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Names of the Colored Brethren

From the Safe in the Harrison County, Indiana Courthouse

Donated by Marsha Belty


The following names have been transcribed as they appeared on the original document. The original document is not dated and does not have a name on it besides the above. Since Kentucky records are also housed at this particular Courthouse, it is possible these names may refer to Kentucky. It is also possible the word "Brethren" may be referring to a religious capacity. The contributor of this document has contributed others and is a reliable

source of data. "Peter Hon and the Kentucky Dunkards2   3   may shed some light on this.


Squires, Henry

Isrel's Washington

Johnson's Alferd

Blair's George

Stewart's Robert

Newman's Charles

Parker's Peter

Leonard Stephenson

Coon's Harriet

Fishback's Leah

Blair's Hannah

Parker's Patsy

Herns' Vina died

Parker's Hannah

Johnson's Delilah

Hayden's Milly

Hender Agnes Newman

Banta's Samuel

Hendrik's West

Fishback's Henry

Howe's Owen

Crawford's Benjamin

Banta's Thomas

Fishbackm's Martha

Coliver's Linda

Parker's Rachel

Hon'd Margaret

Thomas' Harriet

Berry's Maner...

Bramblet's Eliza

Call's Kesiak

Crouk's Mariah

Ann Paller

Carter's Barna joined

McGinnis's Olliver

Fishback, Copl... died

Oliver's Martha

Blair's Salley

Hannah Newmon

Graves' Martha

Dunlap's Mariah deceased

Dunlap's Harriet

Norton's Harriet

Sarah Polly deceased

Polly Desison excluded June 1853

Gardner's Sidney

Shrorets Rachel excluded June 1853

Jane Hall

Dunlap's Editha

Reed's Lucinda


Hon's Amanda by letter

Hon's Zina by letter

Sear's Mary died 1866

Beard's Malinda

Berris's Sarah

Henderson's Eliza

Coliver's Amy died 1866