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Pennsylvania Probate Records

Contributed by: Bill Davison


Elizabeth Seaton 1782


Elizabeth Seaton of Cumberland Township registered the following slaves on July 17, 1782:

PATRICK a male slave aged 30 years
STEPHEN a do. do. do. 20 years
MOSES a do. do. do. 20 years
JUDE a female do. do. 40 years
LUCE a do. do. do. 40 years
PENDY do. do. 8 years

Her brother, James Seaton, also of Cumberland Township registered one slave:
Mr. James Seaton
JOE a male slave aged 14 years

Of the slaves listed above, the only one (I) have definite knowledge of is PENDY (Penday, Pendey, Penn). PENDY, as you can see above, was the slave of Elizabeth Seaton of
Cumberland Township in Greene County . Sarah Seaton, her daughter, inherited PENDY when she married John Boreman. Sarah Seaton Boreman died young, so PENDY helped Mr. Boreman rear their children.
In 1814, PENDY was manumitted by John Boreman. The following is her manumission paper:



Thomas Roach to Richard - 1801

Deed of Manumission

Cumberland County, Pennsylvania 


Know all men by these presents that I Thomas Roach of the township of Cumberland County of Greene and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for divers good causes and consideration me - the said Thomas Roach hereunto moving, have liberated and discharged, and by these presents do liberate, discharge, and forever quit claim to all right interest or claim I have, or ever had in and to a certain MULATTO named RICHARD, so that thereafter for ever he may act transact and contract as another free man. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fourteenth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and one.

In presence of Henry Swan

Greene County Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Thomas Roach (seal)
(seal) Before me the Subscriber a Justice of the peace in & for the said county came Thomas Roach and acknowledged the above instrument of writing to be his Act and Deed for the purposes therein mentioned. In testimony where of I have hereunto set my hand & seal November 14, 1801.

Ex Recorded 19 Nov 1801

Wm. Seaton
John Boreman

Contributed by: Bill Davison



Indentured Sal

From Benjamin J. Brice to Rachel Brice - 1799

Greene County, PA

This indenture made this fourth day of September in the year of our Lord One thousand and seven hundred and ninety nine. Witnesseth that Benjamin J. Brice of Harrison County and State of Virginia hath bound and by these presents does bind NEGRO SAL (who was borne a Slave for life, and as such could still have been held by the said Brice in the State of Virginia) to Rachel Brice her heirs or assigns of Green County and State of Pennsylvania with her or them to dwell and to serve until she arrives at the full age of twenty eight years during all which times the said above mentioned NEGRO SAL shall faithfully serve her said mistress her heirs or assigns in all lawful commands according to the best of her power and ability and the said Rachel Brice doth on her part agree to find the said NEGRO SAL in everything suitable to her Station and to prevent her from becoming a publick charge during the time of her service in witness whereof the parties have hereunto set their hands and affixed their Seals the day & year above written.

Signed Sealed & Delivered Benj. J. Brice (Seal) 

in presence of Rachel Brice (Seal)
                      Rebeckah Hyde
                      George Evans

Greene County ss. 


This day came 

Benjm. J. Brice (Seal) and Rachel Brice each personally before me the Subscriber one of the Justices of the peace in and
for the said County and acknowledged the above Indenture to be their Act and deed and desire the same may be recorded as such. Given under my hand and seal this 4th of September 1799

Samuel Hyde
Recorded 7th March 1803.

John Boreman Recorder

Source: Green Co., PA message board



Deed of Manumission

William Gunnell to Xenophen - 1839

Greene County, Pennsylvania


The bearer hereof  Xenophen Lee a bright mulatto about thirty-five years of age, five feet ten inches has a scar on the forehead and a scar on the finger of the left hand, no other perceivable marks or scars. Also the following children with him to wit Ralph Williams a mulatto aged about twelve years & Clara Ellen aged about ten years and are the same persons who were liberated by the Will of William Gunnell on record in the above mentioned Court as appears by the affidavit of George Gunnell on file in my office Whereupon & Given under my hand this 16 day of September 1839.

1839 Sep. Ct. Examd. by the Court Thos. Mss C. Alf: Moss D.C. This Xenophen Lee was the same Rev. Zenophon Lee who united in marriage in 1866 Mary Etta Morris and Perry Noble in Carmichaels, Greene County, Pennsylvania. In 1850 Xenophen/Zenophon Lee was in the census for Fayette County.


Contributed by: Bill Davison



Thomas Hughes to Moses - 1824

Deed of Manumission 

Greene County, Pennsylvania

Know all men by these presents whereas Thomas Hughes of the County of Greene in the Commonwealth of Penna. lately purchased of William G. Yerby of Farquier County in the State of Virginia, a certain NEGRO BOY, a slave for life named MOSES aged ten years in the month of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty three. Now know ye that the said Thomas Hughes moved by philanthropy and benevolence towards the said MOSES for this and divers good causes and valuable considerations doth by these presents release and acquit to the said MOSES and grant to him all claim to the service of the said MOSES, to which he would be entitled after the said MOSES shall attain the age of twenty eight years, and as the particular day in September which the said MOSES was born is not known by the said Thomas Hughes, the said Thomas Hughes releases, acquits and gives and remits to the said MOSES all claim and title to the residue of the life time and all claim he has in the said MOSES from and after the last day of August in the year 1841, after which day the said MOSES shall be free from all claim of the said Thomas, who retains only the right to the said MOSES or his services till the day last mentioned. In testimony whereof the said Thomas Hughes has to these presents set his hand and seal this 16 day of January 1824.

Wm. Hays