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African American Pope Family of Wyandotte County, Kansas


From: Len Reinker


Regarding the descendants of brothers Benjamin and James POPE or their siblings (who were all of partial African-American descent) who lived in Quindarro Twp, Wyandotte County, KANSAS in the 1880s-1890s.

While researching my Nash-Norris ancestors of
South Carolina and Mississippi I came across the following info concerning the African American POPE family that later lived in Quindaro Twp, KANSAS from the 1860s thru at-least the 1890s that might be helpful to anyone interested in their family history before the American Civil War... history that would be difficult to access without knowing the family history of Anglo-Americans that this later African- American POPE family had been associated with and very likely was descended from.

My g.g.g.g.grandmother Elizabeth
Norris (born 1773 and the daughter of a Baptist Minister) married a Mr. William POPE in South Carolina in the mid-late 1790s. Their son Wiley Martin POPE was born in 1800 (probably the same year as father William POPE died).

Widowed Elizabeth (
Norris) POPE later married her 2nd husband Ezekiel Nash (my g.g.g.g.grandfather) who became the guardian of young Wiley Martin POPE. The family moved to Mississippi in the late 1810s.

Mississippi records show that
Wiley Martin POPE was closely associated with the families of his step-brother Rev. Orsamus Long Nash (born 1802) and the 1830 census shows him living near the large farm of his step-father Ezekiel Nash. The 1830, 1840 and 1850 Mississippi Censuses records show that Wiley Martin POPE like his Nash siblings was a slave owner(Wiley is shown with with 8 and 11 unnamed slaves on the two later slave schedules).

By 1860
Wiley M. Pope has moved his household that consisted of his mostly mulatto(half/white) African American slaves to KANSAS.... Wiley M. Pope is shown living in Quindaro Twp, Wyandotte County, KANSAS on the 1860, 1865 and 1870 censuses... his household includes Lucy age 56 (listed as "Negro") and eight much younger household members listed as "mulatto" that are probably her/their children including two sons Benjamin POPE born around 1831 and James W. Pope born around 1839 who were both born in Mississippi and who continued to live in Quindaro, KANSAS as adults at least into the 1880s....

Brothers Benjamin and James W. Pope are shown living in Quindaro Twp. with their own families on the 1880
KANSAS Census:
POPE is listed as then age 49 (in 1880), of "mulatto" (sp?) race, with father born in SC and mother born in VA. He was married to Mary Jane who was listed as "Black". their children were:
(1) Florance age 10 born in
(2) Charles E. Pope age 7 born in
(3) John W. Pope age 4 born in
(4)Pasalloe S. Pope age 2 born in
(5) Wm J,
POPE age 6 months (born in Jan 1880).

James W. Pope was age 41 on the 1880 census. He is also listed as mulatto and listes his father as born in SC and mother born in VA. James is shown married to wife Priscilla age 28 and they then had six children (all listed as mulatto race):
(1) Ida
POPE age 14
(2) Geraldine
POPE age 10
(3) Jacob
POPE age 7
(4) James M. or W. Pope age 5
(5) Sarah J. Pope age 3
(6) Luke
POPE age 6 months

James and Benjamin's father
Wiley M. Pope's grandfather was a noted Baptist Minister who was jailed for his pacifist sermons during part of the American Revolution. Anyone descended from this family can e-mail me direct at;

Below is the 1860, 1865 and 1870 census info showing all members of Wiley M. Pope's Quindaro Twp, Wyandotte County, KANSAS Household:
Wyandotte Co., KS Territory, Quindaro Twp., p. 50 (perhaps this is him. What do you guys think?):

POPE, 60, white, Farmer, NC
Lucy, 56, negro, VA
William R., mulatto, 34,
Benjamin F., 28, mulatto, MS
J.W., 25, male, mulatto, MS
James H., 21, mulatto, MS
Charles E., 18, mulatto, MS
HENDERSON, 14, mulatto, male, MS
Monroe, 10, mulatto, MS
Mary E., 31, mulatto,
Sarah J., 17, mulatto, MS
Dora H., 11, mulatto, MS
Missouri, 8, mulatto, MS

1865 KS State Census, May 1865,
Wyandotte Co., Quindaro Twp., p. 10?:
Wily M. POPE, 64,
Farmer, SC, single
Richard, 39, mulatto, 11, MS, single
Benj. F., 38, mulatto, labor, MS, single
John W., 29, mulatto, labor, MS, married
Elizabeth, 24, mulatto, domestic, MO, married
James, 25, mulatto,
Farmer, MS, single
Jime, 21, mulatto, female, servant, MS, single
Abraham, 19, mulatto, 7, MS, single
ROBERTS, 18, mulatto, 7, MS
Dorah Ann
POPE, 15, mulatto, single, deaf & dumb
Monro, 14, mulatto, MS, single
Missouria, 10, mulatto, MS, single
Frank Unknown, mulatto, single