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Virginia Will Extractions for Various Counties

Contributor:  Kellie Scott

Sept. 2005



Slavewner: Nicholas Yager   lived in Culpepper Co., VA from 1735-1781
Slaves names: Edmond, Harry, James, Lender, Rose and Will
In his will, dated September 12, 1799 ( Culpepper Co)  Will Book B page 435 he left the following slaves to members of his family:  Billey to his wife, Susannah Wilhoit Yager, Edmond to his daughter Margaret Weaver the wife of Ambrose Weaver.  They moved to Wayne Co. KY  Harry to his son Cornelius Yager who went to Lincoln Co.  James and Lender to his sons Absolom, Nicholas, Benjamin, Elijah, jesse and Frederick.  Rose ( Mozee) to his daughters Rosanna and Susanna who married Solomon Clore of Madison Co. VA.  Susanna married Jeremiah Wilhoit of the same.


Slaveowner: Susannah Yager, widow of Nicholas Yager

Inventory of the estate of Susannah Yager widow of Nicholas conducted on April 8, 1810 - Madison Co. VA included one negro named William, one woman named Addy and child and one negro boy named Charles.


Slaveowner: Adam Yager,  Madison Co VA  1708-1794

Slaves  Abraham, Harry, James, Lucy and Tom
In his will dates September 1793  in Madison Co VA  Will Book 1 page 24  Adam Yager directed that my two old negroes Tom and Lucy shall be set at Liberty

Slaveowner: William Witt                   Albemarle Co., VA 
Slaves Ned and Tom  In his will dated April 25, 1754  Albemarle  Co. VA Will Book 2 page 20 his slaves were dispersed as follows   Tom he lent to daughter Sarah Cannady.  Ned bequeathed to his Agnes Key wife of John Key


Slaveowner: Peter Weaver                 Culpepper Co VA

Slaves:  Harry, Jack, Moll, Judy, and Sally


Slaveowner:  Ambrose    Culpeper Co VA and Wayne Co KY

Slaves  Ann, Benoni, Joseph, Malinda Jane, Nelson, Polly and Walker
Wayne County KY VOL A page 286

Slaveowner  Henry Tandy, Jr.  Old Rappahannock ( now Essex Co VA)
Slaves: Bristo, Dick, Essex, Guy, Hannah, Indy, Indy, Kate, Robin, Sam, Sambo, Silla

In his will dated September 2, 1741  Essex Co VA  Will Book 6 page 343  Henry Tandy bequested the following slaves to his children and grandchildren-Bristo, Guy, Kate to daughter Martha Tandy Key, Dick, Hannah, Robin and Silla to daughter Frances Tandy, Essex to daughter Ann Waller , Indy the child to grandson William Waller, Indy the adult, Sambo, and Sam to Silvanus Tandy