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Half-Way Grove School District
The History The Teachers
The 1st Class of Students The 1st School Board
District Quick Facts

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The Teachers
The History of Half-Way Grove School District #3528
The 1st Students
Ebba Billsten The Half-Way Grove School was built in 1918. It was named Half-Way Grove by Mrs. Lawrence Doran after the nearby "grove" on section 15, where men, both Indian and white, used to camp, when travelling from Ponoka to Pigeon Lake and back. The twenty miles each way were all a team and loaded wagon could make in a sincle day. The Indians called this camp, A-Peton-Socow, meaning "trees halfway there".
The first classes started on May 1, 1919 with Freda Wilson as teacher.
At one point, because the Battle River had overflowed its banks at two different locations, a foot bridge had to be built so the children could get to and from classes. The school closed in 1956, and the students were bussed to Sylvan Heights School.
Everett Chappell
Ruth Carnat George Chappell
S.G. Dione Harold Chappell
Bernadine Donnelly John Chappell
Laura Doran Nina Chappell
Victoria Gerring Edward Doran
Margaret Leeman Hazel Doran
Leslie Mathieson
The Teachers (con't)
The1st School Board
Walter Doran
Ronald McClung
Freda Wilson
Lawrence Doran
Lily James
H. Michelberry
Morris Wright
John James
May James
Laura Murphy
Mrs. Marian Youngs
Frank Nejedley
Delmar Nejedley
Mrs. Violet Plester
Alice Rook
Virgil White
John Rook

District Quick Facts
District/School Nbr:
First school year:
Original name:
First teacher(s):
Miss Freda Wilson
Date established:
NW 16-44-27-W4th
Last school year:
Name changes:
In 1918 became
Half-Way Grove
Last teacher:
Mrs. Violet Plester
Schoolhouse built in 1918
Later Bldg Usage:
Additional Information:
School tax info:

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