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Richmond County, North Carolina Wills & Probate

Will of Thomas T. Covington

Submitted by S. Westfall


FHL15478529 #2

29 Sep 1869


In the name of God Amen----- I Thomas T. Covington of Richmond County, North Carolina do make publish & declare this to be my Last Will & Testament-----


Item 1st. I give devise and bequeath to my wife Mary Jane Covington all the tract or piece of land begining at the high water mark on the west side of my mill pond & running with the rail road to or near

the cropping of the Floral College road near the stone house whence around with the Floral College road to and with Daniel McBride's line one each to where it intersects with Neil Sutherland's line whence with Sutherland's line South so as to include 31 acres bought of Dr. Jno. Mallory whence with Mallory's line to the Junction of the Cat Tail branch. Whence ? the various course of Leith Creek including gain house mill & all improvements thereon and to high water mark around the pond to the beginning supposed to contain two hundred & fifty acres to have and to hold to her during her natural life and at her death to my youngest son Henry Oscar Covington and if he dies without children to the next youngest son, and if he dies without children to the next youngest son forever-----


Item 2nd. I give and bequeath to my wife Mary Jane Covington the following personal property also

"to wit" all of my stock of horned cattle together with four mules to be by her selection and the stock of provisions, they may be on hand that is corn, wheat, oats, fodder, ?, bacon & all my household and kitchen furniture and also two thousand dollars in cash to have and to hold to her and her ? forever.


Item 3rd. The remainder of my Home tract of land known as the McNeill tract I desire my Executor to lease from year to year as for a term of years not exceeding ten as they may deem best and the proceeds of said lease I desire and bequeath to be applied to educating and maintaining my sons Robert, Ellerbe, Thomas T. Jr. and Stephen Wall and Henry Oscar Covington and if the whole amount of the money arising from the lease is not necessary for the purposes first indicated then such excess is to be placed at interest for the benefit of my sons just named equally.


Item 4th. I give and bequeath to my Executor herein after named five hundred dollars said sum to be kept by them at interest and the interest to be held in trust for the benifit of my servant girl Rose  and such portions of the principal shall be paid her from time to time as her necessities may demand.


Item 5th. I will & desire to my daughter Martha W. Everett wife of Lawrence T. Everett all of that tract of land lying on Shoe Heel Creek known as the McKay place adjoining the land of Neill Latherland,

Daniel McBride & other containing 150 acres to have and to hold to her and her heirs forever. Also the sum of one thousand dollars in cash


Item 6th. I will & desire that the remainder of my property both real and personal including my crop of cotton be equally divided among all my sons and my daughter Eliza Jane share and share alike  to

them and their heirs forever.


Item 7th. I hereby nominate and appoint my son Robert R. Covington and Lawrence T. Everett Executor of this my Last Will and Testament and I desire & extend to them full power to make any disposition

of property here in mentioned privately and for cash.


Item 8th. I give to my son Robert R. Covington my Winchester rifle, to Ellerbe Covington my other rifle and to Robert R. Covington my ? mare bridle & saddle to Thomas T. Covington Jr. my ? of Clarke commentate & my pocket pistol to my son Stephen Wall Covington my watch.


In testimony whereof I hereto set my hand and seal this the 29th day of September A.D. 1869

Thomas T. Covington

Signed Sealed & published and declared to be the Last Will and Testament of Thomas T. Covington who signed in our presence whose request we witness the same T. T. French R. Tyler Bennett