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Mitchem Family Cemetery

Contributed by: Marsha Belty

April 2005


The description of the cemetery reads: Mitchem Family Cemetery


Brief history: 

A negro family by the name of Mitchem (Mitchum) has lived in Harrison County almost since it's beginning-- In the first Deed Record Book "A" in the Harrison County Court House under the date of March 30, 1816 is an entry where Susannah Mitchum, widow of Paul Mitchum, freed her slaves and for many, many years thereafter various members of the Mitchem family have resided in the county as respectable citizens. In the very southeast corner of Harrison Township in the northwest quarter of section 31, Township 4 South, Range 4 East one branch of the Mitchem family resided, lived and died on the family farm where they were buried. In the vicinity nearby the Mitchem residence was a one room colored school #19 maintained for the negroes of that vicinity. In 1942, Mrs. Laura Kitterman who had resided in the area and who had known the Mitchem Family Will gave these names and dates.


Isiah Mitchem....


Polly Ann Cousins, daut. of Ann Cousins and w/o Isiah Mitchem.


Cleopatria Mitchem, d/o Isiah & Plly Mitchem.


Shedrack Mitchem, s/o Isiah & Polly Mitchem.


Jim Mitchem, s/o Isiah & Polly Mitchem.


Alex Mitchem, s/o Isiah & Polly Mitchem.


John J. Jackson, Feb. 8, 1852 -- Nov. 9, 1923.


Mary C. Mitchem, w/o John J. Jackson and d/o Isiah & Polly Mitchem, April 9, 1855 -- no death date.


Walter Skinner born Nov. 5, 1857 in Georgetown, West India Islands -- came to United States in 180; he sold medical 

preparatins of roots and herbs; in 1889 he married Ellen Mitchem -- he died October 19, 1923.


Ellen Mitchem, w/o Walter Skinner and d/o Isiah & Polly Mitchem.


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