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Virginia Miscellaneous Wills & Estate Records

Will Extract of Henry Wilson - 1778


Wife Sarah, negro man George which I had by her.

Son Russell Wilson, negro boy called Rob.

Son Henry Wilson, negro man called Tom, and Henry to pay to my son Archibald Wilson 20lbs. lawfull money.

Dau. Elizabeth Wiginton, negro woman named Jude.

Dau. Aggatha Smith, negro girl called Phillis.

Son Jere Wilson, negro called Ceasor.

Legatee Mary Holefield, negro child which now sucks Judah.

Plantation and Mill to be sold and divide money amongst children.

Legatee Elinor Holefield Heifer, son Timothy and Nathan 100 a. pattened myself adj. land I now live on.

Signed - Henry Wilson Sr.

Witness - Thomas Stribling, Eli Cleveland


Dated May 1, 1778 and probated July 6, 1778


Tandy, Henry Will Book 6

Pages 343-344 Written September 2, 1741

Proved: Oct 2, 1741

Slaves: Essex, Indy, Bristo, Kate, Guy, Dick, Silla, Hannah, Robin, Sambo, Sam