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This is the SURNAME index for the local area history book, "Crestomere-Sylvan Heights Heritage" which is an excellent source of information about the settlement of the County of Ponoka.
If you find the family name you are researching in the list below, please send us email and an article will be posted on this site. Please remember to mention which book your surname appears in - it makes it user to look up!
To see if a biographical sketch of your family is included in this book, please click on the first letter of the surname you are researching, or use the "find" feature of your browser.

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-A- Eidt, Henry Kuhnke, Wm. Riley, Helmer
Adair, John Eilenstein, Herbert Kuhnke, Wm. Jr. Riley, Herbert
Adams, Chum Elanchuck, Mike -L- Riley, Isaiah
Adams, D.P. Eley, Clyde Lakeman Family Riley, Keith
Adams, Frank Eley, Curt Lammi, Frank Riley, Orrand
Adams, Gordon Eley, Joe Lance Family Riley, Rodger
Adams, John Ensminger, James Lange, Herb Riley, Will
Adams, Pete Erickson Family Lantham Family Risson, Charles
Adams, Peter Erickson, W. Larsen, Bill Ritter, Paul
Adams, Peter E. Ernst Family Larson, Andrew Ritter, Raymond
Adams, Peter T. -F- Larson, Harold Roabby Family
Adcock, Glen Falt Family Larson, Peter Robins, Arthur
Aikman, Tommy Farnell Family Latimer, Gordon Robins, Clifford
Albert, Otto Farnham, Everett Lauinger, Frank Rochon, Dorilas Jr.
Albus, Chris Farrand, George L. LeButte Family Rochon, Dorilas Sr.

Alcock Family

FELDBERG FAMILY Lee, Archie Rochon, Raymond
Allan, Hugh Ferguson, Howard Lee, Art Rode Family
Allen Family Ferguson, James Lee, Arthur Roe, Ernest
Allen, Frank Field Family Lee, Carl Raymond Rook, George
Allen, Joe Field, George Lee, Chester Rosenbach Family
Allen, Rolla Fink, George Lee, Ernest Rosevelief Family
Allinge Familyl Fish Family Lee, John Arthur Ross, Jim
Allison, Ernest Fish, Grandpa Lee, John Carlton Rowland, Frank
Allison, Ernest (Pete) Fisher, Archie Lee, John H. (Jack) Rowland, Guy
Allison, Walter Fisher, Henry Lee, Ray Rowland, Harold
Alter, Pat Fleck, Marcus Leek, Everett Roy, Alfred
Andersen, Will Fleck, Ray Leeman, Fred Royce, Rodney
Anderson Family Foley, Martin Leidenius, John Royce, Stubb
Anderson, Andrew Ford, D.W. Leidenius, Onni Rozmus, Karol
Anderson, Anthon Ford, Lloyd Leighton, W.J. Rud, Emil
Anderson, Archie Forey, Donald Leimert, Oskar Rudolph
Anderson, Christ Forsberg, Sven Leimert, Theodore Rusk, Oliver
Anderson, Clifford Foster, Percy Lett, Richard Russell
Anderson, J. Foster, Percy Lewis, Ern Rutherford, Wm.
Anderson, J.B. Frandsen, Aage Lewis, H. -S-
Anderson, John Frank, Henry Lewis, Murray Sachs, Gust
Anderson, John Franklin, Constance Lewis, Roy Salo, John Hjalmer
Anderson, Nick Freeburger Family Lick, Edward Sanderson, Tommy
Anderson, Sam French Family Lidgett Family Santee, Ernie
Andreson, Archie Friestad, Joe Lighty, Charles Santee, Jacob
Andrews, Joe Frisch Family Lind Family Santee, Oron
Archibald Family Fritz Family Linton Family Sauer, Gottlieb
Ardell, Joseph Frizzel, Alex Livingston Family SAUVE, JOHN
Arildson, Jens Frizzell, Dale Lockhart Family Schaff, Ed
Ashton, Gerald Frizzell, Jim Logan, Bill Scharte Family
Ashton, Gordon Frizzell, Lester Logan, Charles Scherrens, Roger
Attrell Family Frizzell, Lodford Long, Harry SCHICKEROWSKI, OTTO
Auclaire, George Frizzell, Percy Long, Joseph Schmidt, Emil
Avery Family Frizzell, Ralph Long, Russell Schmidtke, Reinhold
Avery, Alex Fulton Famiy Lord, George Schnell, Hans
-B- Fystro Family Lord, Stan Schultz, Fred
Babcock, W. -G- Lucas, Albert Schultz, Hans
Bachor Family Gagnon Family Luce, Edwin Henry Schurman, Harvey
Bailey, Clint Gajdel, Antoni Luce, Harold Scott, Bob
Bailey, L. Gale Family Luce, Robert Scott, George
Baker, Charles Gardiner, Joe Luce, Rowe Scott, Kenneth
Bakke, Ole Gartner, Albert Lugston Family Scott, Wm.
Ballantyne, Jim Gartner, Jack Lukat, Adolf Scoville Family
Ballantyne, John Gartner, Jacob Lukat, Charles Scovoranski Family
Barkman, Walter Gartner, Rod Lundgren, Andrew Sebry, Floyd
Barnes, Eric Gates Family Lynch Family Sebry, James
Bartlett Family Gauthier, Arthur -M- Selent Family
Bates, Earle Gee, Stephen MacEachern Family Seltenrich Family
Bates, W.J. Geen, Bill Mackenzie Family Sembsmoen Family
BEAMAN FAMILY Geertsma, Lambertus MacLean Family Sverre Family
Bengtson Family Gehlert Family MacMillan, Jim Service, Robert
Benkel, Bert Gehrke, Fred MacTavish Family Shank Family
Benkel, Bruno Gibbling, Albert Maki, Adi Shapland, Angus
Bennett Family Giesbrecht, Wm. Mandville, John Shapland, Bill
Bennett, Bill Gillund, Adolph Mann, Sam Sharp, Howard
Berg, Arthur Gladwin Family Mannen, Wes Sharpe, Bill
Berg, Charlie Glaser, Lawrence Manning Family Shary Family
Berge, John Godard Family Marcinek, John Shelinsky Family
Bergman, Edward Godfrey, Geo Markwart Family Sheppard Family
Berkel, E. Godfrey, George Marquardt, Carl Julius Shewchuk, Irene
Berry, Charles Goetz, Aaron Marshall Family Shipley, Francis
Berry, James Goetz, Michael Martin Family Shipton, Harold
Betts, Geo. Goetz, Mike MASON FAMILY Short, Cecil
Betts, George Gotfredsen, Rasmus Mass, Emilie Shreve, Silas
Betts, Robert Gow, Clarence Matejka, Alida Siefert, Charles
Bidinger, Bud Graff, Peter Matejka, Slavia Siemens Family
Bidinger, Percy Graham, Donald Matson Family Simanton, Ralph
Bidinger, Sam Graham, Ray Mattice, Lee Simpson, Fred
Bieber, Albert Grant, John Maulsby Sisel, Jacob
Bieber, Carl Gratrix, Charley McCaig Skeels, Harold
Bignold, Dugald Greenlie Family McClaflin, Lynn Skinner Family
Bilhorn, Henry Greenwall Family McCleary Family Small, Wyman
Bishop, Charles Grierson, Dave McCrimmon, Malcolm Smith, George
Bittner, Anthony -H- McCullough, Joe Smith, Harry
Bjorklund Family Haakanson, Barney McCullough, Joseph Smith, Howard
Black, Chester Haakonson, Casper McCullough, Lionel Smith, Lee
Black, Marcellus Hadaway, Kate McDonagh Family Smith, Park
Blake, Richard Hagdall Family McDowell, E.E. Smith, Robert
Bladdock, Albert Hageman, Henry McDowell, Ernest Snider, Cecil
Bodnaruk, Wm. Hagemann, Fred McDowell, Robert Sondergaard Family
Boles, Gilbert Hagemann, Louis McDowell, Ronald Sorenson, Charlie
Bolin Family Hagemann, Matt McEwan Family Sparber, Fred
Boltbee, Tom Hagemann, Stanley McFetridge, Frank Spencer, Almond
Bolton, Ed Hagemann, Vern McGillivray, John Spirridornoff Family
Boode Family Hagen Family McGravey, James Spivak Family
Booth, Joe Hagen, O.S. McIntosh, George Spivak, Kola
Borg, Swan Haift Family McKelvey, Tom Stafford, E.B.
Borland, Jack Hall, Charles McKenna Family Stamfley, Darcey
Borquist Family Hall, Dick McKenzie, Alexander Stang, Albert
Borth, Dan Hall, Mary E. McKenzie, Angus Stang, Elmer
Borth, Daniel Halland, John McKibbon, Johnstone Stawart, Dick
Borth, Gottlieb Ham, Albion K. McLauflin Family Stawart, James M.
Borth, Wm. Haner, Charles McLean, James Stawart, Roger
Bowden Haneys, Joe McLeod, Angus Stelfox Family
Bowes, Henry Hann, Harry McTavish, Stan Stewart, Alfred P.
Boyd, James Hann, Wm. McWade, Ernest Stewart, Colin
Braaksma, John Hannus, R.F. McWade, Wm. Stewart, Donald
Brachman Family Hansen, Carl Mean, Myron Stewart, Howard
Bragg, Herald Hansen, Oscar Messenger, H.G. Stewart, John
Bragg, W.J. Hardie, Charles Messick Family Stewart, Joseph
Brawn, Fred Harnit, W. Mickey, Oliver Stewart, Lawrence
Breadock Family Harris Family Mielke Family Stewart, Siebert
Brennesholtz, James Harsch Family Milby Family Stewart, Stanley
Bresse Family Hart, Charles Millar, Charlie Stewart, Vernon
Brewer, Guy Hart, Glen Millar, Howard Stigler Family
Broulik, Joseph Hartman Family Miller, Adolph Stokes, Martin
Brown, Allen Hartwick, Jack Miller, George Washington Stone, Frank
Brown, Jack Harzell Family Miller, Harry Strathman, Fred
Brown, Stanford Hatala, John Miller, Hugh Street, Richard
Bryson Family Haymes Family Miller, J.P. Street, Stan
Buck, Floyd Hayne Family Miller, Jacob Stuber, Eric
Bullis Family Heath Family Miller, Jerry Stuef, Carl
Bullock, Teddy Heller, Fred Miller, Rudolph STUEF, CARL W.
Burke Family Hemeyer Family Mitchell Family Sturgeon, G. Russell
Burkinshaw, John Hemsing, Arnold Mitre Family Suer, A.
Burns, James Hemsing, Arnold Mohl, George Sundstrom, Frank
Burton, Jack Henderson, A.G. Monroe, Ora Susut, Maria
BURWASH FAMILY Henderson, George Monteith, Jim Susut, Sam
Busat Family Henderson, Jack Montgomery, A.F. Sutherland Family
Bush, Henry Henderson, Willis Montieth, Jack Sutton Family
Butters Family Hendricks Family Moody, Ernie Sutton, Lloyd
-C- Henkelmann, Sam Moore Family Swan, Jim
Caithness, Stan Herman, Otto Moravec Family Swan, Jim
Caldwell, A.E. (Don) Herrick, George Morgan, Harley Sweet, Cecil
Calvert Family Herrick, Smith Morgan, R.W. Swier, Walter
Cameron, Fred Herrick, Walco Morris, Dick Sylvest Family
Cameron, Matt Hoar, Christine Morrow, Vern Szczurek Family
Campbell, Bill Hoar, Donald Morter, John -T-
Campbell, Charles Hoar, George Mraz, Julius Tait Family
Campbell, Dr. Hoar, Gordon Much, Carl Taylor, Archibald J.
Carlson, Clifford Hoar, Jack Much, Carl Taylor, Erskine
Carlson, Hans Hoar, John Muhs, Henry Taylor, F.H.
Carlson, Henning Hoar, Leslie Muncaster, Cecil Taylor, Fred
Carlson, John Hoar, Lyle Munn, Dick Taylor, George
Carlson, John Hoar, William Murphy, A.D. Taylor, Herman
Carlson, Ole Hodgins Family Musson, John Taylor, Herman
Carson, Sime R. (Kit) Hodson, Joe -N- Taylor, Herman
Cash, Arnold Hoffman, Emil Nabel, Hans Taylor, John
Caswell Family Hoffman, Emmanuel Nagel, Fred Taylor, John
Chalmers, Ronald Joseph Hoffman, Kenneth Nagel, Henry, Jr. Taylor, Melvin
Chapin, Charles Hoffman, Paul Nagel, Henry, Sr. Taylor, Nath
Chapin, Lyman Hoffman, Theobald (Dave) Nagel, Ronnie Tennis Family
Chapin, Milt Holben, Bud Nagel, Will Thom Family
Chappell, Ed Holdeman, Neil Napier, Harry Thomas, J.C.
Charlebois Family Hopps, Jim Neiper Family Thorne, O.W.
Charlton, E.R. Hopps, Tom Nejedley, Frank Tiltgen, Bob
Christensen, Alfred Howard, Courtney Nelson, Carl Tiltgen, Emil
Christensen, Emil Hubbard, John Nelson, Deforest Tiltgen, John
Christenson, Martin Hubbard, William T. Nelson, Elof Tiltgen, Robert
Christiansen, Emil Huff Family Nelson, Gilbert Tofsrud, Steiner
Christiansen, Martin Hulsman, William Nelson, Pete Tompkins, Clarence Jr.
Churla, Shirley Hunt, Ike Netzer Family Tompkins, Clarence Sr.
Cissell, Frank Hunting Family Newman Family Torgerson, Anton
Cissell, George Humphrey Family Nicholson, Evertt Torgerson, Anton
Cissell, Lee Hurley Family Nielsen, Martin Torgerson, Edward
Cissell, Merl Huseby, Chris Nielsen, Sam Torvinen Family
Clark, George Huseby, Jesse Noble Family Torvinen, Terho
Clark, Harry Huseby, Ole Nornberg, Hans Treat, Harry
Clark, Henry Huseby, Peter Norstrom Family Tucker, Wm.
Clark, Melvin Husky, John Nufer, Alex Turchinsky, Sam
Clark, Samuel Huss, Anton -O- Turner, Calvin W.
Clarke, George Hvamb Family O'Brian, Wes Turner, W.C.
Clarke, Harry HYSTAD FAMILY Odenbach Family Turner, Wm. C.
Clayton Family -I- Ogilvie, Alex Twiss, George
Cline Family Ingraham, Charles Ogilvie, Alexander W. Tyndall, Gene
Clingerman Family Ingraham, Leon Ogilvie, Ann Caroline Tyndall, Howard
Cole Family Inman, John Ogilvie, Art -U-
Collis, Christopher Isaac Family Ogilvie, Arthur Uhl Family
Collis, Horace Isham, Chloe Ogilvie, Aubrey Marshall Uhlman Family
Compton, Arleigh -J- Ogilvie, Ethel Ulrich Family
Connaghty, James Jackson, Elroy Ogilvie, Hollis Ungstad Family
Converse, T.M. Jackson, Isaac Ogilvie, Hollis Bingerman Ungstad, Wally
Cook, Leonard Jacobson Family Ogilvie, Mabel Unland, Bill
Coones, Don Jacobus Family Ogilvie, Murray Unland, John
Cooper, Jack Jahnke Family Ogilvie, Ruggles Stanford Unwin, Russell
Cooper, Pete James, Clarence Ogilvie, Sandy Urvold, Eivand
Coulter, Ronald James, John Ogilvie, Wm. Burris Utter, F.W.
Couper, Jack Jensen, Alf Ogilvie, Zeke -V-
Courser, Scott Jensen, Chris Olmstead, Allan Vanderheide, Rueban
Coverdale, Frank Jensen, Gordon Olmstead, Ben VanSickle, Maurice
Cox Family Jensen, Lars Olmstead, E.R. Veasey, Arthur
Cox Family Jensen, Ole Olmstead, Elmer Verheire, George
Crandall, Alva Jensen, Oswald Olmstead, Milton -W-
Crandall, Andrew Jackson Jensen, Otto Olson, Matt Waldburger, Emil
Crandall, Charley Jensen, Rodney Olstad, Archie Walenta, John
Crandall, Ernie Jensen, Soren Orlemann Walker, Fred
Crandall, Frank (Jim) Johansen, John Osatuik, George Wall, Frank
Crandall, George Johns, A.D. Osborne, Dwight Walmer, Ernest
Crandall, Harry Johnson, A.T. Osborne, Marion Wardley, Horace
Crandall, Jake Johnson, Albert Ostercamp Warren, Harry
Crandall, Jay Johnson, Byron Oudsten, Den Warren, John
Crandall, Marcus Johnson, John -P- Warren, John
Crandall, Wm. C. Johnson, K.A. Paananen Family Watson, A.D.
Crichton Family Johnson, Oscar Paisley, Everett Weatherby, C.C.
Crombie Family Johnson, Peter Palechek, Philip Webster Family
Cross Family Johnson, Sven Papineau, Frank Wedlund, Oscar
Cross, Albertina Johnson, Victor Paris, Treffle Wedlund, Paul
Cross, Doreen Jolin Family Parsons, James Wells, Seth
Cummings, George Jordan, Josiah Pattee, Hod Werner, Walter
-D- Jorgensen, Carl Patterson, George Werner, Wm.
Dalgarno, George Jorgenson, Jorgen Pearce, Kenneth West, Don
Dalgliesh, Ed Jubbs, Robert Pears, J. Bernard Westerman, Art
Dargatz, Stan -K- Perrson, A.O. Western, Iver
Datema, Richard Kamp, Dick Pershinski, A. Wheatley, George
Davidson, Abraham Kane, Bob Persson, Anders Wheeler
Davidson, Burton Kane, Johnston Persson, Otto Whitecotton, Cecil
Davidson, Hugh Kangas, Melvin Peters, Jack Whitecotton, Loren
Davidson, Lyle Kelly, Archie Petersen, Holger (Jack) Whitecotton, Roy
Davidson, Tim Kemp, Lynn Peterson, Clyde Whitecotton, Walter
Davies, Peter Kenney, John Pfaff, Rudy Wierzba, Albert
Davis Family Kenney, S.J. Phalempin, Etienne Antoine Wierzba, Phil
Davison Family Kenney, Sam Phillips, D. Wilander, Albert
De Spiegelaere, Leon J. Kenney, Wm. Phillips, Wm. Wildman Family
DeAtley, Orville Kent Family Pike Family Wiles, Bill
Deatley, Walter Kerber Family Plato Family Wiles, Wesley
Decoursey, Dr. Kessler, Tony Plester, Charlie Wilkins, Idris G.
DeForest, George Key, Fred Plester, Ernie Williams Family
Dennis, Jack Key, W.E. Pleuman Family Williams, Edgar
Dennis, Lorimer Kilde, Ludwig Podritske, Norman Williams, Genora M.
Dentman Family Kilroy, Dan Polushin, Walter Wilson, Allan
Deny Family Kimmey, Myron Portas, Walter Wilson, Allen
Deuel, Simeon Jay King, P.C. Powers, Jim Wilson, Donald
Dewald, Albert Kinley, James Prediger, Joseph J. Wilson, Ed
Dewald, Fred Kinley, Robert C. Preston, Saul Wilson, Herbert
Dick, John Kinley, W.J. Priebe, August Wilson, Roy E.
Dick, Quinton Kinloch, Bob Pringle Wing, Corliss
Dickey, Bros. Kinloch, Thomas Prins, Jacob Wing, Corliss
Diegel, Walter Kinvig, Wm. Purn, Jim Wing, David
Dille, Virnon Kirk, C.R. Purnell, John Wing, Delmer
Dilworth, Albert Kirk, Chester Pymm, Ted Winslow, Fred
Dion, J.J. Kirk, Ray -R- Winslow, George
Dobbs, Frank Kirkpatrick Family Radke, Wm. Winters, Jim
Dober Family Kirks, Guy Ramus, Burt Wolney, Emil
Dool, Lawrence Kirks, Ray Raudebaugh, Joe Woods, Warren
Doran, Edward Kisch, Martin Rausch, Alfred Wright, Roy
Doran, Lawrence Klages, George Rausch, August Wright, Warren
Doran, Patrick Klemic, Sam Rausch, Emil Wyatt Family
Doran, Samuel Klemky, Leo Rausch, Otto Wycroft Family
Doran, Walter Klotzer, Emil Raycraft, Edwin Wyering, Gerald
Dorsey Family Knadle, Irving Raymond, Frank Wylde, Pat
Doupe, Ronald Knowel Family Recknagle, Vernon -Y-
Drew Family Knowles Family Reeves, Calif (Dan) Yonkey Family
Drews, Ed Knudson, Simon Reglin, August York, Harry
Drost, Arie Koleyak, Matthew Reimer, Abraham Young, Ralph
Ducommun, Clyde Konrad Family Reinholz Faily Young, Red
Duncan, Douglas Koss, Karl Remple, Andrew -Z-
Duncan, Pete Kramer, August Rennie, Fred Zachary, Lee
Dye Family Kramer, Ed Rentz, Harvey Zerbe, Arnold
-E- Kramer, John Reynolds Zielie, Charles B.
Eadie, John Kreil, Rolly Rhian, Jacob Zielie, Harmon
Ebbert, Gene Krenelka Rice, Frank Zielie, William E.
Ebeling, Fritz Kristensen, Henry Richards, John R. Zinns Family
Ebeling, Fritz Krofta, James Riddiough Family Zutter, Ernie
Eckland, Tony Kucker, Wm. Riley, Albert E. ---
Edinger, Alfred Kuhnke, Bill Riley, Don ---
Edinger, Joe Kuhnke, Charles Riley, Ellis ---
Edinger, Paul Kuhnke, Fred Riley, Frank ---
Eicher, Arnold Kuhnke, John Riley, Gary ---

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