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The Teachers The History of Iowalta District The Teachers
Mrs. Langford The district was also known as Progressive School District #561.
The schoolhouse was located at the S.E. 5-42-27-W4.
The district was formed around the year 1900. Iowalta was so named by the King's and Zielie's. This occurred when the young men decided to form a ball team and were in need of a name. Since there were a lot of people living here who came from the state of Iowa, Iowa and Alta were put together to make "IOWALTA".
The school was built in the summer of 1901. The logs were hewed, stripped and filled with saw dust. It was shingled in the year of 1907. Many children from outside the district came to Progressive School. Some came by foot or on horseback from homes 5 or 6 miles away. The school had fifteen or
sixteen double seats, a wood heater, a small five-octave "Davis" organ - later a Dominion six-octave. There was a little corner cupboard to hold library books. There were curtains, a few pretty pictures, and on the platform was the teacher's table with a drawer to hold the register and strap. On the table was the handbell used to summon students. Slates were used and a bottle of water and two rags, to wash and dry the slate. Church and Sunday School were also held at the schoolhouse.
In 1929 the district built a new schoolhouse and with the coming of the larger school units, in 1956 the community bought the school to be used as a centre.
Miss Lillian Schooley
Mr. Fred Davis Miss Harriet Bowen
Miss Margaret Robinson Mr. Fred Smith
Miss Cameron Miss Victoria Kinley
Miss Laidman Miss Bessie Sharp
Miss French Miss F.J. Upham
Miss Mary Swanson Miss Grace Fleming
Miss Carrie Archibald Mrs. Jessie Ingraham
Miss Dora Talbot Miss Lyla Rose
Miss Lillian Albrecht Miss Vivian Pratt
Miss Jean Archibald Mr. James Harrington
Miss Alice Clark Mr. August Bruns
Miss Ruby Slyter Miss Marjorie Woods
Miss Ruth Wright Miss Margaret Rimbey
Mr. Gerald Dahms Miss Cora Simpson
Mrs. Anderson Miss Lydian Madsen
Mrs. Alyce Hall --
1901 School Board 1901 Student Enrollment
Harmon Zielie
Florence Akey
Laurie Morter
(Mrs. Butcher)
Alpha Wedell
John Morter
Mildred Akey
Ether Zielie
(Mrs. P.L. Frizzell)
Stewart Akey
Alice Morter (Mrs. Butcher)
Frank Rowland

Iowalta School
This photo courtesy of "Crestomere Sylvan Heights Heritage

Iowalta School District #561 Map
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District Quick Facts
District/School Nbr:
First school year:
Original name:
May have been Progressive
First teacher(s):
Mrs. Langford
Date established:

S.E. 5-42-27-W4th

Last school year:
Name changes:

Also known as Progressive

Last teacher:
Mrs. Alex Hall

Built in 1901

Later Bldg Usage:
community centre
Additional Information:
1956 = bought by district to be used as community centre
School tax info:

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