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National Archives Microfilm Publications

Signature Cards of Depositors in Branches of the 

Freedman's Savings and Trust Company 1865 -1874 

Microcopy No. 816

(Partial Listing of Records)

This is a work in progress


Record for: Walter Willy Burrell

Date: Oct 25, 1870

Where born: Harrisburg, Pa.

Where brought up: Philadelphia, Pa

Residence: 213 Sullivan

Age: 24                    Complexion: Dark Brown

Occupation: Caterer

Wife or Husband: Maggie C.

Father: Solomon? died in Harrisburg 13 years ago

Mother: Alinda? died in same place 12 years ago

Brothers and Sisters: George (died)


Record for: William Thomas Dickens

Date: Oct 25, 1870

Where born: Pennsylvania, Point Chinton

Where brought up: Philadelphia

Residence: 41 Downing St

Age: 12               Complexion: White

Occupation: attends open st. school

Father: William

Mother Belle

Brothers and Sisters: Moses, Henshaw, Lucinda, Mary


Record for: Mary Porter

Date: March 7, 1871

Where born: Stanford Co., Va.

Residence: Elizabeth

Age: 26         Complexion: Black

Occupation: Housework

Works for: Mr. Pembroke

Father: Thomas  Stanford Co., Va

Mother: Agnes

Brothers and Sisters: Thomas at home, Patsy wife of Harvey, Sciur and Adeline, Maria & Agnes & Elizer are at home

Remarks: Homer knows Catherine Brown, Mildred Bolden came with her.


Record for: Horace Porterfield

Date Jan 24, 1872

Where born: Nashville

Where brought up: same

Residence: North Nashville

Age: 28      Complexion: Dark brown

Occupation: Porter

Works for: Porters Block

Father: Charley

Mother: Sophia

Brothers and Sisters: Geo, Rufus, Henrietta, Prescilla, Thomas, Grandmother

Remarks: no one to draw but myself


Record for: Lindsay Barnes

Date: May 21, 1872

Where born: Nashville

Father: Lindsay

Mother: Jane (dead)

Brothers and Sisters: Jimmy, Henry, Rosena, Alice


Record for: Samuel Timmons

Date: May 22, 1872

Where born: Columbia, Tenn

Where brought up: there

Residence: Corner knowles & Hayes No 33

Age: 15       Complexion: dark

Occupation: Boot black

Works for: Monroe Cocksell

Father: Carter

Mother: Mary

Brothers and Sisters: Anderson, Henry, Mima, Martha, Mandy