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Lonesome Pine School District
The History The Teachers
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The Teachers The History of the Lonesome Pine District The Teachers
1) Original Building:
Prior to the formation of the Lonesome Pine School District in 1915, the settlers transported their children to the Homeglen School. Lonesome Pine was so named by Mrs. Sherman Dye after a lone and very beautiful pine tree on the north boundary of their land.
The first school was set up in the farm house of Mr. Messick on the N.W. 4-45- W5th meridian, while he was away at war in Belgium.
It had a nice hip roof, and was a two-room frame house which served as the school house until 1926. The new Lonesome Pine School was built farther south, on part of the land belonging to the Sid Cross farm, and opened in the fall of 1927.
Some settlers from Russia arrived in the Lonesome Pine district around 1924, intending to form a colony. The colony was not successful, but the approximately 50 children attended the Lonesome Pine School, despite the fact that they did not speak English. Miss McQuarrie, having just arrived from Nova Scotia, was the teacher and she was insistent that the students learn English so that they could study alongside the other children. Instead, however, it soon became apparent that the English speaking children were fast picking up and speaking the Russian language! Since Miss McQuarrie was "blessed with a good set of lungs, a loud speaking voice and possessed a good sound piece of belting" she soon had things turned around, adn her class speaking and writing English.
2) The New Building:
Dorothy Sweet Miss McQuarrie
(Mrs. Dewey Dye)
Miss Clark
Miss Hildur Sundquist Miss Allen
Ida Dye Miss Aunger
Millie Newsham Ruth Lomas
Mr. Godfrey Miss Ungstad
The 1st Students Mary Janetti
The Falts family Josephine Sabin
The Bengtsons family Betty Burns
The Linds family --
The Burns family --
Oldam Armstrong --
The Evanoff family --
The Osokin family --

District Quick Facts
District/School Nbr:
First school year:
Original name:
Lonesome Pine
First teacher(s):
Date established:

N.W. 4-45- W5

Last school year:
Name changes:


Last teacher:


Later Bldg Usage:
Additional Information:
School tax info:

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