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The Levi DAVIES Family The Hugh H. JONES Family
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The Levi Davies Family
Climax District
Levi Davies left his home in Pembrokeshire, South Wales, and went to Ipswich, South Dakota, where he lived a number of years, until coming to Ponoka in 1902, taking a homestead in the Climax District.
Mr. and Mrs. Davies were married in Calgary, July 9, 1904. Mrs. Davies had newly arrived form Carmarthenshire, South Wales. It is believed that Mrs. Davies was the first person to arrived directly from Wales to the Wood River area. They were married by Rev. D.L. Hughes, the first minister in the Welsh community.
Levi served several years on the Climax School Board. IN 1918 they sold the farm to Hugh Pritchard and Humphrey Evans, and bought the N.E. 1/4 of 9-43-25, one mile north of Ponoka, from Albert Legge.
Mr. and Mrs. Davies had 3 children, all born in the Climax district.
The Children ... more to come...
Margaret was born in 1906. She married George Pugh in 1926 and had a family of seven children. Georginia, Mary, Elizabeth, Gwladys, Glyn, Margaret and Joe. Margaret passed away in 1966.
Mary married Bill Mackie and had 3 children - Georgina, Thomas and Janice
Georgina married John Kocyba and had 4 children - Jim, Bonnie, George and Joan
Joe married Jean McGerrigle and they had 2 children - Patti and Timothy


Mabel - was born in 1907. She married Bill Harper in 1929 and had a family of three: Ted, Jean and Nancy. Mabel passed away in 1956.
Violet - was born in 1910. She married Ejnar Cortsen in 1935 and they had one daughter: Lorna.
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The Hugh H. JONES Family Wood River District
Hugh H. Jones was born June 1, 1858 in Anglesey, Wales. When he was a child, the family emigrated to Nebraska, U.S.A. In 1901 he left Nebraska for Ponoka, where he homesteaded the N.W. 1/4, 14-43-24-W4. On July 7, 1903 he married Flora Augusta Mayhew, who had also come form Nebraska with her grandparents, James and Sarah Milburn. On July 6, 1904 he received his Certificate of Naturalization, and on November 4, 1904 he received his Homestead Patent.
Hugh and Flora had a family of five daughters.
The Children ...
more to come...  
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