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Burtonsville Historical Society

Membership Information

The Burtonsville Historical Society would like to welcome you as a member!
If you are a positive, energetic person who is interested in supporting the goal of preserving our historic sites and recollections for future generations, please join us in this exciting venture!

For information on membership fees and contacts please email me.

Volunteer Information

The Burtonsville Historical Society will soon require volunteers to assist in the restoration project. The following volunteer opportunities are available:
  • persons with expertise in the area of building restoration and dated building techniques.
  • persons to aid in restoration and re-construction projects.
  • persons to assist in accumulating archival materials and aid in the preservation of these materials.
  • persons to assist in accumulating old-time items and furniture for display in the project.
  • persons to assist in the compilation of a history of Burtonsville complete with photographs, maps and chronicles of the people who settled the area.
  • persons able to help out where needed and as needed with all of the little things that need to be done in such a huge undertaking.
Please send me an email if you are available to volunteer of your time
and energy to this worthwhile project.

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Darlene Homme
Historical Coordinator