Lieut.
Anthony, Thomas, Lieut.
Apple, Andrew, Lieut.
Armstrong, Edward, Lieut.
Arnt, John, Lieut.
Ash, Michael W., Lieut.
Aston, Owen, Ensign
Atkinson, Thomas, Capt.
Aurand, John, Lieut.
Bache, Richard, Capt.
Badger, Bela, Capt.
Bailey, Joel, Lieut.
Baily, Israel, Ensign
Baird, Samuel, Jr., Ensign
Bakeoven, John, Capt.
Baker, George N., Lieut.
Baker, John S. Lieut.
Baker, Michael, Lieut.
Banford, Enoch, Lieut.
Bannickman, John, Capt.
Bard, Thomas, Capt.
Barkstresser, George, Ensign
Barnett, William, Jr., Ensign
Barnitz, Jacob, Jr., Lieut.
Barwell, John, Ensign
Baum, George, Ensign
Beam, Peter, Ensign
Beckwith, Nicholas, Capt.
Beeuhler, John, Capt
Benezet, Daniel, Capt.
Berdow, John, Lieut.
Bergstresser, John, Capt
Berry, John, Ensign
Besore, Jacob, Ensign
Betz, Henry, Lieut.
Biddle, Richard, Ensign
Biggard, William, Ensign
Biglow, Josiah, Ensign
Billington, George, Lieut.
Bisbing, George, Ensign
Bispham, John H., Ensign
Bisson, John, Lieut.
Bivins, William, Lieut.
Blake, Walter M, Lieut.
Blumer, Jacob, Lieut.
Blythe, Samuel, Lieut.
Bonawitz, Benjamin, Lieut.
Borden, Samuel, Capt.
Bortz, Michael, Ensign
Borkert, George, Lieut.
Bowers, Joseph, Lieut.
Bower, Joseph, Ensign
Bowman, Henry, Lieut.
Bowman, Peter, Lieut.
Bowner, James, Capt.
Boyd, John, Jr., Lieut.
Boyer, George, Lieut.
Boyer, Henry, Ensign
Brady, Walter, Lieut.
Brotherton, John, Lieut.
Brough, John, Lieut.
Brous, Nicholas, Lieut.
Brown, John, Capt.
Brown, John M., Ensign
Browne, Peter A., Capt.
Bryne, John, Lieut.
Buchanan, Nathan, Lieut.
Buchanan, Thomas, Capt.
Buckius, John M., Capt.
Bullard, Justus P., Capt.
Burden, Henry, Lieut.
Burden, Henry R., Lieut.
Burgan, James, Lieut.
Burckher, Henry, Lieut.
Burns, James, Lieut.
Bush, John V., Lieut.
Butler, James R., Capt.
Buyers, William F., Capt.
Cadwalader, Amos, Ensign
Cain, Dennis, Lieut.
Campbell, Jacob, Capt.
Campbell, James, Lieut.
Campbell, John, Ensign
Campbell, Samuel, Lieut.
Campbell, Thomas, Ensign
Canonage, Peter A., Lieut.
Carothers, John, Capt.
Caruthers, George, Lieut.
Cash, Jacob, Jr., Capt.
Chamberlain, Aaron, Lieut.
Chew, Benjamin, Jr. Lieut.
Christian, John, Capt.
Cohen, Edward, Lieut.
Coldovey, George F., Capt.
Coles, William, Lieut.
Coll, Patrick, Ensign
Collins, Thomas, Capt.
Collins, John, Capt.
Connell, James, Lieut.
Conrad, Jacob, Lieut.
Conrad, Henry W., Ensign
Conrad, Jacob, Lieut.
Conrad, John, Lieut.
Cook, David, Capt.
Coolbach, Cornelius, Lieut.
Cooper, Francis, Lieut.
Corcellus, William, Lieut.
Coryell, Henry L., Capt.
Cotter, Florence, Capt.
Coulson, Samuel, Capt.
Cox, Jacob, Lieut.
Cox, John, Lieut.
Craft, George, Ensign
Craig, William, Capt.
Crain, Richard M. Capt.
Crangle, Henry, Lieut.
Criswell, James, Lieut.
Crofard, Hugh, Ensign
Crum, Cornelius, Lieut.
Culbertson, Samuel D., Capt.
Cunningham, Robert, Lieut.
Davis, J.T., Lieut.
Dawson, Matthew, Capt.
Dayton, John, Ensign;
Deal, Peter, Lieut.
Decker, Peter T., Lieut.
Denlinger, Christian, Lieut
Derr, Nicholas, Capt.
Devore, Daniel, Ensign;
Dickinson, Joseph, Ensign
Dietrick, Jacob, Capt
Dill, James, Ensign;
Diller, Adam, Capt.
Dinckey, George, Capt.
Dingler, John, Lieut.
Doak, Washington, Lieut.
Doebler, Henry, Capt.;
Doll, George F., Ensign
Donaldson, John, Capt.
Donaldson, Thomas, Lieut
Donel, John, Lieut
Dornbalser, John, Capt.
Dreibelbeis, Jacob, Lieut
Dreibelbeis, Joseph, Capt.
Dreisbach, Adam, Ensign;
Drum, Peter, Lieut
Duffield, Thomas W., Capt
Dunbar, Matthew, Lieut;
Dunn, Peter, Lieut
Dunn, Robert, Ensign
Dunn, Samuel, Capt.
Eichholtz, Leonard, Ensign
Elburg, Daniel E., Ensign
Elder, John, Capt.
Elder, Samuel, Ensign
Ellick, Clemmeus S., Lieut.
Elliott, Robert, Ensign
Embick, Jacob, Lieut.
Emry, Abraham, Lieut.
Ent, William, Lieut.
Enyard, Andrew, Lieut.
Evans, John, Lieut.
Evans, Levi, Lieut.
Everly, David, Lieut.
Farnsworth, Wm., Ensign
Fasnacht, Frederick, Ensign
Fatzinger, Solomon, Ensign
Favourite, John, Lieut.
Fawkes, Richard, Ensign
Fell, Mahlon, Ensign
Feitz, John, Lieut.
Fenner, Frederick, Lieut.
Fenton, Peter, Capt.
Ferguson, John, Lieut.
Ferree, Jeremiah, Capt.
Fesmyer, Christian, Lieut.
Fesmyer, John, Lieut.
Fetterhoff, Philip, Capt.
Fimple, Philip, Lieut.
Findley, John. Capt.
Finney, Thomas, Lieut.
Fisher, Jacob, Lieut.
Fisher, John P., Lieut.
Fisher, Philip, Capt.
Fisher, Thomas, Lieut.
Fisher, William, Capt.
Fisler, Jacob H., Lieut.
Fistee, John, Lieut.
Flack, Samuel, Capt.
Flanagan, John, Capt.
Flanigan, Andrew, Lieut.
Fletcher, David, Ensign
Foot, Robert, Lieut.
Fordney, Casper, Lieut.
Forgrand, William, Lieut.
Foxgrave, William, Lieut.
Freylinghouser, Peter, Ensign
Fryer, Jacob, Capt.
Frysinger, George, Capt.
Fuhrman, Jacob, Ensign
Fullerton, Humphrey, Lieut.
Fulmer, John, Capt.


I'm sorry that it took so long to complete this list; but, here it is at last.
(end of this list)

James Brown
John Cane
David P. Cummings
Almeron Dickinson - PA, TN
Samuel Holloway
William Johnson
William Irvine Lewis
William McDowell
John Purdy Reynolds
John M. Thurston - PA, KY
Hiram J. W(i)lliamson
John Wilson
REFERENCE: "A Time to Stand: A Chronicle of the Valiant Battle at the Alamo" Walter Lord, List revised by Mike Topliff




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