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  October 24, 2009

We are still working to re-catalouge our entire library in the wake of the Feb. 2008 flood. We are well past the half mark for the books and we have made some progress in the periodical section. If you drop by we may look a little disorganized but we are definitely moving forward.

We now order the remainder of the pre 1901 Canadian Census films to add to the 555 we currently have 
     We have complete sets of all major censes for all provinces except Quebec
        We are hoping the new additions will arrive soon.

Our collection of local histories has expanded by about 40 titles in the last year. They are all located in one place in the library catalogued under LOC HIS <Prov> <Town/Area>

An Ancestry membership is available for use by all patrons.

We purchased a collection of "How to research guides" for many areas of Canada.

 Newsletters: we continue to subscribe to at least one provincial genealogical Society newsletter from each province

  The Collections page has been updated to included a more complete listing of our resource material


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