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Stewart and Honeybus Surname Research Notes
Contributed by: Sasha Mitchell

May 2006


I am a long-time family history researcher and this past week had the rare and exciting experience of having an oral "family legend" somewhat confirmed by research. Please include my information below for others who are searching Our family's oral history included this information told to me by my grandmother Mary Elizabeth (Stewart) Gwyn's half-sister, Florence "Pat" (Stewart) Hicks.


"Pa (Robert/Reginald/Rex Stewart Sr.) told us that when his father was freed from slavery the master told all of the slaves they could choose between the names STEWART and HONEYBUS. Our family chose the Stewart name."


Years of searching yielded very few Honeybus families, and we didn't know the names of Reginald Stewart's parents until last year (via a death certificate).


On the website I finally located my family as they changed over 6 decades. 1870 United States Federal Census > Missouri > Lafayette > Davis July 21st.

Hanilous (Hanibus?) Thomas age 43 (born 1827) M B Laborer b. Virginia Martha 36 (b 1834) Keeping House Kentucky Donalle 18 F B at home b. Missouri Sandford 15 (b. 1855) M B West 11 (b. 1859) M B Walker (Walter) 10 (b. 1860) M B Virginia (Jenny) 8 (b. 1862) F B Tillie (Jillie?) 6 F B


(NOTE: This census does not list family relationships. In 1910, Martha Stewart was recorded as having 7 children born to her, 7 still living. I do not know which of the above children are Martha's besides Virginia (who I believe is Jenny).


1880 United States Federal Census > Missouri > Lafayette > Dover > District 49 Thomas Honeybuss Mu M. 53 (1827) Farmer Virginia, father Virginia mother Africa Martha Honeybuss Keeping House Kentucky, KY KY Jennie 17 daughter General House Work MO Juda (Julia) 14 school MO Walter 18 son works on farm MO Robert 12 son at home MO Dora 5 at home Odella 10/12 July (?)


1900 US Federal Census Arizona Territory, Navajo Co., Fort Apache Samel Wylie/Weslie Head age 47, born Tennessee "Enumerated on form 7-413" Jennie, Wife married 8 years, 2 children born, 2 living Ollie step-daughter (to Samuel Wylie) age 17, born May 1883 her father born Ohio Shannon Son age 6, born Feb 1894 Della Stewart sister in law (to Samuel Wylie)


1910 Census California, Los Angeles Co., Los Angles Martha (Honeybus) Stewart listed as 5 children born 3 still living living with her daughter Jennie.

I am seeking any descendants of this family. I am in contact only with the children of Robert aka Reginald aka Rex Honeybus/Stewart.