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Obituary for Charles M. Garner

The Chanute Tribune

Feb. 28, 1936, Page 5

Volume XLIV  No. 275

Chanute, Neosho Co. Kansas


Chanute Man Was One of Fredonia’s First Barbers


Charles M. Garner, 77 years old, died Thursday evening at 7:45 in his home, 205 North Ashby.


Funeral services will be held in the New Hope Baptist church Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock with Rev. C. H Hickerson in charge.  Burial will be in the Fredonia cemetery.


Mr. Garner was born in Kentucky October 28, 1858.  He moved to Junction City, Kansas and then to Fredonia.  He was one of the first barbers in business there.


In 1928 he moved to Chanute and has lived here since that time.


Submitted by L. Kemp


Obituary – Henry John Duke

Galesburg Daily Republic

February 11, 1899

Galesburg, Illinois


Henry Duke died this morning at his home on 791 Abingdon Street. Death was from a complication of kidney trouble and dropsy.  He has suffered for over a year. He was aged 76 years.  He was born in Shelby County, Kentucky  and came to Galesburg in 1863. He was employed at various jobs but has been unable to work due to old age and sickness. He was a member of the AME Church.


He leaves a wife and seven children, all of Galesburg, William, Henry, John, Richard, Lena, Mrs. W.I. Smith, and Mrs. John Ashby. 


The funeral will from his home on Monday morning, burial at Linwood Cemetery. Rev. Murff officiating.


 Final Resting Place: Linwood Cemetery


Submitted L. Kemp 


Obituary for Charles Phelps

Lucas Sentinel

March 18, 1907


Charley Phelps, who was reported dead last week, died Monday morning at 3:30.


Funeral services were held at the U.B. church Tuesday at 2 p.m.  The services were conducted by Rev. Parmer, assisted by Revs. Ketchem and Beecher.


Mr. Phelps was born in DeKalb Mo., in 1847, and has been a resident of this county over 20 years.  He was well thought of by the people of this community and was an honest hard working man. 


He leaves a widow and several children.


Submitted by L. Kemp


Obituary for Corinth Garner

Lincoln Sentinel

Lincoln County, Kansas

Feb. 8, 1906

Corinth Garner was born in Cedron township, Lincoln County, Kan., Feb. 2, 1906. [Note: This is as the obituary reads, but he obviously DIED on Feb. 2. Date of birth not found in records.]


The young man won the esteem of the entire community by his industrious habits. He was the hope of a fond mother who looked forward to the time where her only son would be a stay to her declining years.


He leaves an aged grandmother, a mother, and two sisters to mourn his untimely death.


The funeral services were held at the home Saturday. The body was laid to rest in the Lincoln Cemetery, there to await the resurrection morn.

[Burial not found in Lincoln County records.]


Submitted by L. Kemp


Obituary for Jane Duke

Galesburg Daily Republic

January 25, 1911

Galesburg, Illinois




Mrs. Jane Duke, who has been a resident of this city since 1863, passed away at her home, 791 Abingdon Street, late yesterday afternoon.  Death was entirely to old age, as Mrs. Duke was between seventy and eighty years old.


She has lived at 791 Abingdon Street since 1865 and was by far the oldest resident of that district.  When she came here and built a home, there were only three houses within five blocks, and only one that was farther out than hers.


Mrs. Duke leaves a number of relatives and a host of friends among the colored and white people of this city who will mourn her loss.  She was born in Lincoln County, Missouri, about 1838, although the exact date is not known.  Her childhood days were spent in slavery and from what could be learned of her master, he was none too kind to his slaves.  She discussed her slave life very seldom, and then only with a thankfulness that she was away from it.


In the early 1850’s she married John Duke and during the war she left her master and came to Galesburg which has since been her home.  There were ten children born to the marriage, five of whom survive. 


Her husband passed away in this city about ten years ago. There are three sons. Descendents are living in Lake Oswego, Washington,

and in San Francisco, as well as in Galesburg.


The funeral will be held from the home with burial in Linwood Cemetery.


Final Resting Place: Linwood Cemetery

Galesburg, Illinois


Submitted by L. Kemp