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Will of James Douthit, Anderson County, SC
Douthit, James Papers, 1766-1904 (bulk 1806-1904)
Duke University Special Collections Manuscript Division Sect. A
With Kind Permission of Duke University Special Collections

Contributed by Toni Carrier, USF Africana Heritage Project

Shortly after marriage of daughter Mary H. to Elias Elrod I let her have
negro girl Harriet not as her own but to remain my property. I now give girl to Mary H.

Gave girl Lucy to daughter Elizabeth A. Kimbrough shortly after marriage to
Marmaduke Kimbrough. Same terms.

Did let daughter Susanna Gambrell at time of marriage to Larking Gambrell have
girl Jane, same terms. Jane is dead, but had issue.

I did let daughter Sara R. at time of marriage to John J. Wilkinson have
girl Talitha Cumi, same terms.

I let daughter Maria H. have girl Carline at time of marriage to Henry L. Gaines, same terms.

After my death balance of my negroes shall be appraised by three dis-interested men
chosen by executors. The two oldest ones with their youngest child have the privilege
of disposing of themselves to any person in or out of the family that they may choose
to live with that will take them at their valuation and give approved security to
secure payment at 12 months credit.

My wife shall keep whichever of the girls she pleases and if she wishes to do so the
oldest boy Elsly to do for and take care of her.

The rest of my children they may choose to live with that will take them at
their valuation. They are human beings and have high claims upon humanity of those
in whose hands they are and I wish those of them that have fallen into my hands
to have all the privileges of suiting themselves that their situation and the laws
of the country will justify.
Those my wife chooses shall have the same privilege at her death of choosing their future homes.

Wife may keep plantation except part given to son Samuel to cultivate.

Son Benjamin. Son John. Samuel. Grandson James D. Elrod. Grandson James Garrison Douthit.
After sale of property divided into 9 equal parts. 1 part to son James H. Douthit and his
children, and then 1/9 to each of my other children.

If any of my negroes refuse or fail to dispose of themselves as they have the privilege to do
then they will have to be sold at public sale as my other personal property shall be.

Executors: Three sons Benj. H. Douthit, John W. Douthit, Samuel D. Douthit, and my
son-in-law Elias Elrod.

Dated 25 Mar. 1848 (Signed) James Douthit

Wit: Harrison Givens
Orsborn R. Tripp
William Langa

Proven 24 Jan. 1851