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Virginia Vital Records


CRITZ, Catharine - (BC)

MADISON, Charles - (DC)

PORTER, Elizabeth - (DC) - Virginia/Texas

SMITH, Alberta Christine - (DC)


Submitter:  Sharon Sutton

File/Register No.:  2343

Given Name:  Elizabeth

Surname:  PORTER

Date of Death:  17 Jan 1917

Place of Death:  Halletsville, Texas, Lavaca County

Race or Color:  Colored

Sex:  Female

Marital Status:  Widowed

Spouse's Name:  unknown

Cause of Death:  Senile, gangrene of foot

Place of Burial:  Halletsville, Texas, Lavaca County

Occupation:  Housework

Date of Birth:  abt 1842

Birth Place:  Virginia

Age at Death:  unknown

Father's Name:  unknown

Father's Birth Place:  unknown

Mother's Name:  unknown

Informant:  Willie PORTER

Number of Children:  9

Date Record Filed:  2 April 1917


Submitter::   Nicole Shipman

File/Register No.:   unk

State of Birth:  Virginia

County of Birth:  unk

Surname:  MADISON

Given Name:   Charles

Date of Birth:   unk

Race or Color::   B

Sex:   M

Born Alive or Dead:   alive

Father's Name:   unk

Father's Place of Birth:  Virginia

Father's Occupation:  Sharecropper

Father's Residence:  unk

Mother's Name:  unk

Mother's Place of Birth:   Virginia

Mother's Occupation:  Slave

Mother's Residence:  unk

Date Record Filed:  unk

Name of Informant:   unk


Born a Slave: October 1859

File/Register No.:    Page 18 Line 8

State of Birth:   Virginia

County of Birth:   Patrick Co.

Surname:   CRITZ

Given Name:   Catharine

Date of Birth:   October 1859

Race or Color:   Colored (Slave)

Sex:   Female

Born Alive or Dead:   Alive

Father's Name:   CRITZ, Gab'l

Father's Place of Birth:

Father's Occupation:   Farmer

Father's Residence:   Patrick Co., VA

Mother's Name:   Polly

Mother's Place of Birth:   

Mother's Occupation:   Slave

Mother's Residence:   

Date Record Filed:   Between 1859 and 1896

Name of Informant:   

Comment: Relationship of Informant: Owner