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This is the SURNAME index for the local area history book, "Mecca Glen Memories" which is an excellent source of information about the settlement of the County of Ponoka.
If you find the family name you are researching in the list below, please send us email and an article will be posted on this site. Please remember to mention which book your surname appears in - it makes it user to look up!
To see if a biographical sketch of your family is included in this book, please click on the first letter of the surname you are researching.
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Glasner, H.
Magedans, W.
Sargent, R.
Abrey, Les
Golley, A.
Malcher, C.
Sarles, L.
Albers, Allan
Gordon, J.
Malchow, G.
Albers, Andrew
Gregory, W.
Maloy, P.
Albers, Christian
Griffiths, D.
Maplethorpe, R.
Schell, G.
Albers, Chris
Griffiths, E.
Martin, W.A.
Albers. E.
Griffiths, J.
McCaughey, G
Albers, J.
Griffiths, L.
McCaughey, Glenn
Albers, P.
Griffiths, R.
McCaughey, S.W.
Almond, D.
Griffiths, W.
McCaughey, W.
Andersen, A.
Groom, A.
McConnel Family
Schierman, C.
Andersen, P.
Groom, L.
McDonnell, W.
Anderson, E.
Grosbeck, F.
McGillis J.
Schierman, N.
Anderson, M.
Gustavson, E.
McGillis, M.
Schierman, P.
Anderson, P.
McLaren R.
Schultz, A.
Arnett, J.
Hagglund, K.
McLaren, J.
Schultz, Alfred.
Hagglund, M.
McLaren, R.F.
Schultz, Art F.
Batson, E.
Haight Family
McLaughlin, J.
Schultz, August
Batson, W.V.
Halvorsen, O.
McLean, H.
Schultz, E.
Beaubien, R.
Hamilton, J.
McLean, R.
Schultz, F.
Beck, Max
Hammond, G.
McMillan Family
Schultz, Gus K.
Bennet, M.
Hansen, J.
Meister, J.
Schultz, Gustav
Benson, V.
Hansen, Ole
Melnechuk, P.
Schultz, H.
Berg, E.
Hanson, A.
Meredith, F.
Schultz, J.A.
Berg, Geo.
Hanson, Olaf
Milburn, J.
Schultz, R.
Berg, John
Hanson, W.
Miller, E.
Schultz, Robert
Berg, Ole
Hare, Alfred A.
Miller, F.
Schultz, Rudolph
Berg, W.
Hare, Arthur C.
Miller, J.
Schultz, Rudolph
Bergman, John
Harper, A.J.
Miller, R.
Schultz, W.R.
Bergo, Ole.
Harper, T.
Mills, A.
Schultz, Wm.
Berquist, G.
Hartmann, G.
Mohl, G.
Scott, C.
Bichel, P.
Hartwig, H.
Moltzahn, L.
Scott, F.H.
Bieswangers, F.
Headley Family
Monds, J.
Scott, Frank
Billinghurst, A.
Headley, W.
Moorcroft, M.
Scott, James
Bingeman, E.
Heartwell, W.L.
Moore, F.
Scott, John F.
Bingeman, G.
Heath, F.
Morgan, M.
Seagrave, I.
Birch, A.
Heidt, F.
Morrin, A.
Segerstrom, C.
Blair, W.
Heintz, G.
Morrin, H.
Sharp, F.
Henderson, V.
Morris, C.
Sharp, G.
Boddy, E.G.
Henry, A.
Morris, P.
Shattick, L.
Bohn, A.
Henyan, J.
Morris, T.
Shaw, J.
Bolch, J.
Hicks Family
Mraz, J.
Shaw, V.
Boman, H.
Hingsburger, R.
Muncy, J.
Shewchuk, R.
Bonnet, M.
Hodgson, G.
Sharp, G.
Bos, R.
Holder Family
Nelson, Alton
Shipley Family
Bottern, T.
Holifer, E.
Nelson, August
Sim, H.
Boyd, David
Holman, O.
Nelson, G.
Simpson, D.
Boyd, Dean
Holte, E.
Nelson, L.J.
Sims, M.
Bridge, G.
Holtom Family
Nelson, O.N.
Singer, J.
Brompton, A.
Hopkins, A.
Nelson, O.W.
Skode Family
Brown, John
Hornby, A.
Nelson, R.
Slater, N.
Bullock Family
Hornby, F.
Neutzling, Jake
Smaltz, J.
Burdett, T.
Hosmer, H.
Neutzling, Joe
Smedburg, F.
Burton, E.
Howard, F.
Nichols, M.
Smiley, O.
Buskas, J.
Howard, W.
Nicholson, C.
Smith, Donald
Buskas, O.
Howitt, E.
Normand, E.
Smith, Earl
Buss, R.
Norn, L.
Smith, Earnest
Buss, Wm.
Huber, H.
Northcott, H.
Snell, Wm.
Bystedt, M.
Hughes, G..
Sparks, J.
Hughes, J.J.
Spelrem Family
Cadogan, T.
Hughes, T.
Oas, O.
Spitzer, W.
Calkins, F.
Hughes, W.F.
Olmstead, R.
Splett, I.
Calqohoun, M.
Humphreys, L.
Olsen, E.
Stabenfeldt, H.
Cameron, C.
Humphreys, O.
Olson, A.
Stanbenfeldt, P.
Capling, E.
Huysmans, M.
Olson, E..
Stang, A.
Carlson Family
Hvamb, L.
Olson, H.
Stedel Family.
Carruthers Family
Oness, I.
Carswell, D.
James, A.
Onesto, H.
Steele, G.
Christensen, H.P.
James, D.
Onesto, M.A.
Stemo Family
Christopherson, P.
James, F.S.
Onesto, M.J.
Stephens, E.
Cire, D.
James, J.W.
Orom, B.
Stewart, J.
Coleman, C.
James, W.M.
Orom, F.
Stewart, P.
Connors, G.
James, W.W.
Orom, R.
Stolk, D.
Cortsen, E.
Jamison, S.
Orser, W.
Stone, C.
Courtney, J.
Jarrett, M.
Ostergaard, E.
Stonehocker, I.
Craft, O.
Jasman, F.
Ott, H.
Stoutenberg, E.
Crawford, R.B.
Owen, E.
Svenningsen, A.
Cuts, D.
Owen, J.
Svenson Family
Jenkins Family
Owens, A.B.
Sviestrup, S.
Davies, D.
Jensen, C.
Owens, G.
Swanson, A.
Davies, E.
Jensen, G.
Owens, J.
Sweet, J.
Davies, H.F.
Jessie, E.H.
Owens, M.
Sweet, N.
Jevne, C.
Sweet, W.
Davies, O.G.
Jeziorney, J.
Synkowski, A.
Davies, S.
Johansen Family
Parent, A.
Davis Family
Johnsen, R.
Parks, C.
Tait, C.
Dawson, J.R.
Johnson, Anders
Parks, D.
Taraldsen Family
Dawson, S.
Johnson, Arvid.
Parks, W.
Taylor, G.
Delamarter, G.
Johnson, C.
Parry Family
Teide, W.
DeLeeuw Family
Johnson, P.
Paulsen, C.
Tennis, H.
Dewhirst Family
Johnsrud, C.
Paulsen, G.
Tennis, J.
Dick, H.
Johnston, H.
Pearce, R.
Thomas, E.
Jones, D.
Pederson, O.
Thomas, J.
Dittberner, E.
Jones, G.
Pek, J.
Thorns Family
Donaghy, C.
Jones, G.P.
Perry Family
Thorstad, C.
Jones, Hattie
Peterson, E.
Throop, D.
Donaldson, N.
Jones, Hugh W.
Peterson, Elof
Timmers, F.
Drapers Family
Jones, Ivor
Pewtress, F.
Toth, J.
Drinnan, A.A.
Jones, K.
Pfiefier, J.
Traptow, F.
Dubitz, J.
Jones, Jack
Philips, C.B.
Tronson, L.
Dubitz, S.
Jones, John O.
Philips, G.
Dufva, Edwin
Jones, John R.
Philips, S.
Uhl, A.
Dufva, Eric
Jones Family
Pierce Family
Dunkerley, J.
Jones, O.
Pipke Family
Vogel Family
Dyer, J.
Jones, O.J.
Poffenroth, A.
Voghell, R.
Jones, R.C.
Polay, H.
Vold Family
Edin Family
Jones, R.M.
Postma, D.
Vold, A.
Edin O.
Pregitzer, H.
Vold, F.N.
Edwards, I.
Jones, T.
Price Family
Vold, J.
Edwards, K.
Jones, W.O.
Pritchard, A.
Vold, Roy
Ekeli, C.
Jones, W.R.
Ekeli, D.
Jones, W.T.
Pugh Family
Wall, H.
Ekeli, W.
Jonson, H.C.
Pugh, Dennis
Walls, R.
Ellin, W.
Pugh, Dwight
Warlo, H.
Erdman, L.
Kaechele, W.
Pugh, G.
Warren, E.
Erickson, C.
Kallman, J.P.
Pugh, L.
Watt, T.
Erickson, E.
Kartz, L.
Erickson, J.
Keiples, J.
Racher, W.
Wettre T.
Erickson, L.
Kerik, J.
Radke, A.
Wiancko, A.
Erickson, R.
Kikel, R.
Radke Family
Wiancko, J..
Erickson, V.
Killeen, J.
Radke, L.
Widdifield, L.
Eurich, J.
Kjenner, K.
Radke, S.
Widmann, E..
Evans, D.
Kochanski, A.
Ramchuk, A.
Wierenga, A.
Evans, Hugh
Kohn, F.
Ramsey, J.
Wight, J.R.
Evans, Humphrey
Konrad, K.
Ramsey, R.
Wilcox, J.
Evans, L.B.
Kraft, A.
Randles, N.
Willcox, F.
Evans, M.
Kraft, E.
Rau, C.
Williams, B.
Evans, T.
Kraft, G.
Raugust, W.
Williams, E.
Kraft, J.
Ravnsborg Family
Williams, R.
Fagan Family
Kraft, L.
Reed, C.C..
Williams, W.M.
Falk Family
Kraft, R.
Reese, J.
Williams, Wm.
Farnell Family
Krefting E.A..
Reese, R.L.
Williams, Wm.
Fate, Q.
Krefting, E.
Reeves, A.
Wilson, Glen
Felt, M.
Krefting, H.
Reeves, E.
Windsor Family
Feragen, A.
Krefting, J.
Reich, G.
Winfield, G.
Fillinger, C.
Kre fting, M.
Reid, M.
Winter, R.
Fillinger, E.
Krefting, O.
Renton, C.
Wolcott, D.
Fillinger, F.
Krofta, J.
Resler, A.
Woyen, A.
Fillinger, G.
Krossa, A.
Rinsky, C.
Woyen, B.
Fillinger, J.
Rinsky, S.
Woyen, H.
Fillinger, L.
Larsen, H.A.
Riske, C.
Wright, V.
Fillinger, S.
Larson, B.A.
Riske, G.
Fipke, L.
Lauer, M.
Riske, W.
Yadlos, A.
Fjeldheim Family
Laycock, G.L.
Roberts, A.
Yetz, F.
Flack, S.
Lindbloom, A.
Roberts, H.
York, A
Fleckle, J.
Lindland Family
Roberts, J.G.
York, H.
Forsythe, K.
Lisko, G.
Roberts, W.
York, J.
Fosky Family
Lomas, R.
Robinson, A.
Young, J.
Fraser, R.
Long, E.P.
Robinson, F.
Yule, C.
Friesen, K.
Lorenz Family
Rodwell, T.
York, H.
Froehler, L.
Loveless, J.
Roesti Family
Furst, J.
Lovig, C.O.
Rogers, G.
Zado Family
Lund, L.
Root, G.F.
Zimmer, A.
Gadsby, S.
Lundberg, M.
Rose Family
Zurba, M.
Gallie, J.
Lyons, O.
Rusten, K.
Geertsma, J.
Lystrom, O.
Geertsma, S.
St. Dennis, R.
George, W.
MacEacham, J.
Sandin Family
Gisle, T.
MacMillan, B.
Sargent, A.P.


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