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Mission Statement


     This site is dedicated to assisting all those in pursuit of African American Ancestry and History in the United States and other countries by being a valuable centralized resource repository for African American records of historical proportion such as Manumission Orders, Wills & Deeds, Census Records, Slave Records, Land Deeds, Narratives, Cemetery listings, Family Histories and Vital Records to name a few.  As limited as African American genealogical and historical resources are, it is important that those that are in existence are preserved for researchers and those seeking information on African American Ancestry and of course, those hitting the infamous "brickwall".  With this in mind, a central resource and repository site for historical data and resources makes a project such as this one valuable in more ways than one.

     In our quest to make this a site worth visiting and using as a research and resource tool, projects are in place to develop searchable databases. These searchable databases are developing based on contributions by people such as yourself. As always, those that contribute are given credit for their contributions. Please help this project become a success by contributing regardless of how little or how much you may have to contribute.


July 2005 Update

     This project attempts to cover as many aspects of African American genealogy and history as possible. Using the suggestions given by visitors to the site, we have been able to start projects that were only a vision; the projects that are in place are listed in the site menu. As much as US African American Griots has grown, the work load has also grown which has led us to the concept of state and county adoptions. There are countless state and counties available for adoption for those who have and are willing to make the commitment. Researchers have been generous with their contributions; some contribute links as they run across them, others contribute materials from their personal genealogy and history  files while others contribute material that does not pertain to their research but is pertinent to African Americans in their quest to discover the past.

     Credit for US African American Griots Project's continuance efforts to meet the goals set forth must be given to the many researchers that have placed their efforts, time and knowledge into this project. We would like to extend a gracious thank you to them and ask that they continue to do so. 


Thank you for taking the time to become familiar with our mission and enjoy the site.

 US African American Griots Founders


Future Plans for USAAG

1 - Adoption of individual States by Researchers - most States are up for adoption

2 - Resources for  African Americans Natives - will include researcher submitted data and links

3- Expansion of the Lost Family Members Album - by researchers visiting AAG

4- Expansion of the Draft Card Indexes on State Pages - to include as many military personell as possible

5 - Expansion of  the Pictures from the Past Photo Album - by researchers visiting AAG