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Interment Places of African-American Persons Kaufman County Texas

Donated by: Kathey Hunt, Co-Coordinator of Kaufman Co., Texas TXGenWeb Project


The following are all known marked burial sites that contain the remains of African-American persons buried in Kaufman County Texas. The words *FORMER SLAVE on any of the Kaufman County cemetery records denote persons proven to have lived a portion of their lives in bondage.  We have so noted them as to pay homage to those individuals and as a reminder to all who see these pages that they will never be forgotten.


**NOTE: These burials all have tombstones or some type of inscribed marker those graves of persons in Unmarked Graves are in another section.


East Bachelor Cemetery #1





General E Dabney

Jun 11, 1882 - Feb 19, 1966


Gertrude Dabney

Apr 12, 1892- Aug 9, 1963


Deon A Edinbyrd

1984 - 1984


Ben Boy Haynes

Jun 21, 1908 - Mar 15, 1983


Willie Hickman Jr

Died Jun 22, 1956

Age 2 yrs, 1 day

___ Hickman

(dates unreadable)

Temporary Marker - rusted

Willie Pollard

Dec 25, 1917 - Aug 22, 1991

Pfc. U S Army World War II

Louisa Roberson

Dec 21, 1895 - Apr 29, 1990


Russell Roberson

May 24, 1869 - Jan 14, 1968


Gayle Hickman


Temp. marker

Tyrus Malone

1932 - 1998

Temp marker

Old Freedman's Graveyard / Club House Burial Site
In the old Peeletown Community

There are three large handmade stone crosses on the property - all more than 4' in height. One is standing, the other two are laying flat. There is an old iron infant's crib that has been made into a grave marker - it has a large 20" cross welded to it's headboard. There are four separate sections of old iron fencing - all now in pieces.  Old colorful bottles hang in the trees, as do animal bones, feathers, and one old, 6 porcelain doll. Tin cans and tin can lids hang from trees and are littered on the ground. There are more than 30 graves marked by bricks or stones or stumps.

History:  It is believed this is part of the land given to ex-slaves by Anna Love Carter, for use as their burial ground, after the Civil War.


Baby Boy Dowell 

10-29-75 to 10-29-75 

son of Frank & Ora Dowell

Metal Temporary Marker


Brown's Mortuary-Malakoff Tx

Baby John Lopez    

no dates


Metal temporary marker


Weever Mortuary-Ennis

Dozens of temporary markers, some on graves, but many stacked in piles all through the cemetery. Known burials at site, per L Q Myles

Oliver Haynes


grave is on far west side of cemetery on the fenceline

Marshall Jones



Pete Lopez       



There are probably other stones in the area, but the brush is very thick and hard to maneuver through, and there is more than a foot of leaves covering the ground.
Abstracted & Photographed by Kathey Kelley Hunt in February 1999


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