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Cullings from Zion's Poet


The Mind is the Measure of the Man.

Linette McGovern Trainier

The mind, the mind is a wonderful thing,

'Tis fleeter and swifter than eagle's wing,

For the height, or the breadth, or depth or length

There's nothing can equal the mind for strength.

For the mind is the measure of man.


It will climb to celestial worlds afar,

And it can fly through space from star to star

Then back to earth in a second will roll

And can find its way from pole to pole

For the mind is the measure of man.


Then down to hell in a moment it rolls,

And can view the fate of the ruined souls,

As the demons scourged in their great torment

Lament now the time as on earth they spent,

For the mind is the measure of man.


Then who can contain this wonderful thing?

And who shall say that it shall not bring

Man face to face with his maker, his God?

For it was not made like flesh of the sod,

For the mind is the measure of man.

Mother's Love

Ellen B. Alstork

Love in its sublime sweetness,

    Love in its tenderest care.

Is the love of precious mother,

   On this green earth so fair.

When all the world forsakes you

   And have turned you out to roam

Then flee to the breast of mother

   You'll find it always warm.

When friends have proven friendless,

   When poverty's at your door.

You can find a friend, lover

   And that's mother you know.

When you've strolled in paths of sin,

   When shame and sickness come.

Then turn to the love of mother,

   She'll shield, protect her own.

Love undaunted, untarnished,

   Love unchangeable and sweet

Is the love of my dear mother

   In its simplicity.

The Fern

Amelia G. Wheeler

There is a plant that welcomes

   Each one who looks thereon,

And if you ever thought it

   Take notice of the fern.

It bows and bends, twill greet you

   Though you may pass right on,

And too, it may be stately,

   But with these manners born.

To see how very thankful,

   This plant can be to you

Just pour all o'er it water

   It bows, and sparkles too.

It has just lovely foliage,

   Its colors? always green,

It charms the very humble

  Wins praises from a queen.