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Cities, Towns & Villages
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Town of Bowden
Box 338
Bowden, AB
T0M 0K0
Tel: (403) 224-3395
Town of Innisfail
4943-53rd Street
Innisfail, AB
T4G 1A1
Tel: (403) 227-3376
Fax: (403) 227-4045
Town of Sylvan Lake
4926-50th Avenue
Sylvan Lake, AB
T4S 1A1
Tel: (403) 887-2141
Village of Delburne
Box 341
Delburne, AB
T0M 0V0
Tel: (403) 749-3606
 City of Red Deer Red Deer County
38106 Rge Rd 275
Red Deer County, AB
Tel: (403) 350-2150
Fax: (403) 346-9840
Village of Elnora
Box 629
Elnora, AB
T0M 0Y0
Tel: (403) 773-3922
Town of Penhold
Box 10
Penhold, AB
T0M 1R0
Tel: (403) 886-4567
Hamlet of Dickson
Info at Wikipedia
Hamlet of Markerville
Historic Creamery Marker
Hamlet of Spruce View Hamlet of Benalto Hamlet of Lousana Summer Village of Pine Lake
Red Deer County Districts
Antler Hill Craig Garrington Happy Hill
Hola Horn Hill Kevisville Knee Hill Valley
Moose Mountain New Hill North Raven Raven
Red Raven Red Lodge Rich Hill White Creek

Libraries, Museums & Historical Societies

Innisfail Public Library
4949-49th Street
Innisfail, AB   T4G 1A5
Tel: (403) 227-4407
FAX: (403) 227-3122
Bowden Museum
Tel: (403) 224-2122
Contact: Charlie Scott
Tel: (403) 224-2509
Innifail Historical Village
Box 6042
Innisfail, AB T4G 1S7
Tel: (403) 227-2906 (seasonal)
Curator: Lyle Boyd
Tel: (403) 227-3405
Red Deer FHC
3002 47th Avenue
Red Deer, Alberta
Tel: (403) 342-1508
Red Deer Public Library
Red Deer, AB
 Alberta Genealogical Society
Red Deer & District Archives
(City of Red Deer)

Glenbow Museum
General Information
Provincial Archives of Alberta
8555 Roper Road
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5W1
Tel: (780) 427-1750
Fax: (780) 427-4646
Email contacts
Sylvan Lake Public Library

(see also County of Red Deer - list of cemeteries)

Cemetery &/or Location Legal Address Contact
(as at March 2008)
Benalto Cemetery
Mario Renaud
Box 17, Benalto, AB
tel: (403) 746-2382
Bethany Lutheran Church Cemetery, Dickson SW-01-036-2-5 Oliver Nelson, Secretary
RR 1, Site 10, Box 16
Innisfail, AB T4G 1T6
tel: (403) 728-3438
Burnt Lake Cemetery SE-10-038-01-5 Catherine Johansson
RR 1, Red Deer, AB
T4N 5E1
tel: (403) 728-3577
Cairn Site SE-18-038-27-4 County Property
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church NE-34-036-3-5 Alfred & Louise Schatschneider
RR 1
Markerville, AB   T0M 1M0
tel: (403) 728-3401
Christinnson (Stephensson) Cemetery NW-03-037-2-5 Ron Stephansson
Christinnsson Family Cemetery Society
RR 1
Markerville, AB T0M 1M0
(403) 728-3315
Elnora Cemetery NW-02-035-23-4 Diana Bigelow
Box 509
Elnora, AB T0M 0Y0
(403) 773-2288
Great Bend Cemetery, Church of Christ NE-29-038-22-4 Lowell Allison
Delburne, AB T0M 0V0
tel: (403) 749-2003
Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery NE-22-036-25-4 Doris Warke
Box 56
Pine Lake, AB T0M 1S0
tel: (403) 886-4108
Hornhill Cemetery NE-34-036-27-4 Wilf Bennett
RR 1
Penhold, AB T0M 1R0
tel: (403) 886-4448
Innisfail Cemetery SE-29-035-28-4 Kathy Collins
Town of Innisfail
4943-53rd Street
Innisfail, AB T4G 1A1
tel: (403) 227-3376
Kevisville Community Church & Center NE-19-035-3-5
Karen Craig
RR 1, Site 5, Box 10
Innisfail, AB T4G 1T6
tel: (403) 728-3281
Knee Hill Valley Divide Cemetery SW-5-035-26-4 c/o Fred Bennett
RR 2
Innisfail, AB  T4G 1T7
tel: (403) 227-2484
Kuusamo Cemetery NW-34-038-02-5 Roy Mattson
Box 8, Site 8, RR 1
Sylvan Lake, AB
T4S 1X6
tel:(403) 887-5653
Lousana Cemetery NE-23-036-23-4 Herb Green
Box 28
Lousana, AB T0M 1K0
tel: (403) 749-2348
Medicine Valley Cemetery Co. SE-16-038-03-5 Lawrence Murphy
RR 3
Eckville, AB T0M 0Y0
tel: (403) 746-5494
Pine Hill Colony Cemetery SE-4-037-1-5 Sam Hofer
RR 4
Red Deer, AB T4N 5E4
Rainbow Colony Cemetery SW-1-035-26-4 Josh Hofer, Jr.
Site 3, Box 4, RR 4
Innisfail, AB T4G 1T9
tel: (403) 227-6465 ext 114
Raven Union Church Cemetery NE-17-036-4-5 Jean Kaiser
RR 1, Site 13, Box 5
Innisfail, AB T4G 1T6
tel: (403) 728-3930
St. Paul Church & Cemetery SW-34-037-25-4 Mark or Phyllis Lawrence
RR 2
Red Deer, AB T4N 5E3
tel: (403) 347-0563
Tindastall Cemetery NW-20-036-1-5 Donna Nelson, Secretary
RR 1
Markerville, AB T0M 1M0
tel: (403) 728-3438
Town of Sylvan Lake NE-29-038-1-5
Heather Whymark
4926-50th Avenue
Sylvan Lake, AB T4S 1A1
tel: (403) 887-2141
Town of Bowden NW-23-034-01-5 Dan Proctor
Box 338
Bowden, AB T0M 0K0
tel: (403) 224-3394
Trenville Cemetery NW-02-036-22-4 Robert Boulton
Lousana, AB T0M 1K0
tel: (403) 773-2140
Willowdale Church, Springvale NE-30-037-26-4 Stuart Steele, Trustee
RR 3
Red Deer, AB T4N 5E3
(403) 347-7151
Village of Delburne Cemetery Board NE-16-037-23-4
Jim & Kendra Brown
Box 188
Delburne, AB T0M 0V0
tel: ;(403) 749-2390
County property NE-28-034-27-4 1 grave site


Catholic Church
Tel: (403) 227-3932
Lutheran Church
Tel: (403) 227-5104
St. Mark's Anglican Church
Tel: (403)227-3761
United Church
Tel: (403) 227-3881
St. Andrew's Presbyterian
Tel: (403) 227-3881
Church of the Nazarene
Tel: (403) 227-3281
Baptist Church
Tel: (403) 227-3756
Yet to come: Churches in Bowden, Delburne, Elnora, Penhold, and Sylvan Lake

Land Records

Innisfail Land Records
c/o Freeman Insurance
Box 6100
Innisfail, AB   T4G 1S7
Tel: (403) 227-3351
FAX: (403) 227-3840

Search the Alberta Homestead Records for 1870-1930

See also Collections Canada - Western Land Grants (1870-1930)*
* Note that the films from the National Archives of Canada may be available through inter-library loan to your local library.
Red Deer County
Land Titles and Land Ownership maps are available upon request for a fee of $10.00. There are limits as to personal information available. For specific questions, please contact

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