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 Selma, Alabama Library Records


Dallas Co., AL


Henry Adams was election manager



1826 Deeds -

Jacob Hollingsworth and wife, Lidia to Henry Adams



Book B, Page 154

Henry Adams, wife Rebecca,  sold land to Philip Milhouse.



Henry Adams   and   Thos. J. Wiley aptd. admir.  of est.  of

David Adams   who left 2 infants  -  Henry  and  Susan V. Adams



will of John Sorrell

James M. Sorrell  and  Henry Adams, extrs. (heirs - Rebecca, wife of Henry)    


08-16-1843    -  Book O, Page 129

Person Davis  of  Talladega Co. to Kerenhappuch Sorrell, wife of James M. Sorrell of Dallas Co. Natural love and affection to

her who is his daughter sold slaves  Thom and Sal  and  their children (King, Aaron, Charles, Jack, Ellen and Ann) and a negro

woman (Mirna) and  her children (Lines). All these negroes were purchased by Davis   from one   Henry Adams.



deeds -

James Sorrell to Henry Adams


July 1844

Page 157

J.N. Smith and Henry Adams granted to sell liquors in the small measure.


"Bibb County, Alabama, first 100 years"             Page 84 - "Slavery"

 Such sales were considered final.  If the highest bidder afterward refused to accept and pay for the slave,

he would be liable to a suit by the sheriff "for the use of" the owner and would probably have a judgment rendered against him,

 as it was against  Henry Adams  in the spring term of circuit court in 1842. In this suit, which the sheriff won, he claimed a loss

because he was subsquently compelled to sell the slave, a boy called Aaron, for $390 instead of at Adams's auction bid of $600.