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Florida Probate Records


Dupont, Josiah. Inventory of Property, St. Augustine, FL
3 November, 1796
East Florida Papers, Reel 166
Transcribed by Toni Carrier

USF Africana Heritage Project

N 42
Inventory of Sundrys the Property of Mr. Josiah Dupont taken by us George Clark & Jesse Fish; by order of Michael Yanardez Esq., this 3rd day of November 1796 & now existing in possession of saif J. Dupont, at his plantation on the Matanzas River viz

Eleven Negro Slaves, Constng of Three Males & Eight Females, as pr. following list:

Dick Aged 50
Sharper 45
[brackets around Dick and Sharper's names, note:] Those are the only remains of a purchase from Mr. Light Townsend
Philander 25


Unity Aged 25
Matilda 30
Setirah 30
Harriet 25
Philida 25
Boneta 2
Clarissa 30
Sidney 25

Twenty eight acres of land planted with corn, averaging eight bushels each
Fifteen Do. of ditto planted with pease, averagg. five bushels each
Three do. of Do. planted with potatoes, averg. fifty bushels each
A Bay Gelding branded on the left Buttock with ID-
A Pone ditto - branded on the same 2
I cross cutt saw 1 whip ditto
1 hand saw 2 chizzels
1 grindstone & some old iron
Thwo thousand acres of land, of which Eighty are cleard
A Dwelling House measuring 25 feet by 14 built of punchions, and plastered,
with three rooms and a Piazza on the ground floor of Terras, & 1 room
above; with a shingled roof --
A Barn House Measuring 40 feet by 18, Boarded with 2 rooms on the ground
floor of plank and 1 room above --
A Kitchen of 16 feet by 14, built of logs --
A Half part of a Perriauger Measuring 42 feet in length & 7 feet in breadth
burden about 400 bushels --
A Six Oared Boat Measuring 32 feet in length & 5 feet in breadth --

Jesse Fish