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Civil War Records: Yes, PA Germans served in the Civil War. Was your ancestor in the War?? A lot were. Does his tombstone bear a flag?? I'd guess most veterans have flags placed on their tombstones, but probably not all. Anyway, you really need to find out what unit(s) your ancestor served in. There is a giant 5 volume set that lists the members of each unit. You would spend a lot of time looking through these books and still probably miss him. I heard they were working on an index, but that will be quite a while, I'd guess. Many of the county histories list who from their county served in the war. That's where I got my leads. Then you can write to the National Archives to get both their muster roll records (list of their being present for duty, maybe physical appearance, etc) and their pension application (if they applied for a pension later which may list other units under which your ancestor served - that's where I got my info). The pension applications may have a list of their children, dates of their birth, wedding dates, copies of marriage certificates, etc. (all the above in my two). So don't forget to check both boxes. They will probably just pull out what they think are the most important sheets for the first mailing with an option to purchase all pages. It doesn't really cost much so I got all of them. If you're interested in more than just the names and dates, get all the pages. This is really a bargain!!

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