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Alabama Probate Records


John Sorrell’s Estate and Will Records

06-02-1841  (proved 12-03-1841)

Sorell/Sorrell, John

Daughters - Celia Cooper         (Charles Cooper)

                   Nancy Browning    (Robert Browning)

                   Rebecca Adams     (Henry Adams)

                   Mary Webb            (Robert Webb)

                   Margaret Pylant      (James Pylant)

Sons  - Wiley J. Sorell

            Seaborn J. Sorell

            John M. Sorell

            James M. Sorell

            Thomas B. Sorell

Heirs of  Catherine Barnes      (decd. wife of John E. Barnes)

              James E. Barnes

              Lloyd W. Barnes

              John _. Barnes

             Martha E. Barnes

             Thos. S. Barnes.

Extr. Jas. M. Sorell  and  s.i.l. (son-in-law)  Henry Adams



From R. Briggs – 2001

Will of John Sorell/Sorelle


In the name of God Amen,

I, John Sorell of the County of Dallas and State of Alabama do make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following, viz:


     1st       After the payment of all my just debts and funeral expenses, I desire bequeath and direct as follows             

     2nd       I give and bequeath my daughter Celia Cooper and her bodily heirs for their own use andbenefit all the property heretofore loaned 2  negroes, a boy and a girl known by the name

                 of Sant and Caroline; a horse, two cows and calves and two beds and furniture which brings her upon a to her to wit level with what my other children have heretofore had.

     3rd       I give and bequeath all the remaining part of my estate, real, personal and perishable to my children, namely

              my sons –

                       Wiley J. Sorell

                       Seaborne J. Sorell

                       John M. Sorell,

                       James M. Sorell and

                       Thomas B. Sorell and to

              my daughters –

                      Matilda Webb

                      Nancy Browning

                      Rebecca Adams

                      Mary Webb

                      Celia Cooper,

                      Margaret Pylant and the bodily heirs of Catherine Barnes, late the wife of John C.Barnes and now deceased to be divided among  them equally. Subject however, to the

                             restrictions and conditions following as regards my sons – Wiley J. and


Seaborne J. Sorell viz:             

Wiley J. Sorell to have an equal share after deducting what I have paid for him, to wit two thousand eight hundred and fourteen dollars ($2814.00) paid in the Gantley case and others. Seaborne J. Sorell to have an

equal share after deducting the amount I have paid for him to wit about five thousand dollars ($5000.00). The shares of my daughters to go to them and the heirs of their bodies and shall either of them die without

bodily heirs then her or their share to descend and be equally divided amongst her brothers and sisters or their legal heirs.


I hereby revoke all other former wills by me hereto fore made. Lastly I nominate, constitute and appoint my son (James M. Sorell) and my son-in-law (Henry Adams) executors of this my last will and testament.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal

A.D. 1841

Recorded 16th day of December 1841

John Sorell  (seal)



08-16-1843         Book O, Page 129


Person Davis of Talladega Co. to Kerenhappuch Sorrell,  wife  of  James M. Sorrell   of  Dallas Co. Natural love and affection to her who is his daughter sold slaves  Thom and Sal  and their children (King, Aaron,

Charles, Jack, Ellen and Ann) and a negro woman (Mirna) and her children (Lines). All these negroes were purchased by Davis from one Henry Adams.



deeds -


James Sorrell to Henry Adams