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Major Contributors

To the African American Griots Project


Since the African American Griots Project started in October of 2004, there have been countless researchers who have contributed data, resources and links. We do not minimize the contributions of any of our contributing researchers but would like to take a moment to recognize our major contributors We appreciate the contributions of everyone who has taken time out to assist in the success of this project. Please continue to contribute so that we can continue to be a repository of African American history.


Paul Drake - Paul has generously contributed resources for the state of Virginia as well as served as a consultant for the project

Jerry Taylor - Jerry has given countless hours to designing the logos for the project. She has also contributed resources for

                       various states and referred researchers to the project who have graciously contributed data. Jerry is also the

                       Coordinator for the Kentucky African American Griots.

Lora Washington - Lora has graciously donated her family history, photos, death and marriage records for her family which be

                               seen on the Illinois pages. Her research includes but is not limited to the Kendall, Turley, Sims and Berry


Samuel Scurlock - Contributed a family photo for the Griots photos from the past

Toni Carrier - Toni has generously contributed records from the files of  USF Africana Heritage Project

R. Carey - Contributed World War I Draft Registrations

Janice Webre - Janice has contributed countless hours as the Coordinator of Louisiana African American Griots.

Charles Barnum - Charles has generously taken on the responsibility of Coordinator for New Mexico African American Griots

Amy Batton - Amy recently joined African American Griots as the Coordinator of Tennessee African American Griots

Gene Givens - Gene has contributed World War I Draft Registrations from his research records

Peggy Gilkey - Peggy has contributed Calvert, Fryer and Morse Plantation records

Bill Davison - Bill has generously contributed genealogy records in the State of Pennsylvania.

Marsha Belty - Marsha is responsible for all of the records on the Harrison County, Indiana web page

Jacqueline Ryckman - has taken on the responsibility of Coordinator for the State of Washington

Theresa Williams - has taken on the responsibility of Coordinator for Dallas County, Texas