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1880 Kaufman Co Tx Census - Precinct 1
Richard Johnson           M        B          55        VA
Isabelle                         F         B          35        LA
*Alonzo                       M         B          12        TX
Lucinda                        F          B          10        TX
**Toney                      M         B          7          TX 


* This is Bud Johnson
**Toney Joe Johnson - 5th child of Isabella
NOTE: By this time the son, Frank Johnson, eldest child of Dick & Isabella, had moved from the household and according to the 1880 census, was living with Josuah Calip in Kaufman TX.
NOTE that "Bob" is not listed and is presumed to be deceased by this time.




In 1870 Toney Stuart was living right next door to Martha Jane & William Carter.
His family was enumerated in Household #1148/ 1166
Tony Stuart       B          M        55        VA      farmer             200.
Amelia M          F         35                     VA
Jerry                 B          M         15        TX
George             B          M          7          TX
Martha             B          F           4          TX
Oscar Stuart     B          M         30        LA (Toney's son with his first wife)
Martha             B          F           28        LA (Oscar's wife)



Apparently John Shannon's parents did not stay together after his birth. They are living in separate homes in 1880:
1880 Henderson Co TX census - Fincastle
Auther SHANNON                 Male    B           54        NC      Farm Hand
Mary S. SHANNON               Wife     B          38        VA       Farm Hand
Irena SHANNON                    Dau      B          14        TX       Farm Hand
Alabanaa SHANNON             Dau      B           11        TX       Farm Hand
Emily SHANNON                   Dau      B           8          TX       At Home
Ella SHANNON                      Dau      B           5          TX       At Home


1880 Kaufman Co TX census- Kaufman
Alexander LOWREY              
          B          57        VA      Works On Farm
Eliza LOWREY                Wife          B          45        TN       Keeps House
Robert LOWREY            Son            B          16        TX       Domestic Servant
John SHANNON            Step Son    B          12        TX       Domestic Servant
William SHANNON        StepSon     B          12        TX       Domestic Servant
Mary LOWREY              Dau            B          1          TX       At Home 


1930 Kaufman Co TX Census
John Shannon               B          M         61        TX       Laborer -Odd Jobs
Lucinda                        B          F          57
Sam                             B          M         32        TX       Porter-Drug Store
Tom                             B          M         30        TX       Odd Jobs


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