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Bismark School District #971
District Quick Facts

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The Teachers
The History of Bismark School District #971
The Teachers
Miss Archibald The Bismark School District #971 was organized in 1903-1904 but progressed slowly. At that time all correspondence had to come from Regina because the province of Alberta had not been formed.
Building contracts were let to J. Gehrke and Wm. Jacobus, local settlers.
The first trustees were Chas. Hemeyer, C.R. Kirk and Jim McFetridge.
There were members of three generations of the Hemeyer family that attended school at Bismark.
No roads were open at that time, just trails from settler to settler, so people in the south of the district did their trading in Lacombe and those in the north went to Ponoka.
Much hard felling was caused but he refusal of t
eachers to accept grade standing. Pupils from the U.S.A. were put back in grade 1 no matter what age they were.

Teachers were paid from $400 to $600 per year, but the school board often found it impossible to collect enough taxes to keep schools open, so sometimes the school was closed most of the year.
Miss Liversiege
Miss Ash
Miss Maitland
Eileen Baker
Miss Mann
Miss Burns
Miss B. McLennan
Rita Fink
Abbie Olmstead
Virginia Forsyth (Mrs. Ray Kirk)
Elizabeth Reid
Beatrice Hedrich
Mrs. Schickerowsk
Ruth Krefting
Mrs. Edna Stretch
Mrs. Landry
Dolly Taylor
Mr. Langston
Miss Wieberg
Phyllis Lien
Mrs. F. Wills
The Students (1st yr)
The Students (1st yr)
Anna Archibald
The Students (1st yr) (con't)
Arch McFetridge
Cecil Archibald
Henry Hagemann
Annie Kerber
Frank McFetridge
Judson Archibald
Julius Hagemann
Hugo Kerber
Lily McFetridge
Lillian Archibald
Louise Hagemann
Maggie Kerber
Jim Reynolds
Frank Davis
Clara Hemeyer
Amber Kirk
Dean Reynolds
Lena Gehrke
Emma Hemeyer
Guy Kirk
Walter Gehrke Ern Hemeyer
Myrtle Kirk
Otto Gunther
Ethel Jacobus
Ray Kirk

District Quick Facts
District/School Nbr:
First school year:
Original name:
First teacher(s):
Miss B. McLennan
Date established:


Last school year:
Name changes:


Last teacher:


Later Bldg Usage:
J. Gehrke & Wm. Jacobus
Additional Information:
School tax info:

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