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Zanesville, Ohio Public Notices

Submitted by: Lace Lynch of the

Multicultural Genealogical Society



1926 Faithful and Cook Family Reunion Notice

The Faithful and Cook reunion was held at the home of Miss Lucy Faithful, 312 Whipple St. (Zanesville, Ohio) August 15. An enjoyable time was had. Those present were those as follows: Mrs. Jane B. Faithful of Ardent, Ohio, John E. Cook of Columbus, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. George Betts of Cannonsburg, Pa., Mr. and Mrs. Binns of Smithfield, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin of Steubenville, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carlisle and children of Detroit, Mich., Mr. and Mrs. Lee Jackson of Newark, O.,   Mrs. Jessie Reynolds and daughter, Katherine, of Pittsburgh Pa., Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Anderson and children of Rendville, O., Charles Carter of Rendville, O., Miss Lottie J. Radcliffe of Oakland, Cal., Lucy and Fanny Turner of St. Louis, Mo., Mrs. Henrietta Roots, Mr. and Mrs. John B. Reynolds, George Cook, Mrs. Anna Baker and children, Mrs. Charles Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Allen, Mrs. Robert Robertson, Mrs. Ethel Campbell, Dr. J. H. Miller, Mr. and Mrs Wilbur Faithful, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Faithful, Mrs. Blanche Starkes and children, Mrs. Carrie Green and children and Miss Lucy Faithful.

The Times Recorder, published: Zanesville Ohio
Thursday August 19, 1926 p.7

1927 Old Acquaintance Club Party List

This article appeared in "Colored Citizens News" in the 1927 Zanesville Times Recorder. Hopefully, this may assist some researchers.

The Old Acquaintance Club held the annual party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Melford of 338 Putnam avenue, Tuesday evening, Feb 22 for Washington's birthday. The following members and guests were present: Mr. and Mrs. James Simpson, Mr and Mrs. Walter F. Banks, Mr. and Mrs. William Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Kie Colvin, Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Blackwell, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Caliman, Mr. and Mrs. George Sly, Mr. and Mrs. Ralston White, Mrs. Jennie L. Jackson, Mrs. Louise Douglas, Mrs. Margaret Hargraves, Mrs. Ada L. Brown, Mrs. Mamie Guy Pritchett, Mrs. Ida Baldridge, Mrs. Annie Singer, Mrs. Fannie Young, Mrs. Mattie Sears. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Cavendar, Mrs. Ethel M. Tate, Marion Sears of Cleveland and Master William Caldwell.

The Times Recorder
Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio