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  This is version 13.1 of the (U.S.) Civil War units file.  The next

version will be posted in September. 

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The CWUNITS file lists people who have (at least some) information on

a unit and are willing to help others research it.  Some are experts,

most are not.  This is _not_ a file of re-enactment units.

Directions: If you're looking for info on a unit, see if someone is

listed; if so, contact them.  For more specific directions, read the

FAQ (see below).  If you don't know which unit or no one is listed,

do _not_ ask me (unless you want to volunteer as a contact).

I am _not_ a Civil War expert, only a fellow seeker.

CWUNITS is now five files (plus one for the FAQ) as follows:

Part Contents

1    USA national & states A-I

2    USA states K-N

3    USA states O-W

4    CSA national & states A-M

5    CSA states N-V

Q    FAQ (frequently asked questions and answers)

Parts 1-5 include this intro as well as the listings.

Within a state the units are organized by number (1st Infantry, etc.).

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If you're listed as a contact, would like to be, or wonder what it

involves, please read the FAQ. has many useful mailing lists including

several on the Civil War.

For information on reenactment units see the Civil War Reenactors Home

Page:  (I have no connection with this page.)

Carol Botteron (ancestors on both sides)









For bibliographies of USA and CSA units, see:

The USGenWeb Project has information on US states and counties,

 including rosters and other information on Civil War units from

 some counties.  Choose the state and county of interest from


Civil War Ancestor Genealogy

Civil War Ancestry Research Help at

Civil War List Homepage

Civil War photos from "The Atlantic" Magazine

Confederate Officers Card Index, 1861-65 

Confederate Uniforms & Equipage (Alan Thrower)

CSA Cross of Honor and VA Headstone Information

CSA Flag History          

CSA Flag History: Hardee/Cleburne Battle Flags (Rob S.)

CSA General Officers

Dyer's Compendium (Regimental Info) The American Civil War (Thomas Long)

History of the CSA by Southerners

Researching your Confederate Ancestors and Regiments

United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) information on CSA soldiers


Rosters of many units     (Virginia Leddy)

Confederate regiments, selected:

Confederate Balloons        1861-2 (James Green)

British (English, Irish, Scots, and Welsh) in the Civil War

                    (Tim Beardsworth)

Cemeteries -- U.S. CWC -- Civil War Links -- Historic Places 1

Civil War Generals

Confederate army colonels (Bruce Allardice)

Confederate Irregular Warfare  1861-5 (Bertil Haggman)

Confederate Ladies Organization (Linda Cantrell)

Germans in the Civil War (Tim Engelhart)

Irish in the Civil War (CSA) (Michael MacNamara)

Medical Resources - College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Officers who resigned from USA Army to join CSA Army

                       (Jo Ann Sebasta)

Swedes in the Civil War (CSA) (Bertil Haggman)


CSA national


3rd Confederate Cavalry      6/62-6/64 (Joseph James)

7th Regiment Confed. Cavalry (James A. Weaks)

15th CSA Cavalry Co. E    1864-5 (Henry Skinner)

CSS Nashville                  1861-2

CSS Virginia                           Tyson@AI.SRI.COM


Battles and Campaigns


American Battlefield Protection Program, US Park Service (includes CW battle summaries)

Battle Order of >100 battles (Gary Swinfield)

1861 Aug Wilsons Creek (Oak Hills) (Alan Thrower)

1862-5 Northwest Indian Expedition (C.Rothhammer)

1862 Feb  Fort Henry-Fort Donelson campaign (Ken Gott)

1862 Feb 10  Elizabeth City, NC (Bruce Long)


1862 Apr 19  South Mills, NC (Bruce Long)


1862 Apr 19  South Mills (NC)

1862 May 4-5 Battle of Williamsburg (Michael Zatarga)

1862 May 5   Williamsburg, VA (Tom McMahon)

1862 May 25  Winchester,VA   (George Bradley)

1862 Aug 9   Cedar Mountain, VA (George Bradley)

1862 Sep 13  South Mountain, MD (Bill Christen)

             (Fox's and Turner's Gap)

1862 Sep. 17 Battle of Antietam (Michael Zatarga)

1862 Sep 17  Battle of Antietam (Brian Downey)


1862 Oct 8   Perryville, KY (Kurt Holman)

1862 Oct 22  Pocotaligo, SC   (Lew Schmidt)

1862 Dec 30-1863 Jan 3  Stones River (Dan Masters)

1863 Jun 7  Milliken's Bend, LA (L. Barnickel)

1863 Jul 1-3 Gettysburg Order of Battle

                    (William G. Jeff Davis)

1863 Oct 20 Philadelphia, TN (Gerald D. Hodge, Jr)

1863 Nov 24-25 Lookout Mountain, TN

                       (H. Swindoll)

1864 Jan 3  Jonesville, VA

1864 Feb 20  Olustee, FL    (Lew Schmidt)

1864 Apr 12 Battle of Fort Pillow -- Confederate casualties

                             (Steve Cole)

1864 May 14-15 Resaca, GA   (George Bradley)

1864 May 25  New Hope Church, GA (George Bradley)

1864 Jul  9  Battle of Monocacy (Dan Masters)

1864 Jul 20  Peach Tree Creek GA (George Bradley)

1864 Aug 13  Berryville Wagon Raid (Dan Masters)

1864 Nov 29  Spring Hill, TN (Mark Miller)

1864 Nov 30 Battle of  Franklin, TN (Rob Swinson)

1865 Mar 6  Natural Bridge, FL (Lew Schmidt)

1865 Mar 25  Fort Stedman (BrianMurphy)

1865 Apr  9  Blakeley, AL   (Camille Corte)




The Civil War in Alabama (John Rigdon)

3rd Alabama, CSA           (Ron Hall)

3rd Alabama Cavalry        1861-5 (Ernest Dollar)

3rd Alabama Cavalry, Co. B (Patrick T. Dolan)

3rd AL Reg't AL Reserves Co B  1864-5 (Harry Stinson)

4th Alabama Regiment          (Ken Jones)

4th Alabama Cavalry, Co. B (Joseph Gardner)

4th Alabama Cavalry, Co. K (Richard B. Davis)

 (Roddey's Regiment)

5th AL Battalion Inf.  1861-5 (G. McCluskey)

6th Ala. Inf. Reg.           (gene cross)

6th Ala. Cav., Co. I     (D.A.Bass-Frazier)

7th Alabama Cavalry           (Herbert B. Murch)

8th AL Cav. John B. Hurlsey's Co 64-5 (Harry Stinson)

8th AL (Ball/Hatch's) Cavalry  1861-5 (David Slay)

9th Alabama Infantry          1861-5 (John Carter)

10th Alabama Cavalry         (Richard B. Davis)

 (Pickett's Regiment)

10th AL Cav. (Hilliard's Legions) Co.C (John Bush)

12th Alabama Infantry        

13th (later 56) AL Partisan Rangers (Joseph Gardner)

13th AL Cav. (Partisan Ranger) 1862-4 (Wayne J.)

14th AL Infantry Regiment     (Lee Weaver)

14th AL Infantry Regiment (Carolyn Burgess)

14th Alabama Infantry, Co. D  1861-5

15th Alabama Regiment         (Ken Jones)

15th AL Cav. (Partisan Ranger) 1862-4 (Wayne J.)

16th Alabama Reg't Cos. I-W (Amanda Hester Baltz)

17th Alabama Infantry          1861-5 (Thompson)

19th AL Inf., Co. H      1861-2 (Joseph Gardner)

21st AL Vol (Infantry & Cantonment Artillery) or (Larry Schultz)

21st AL Infantry Co.C  1862-4

23rd AL Vol. Inf. Regiment (Steve Canerossi)

24th Alabama Regiment Co. I   (Daniel M Ward)

26th Alabama Infantry CSA     (Clark Rye)

26th (O'Neals) AL Inf. Reg.   (Mike Cobb)

26th Ala. Inf., Co. A      1861-5 (D.A.Bass-Frazier)

27th Alabama Infantry        

27th Alabama Infantry          1864-5

28th Alabama Infantry Regt.  1861-5 (E.D.Wilson)

29th Ala. Inf., Co. I     (D.A.Bass-Frazier)

30th AL Infantry, Co. A-K      1861-5

31st Alabama (Hale's)  12/1861-4/1862


32nd AL Infantry, Co. D (Bennie White)

 muster roll:

34th Alabama Infantry (Ken Tilley)

36th Alabama Infantry      1861-5 (D.A.Bass-Frazier)

37th Alabama, CSA           (Ron Hall)

37th Alabama Infantry        1862-5 (Michael Hardy)

37th Alabama Infantry  1862-5 (Chip Culpepper)

38th Alabama Infantry         1861-5 (Will Garrick)

38th AL Infantry Volunteers  

38th Alabama Inf. Co. F     (Leland Hamner)

40th Alabama Infantry (Ann Blomquist)

40th AL Inf. Regiment, CSA   1862-5 (Henry B. Seale)

40th Ala. Inf., Co. I      1861-5 (D.A.Bass-Frazier)

40th Alabama Infantry Co. K    1862-5

42nd AL, Co. A (mainly from Monroe Co.) (Peg Price)

44th Ala. Infantry            1862-5

44th Alabama Regiment         (Ken Jones)

45th Alabama                  (Judy Wills)

45th Alabama Infantry         1862-5 (Richard Greene)

46th Alabama Infantry         (Kathy Wolfe)

47th Alabama Regiment         (Ken Jones)

47th AL Vol. Inf. Regiment    (Jim Foster)

48th Alabama Regiment         (Ken Jones)

49th Alabama              4/1862-1865


49th Alabama Infantry Regiment (Fred Cooper)

49th Alabama Infantry, Co. F  1862-4

51st AL Partisan Ranger Reg.  1862-5 (Bertil Haggman)

51st AL Cavalry (Morgan's Brigade) (Jane Stephens Rhem)

53rd Alabama Partisan Rangers (Ben Israel)

56th Ala. Cav.              1861-5 (D.A.Bass-Frazier)

56th AL Cav. (Partisan Ranger) 1863-5 (Wayne J.)

59th Alabama Infantry (John Dill)

 (Formerly part of Hilliard's Legion)

62d AL Inf. also 2d AL Reserve (D.A.Bass-Frazier)

62nd Alabama Infantry Co. F.

Cahaba (near Selma, AL) prisoner lookup (J. Lundquist)

Gantt's Co. Covington Co. AL (D.A.Bass-Frazier)

Hale's 31st Alabama    12/1861-4/1862


Hardaway's Battery (AL) (Ronald Griffin)

Hilliard's Legion, AL Volunteers (Richard B. Davis)

Law's (Alabama) Brigade       (Ken Jones)

Lewis' Battalion AL Cavalry    1861-5 (David Slay)

Mayer Hure, Co. A (AL)    1861-? (D.A.Bass-Frazier)

AL Partisan Ranger Companies    1862 (Bertil Haggman)


Arizona (CSA)


2nd Arizona Cavalry   (Donald S. Frazier)

3rd Arizona Cavalry   (Donald S. Frazier)




Civil War In Arkansas  

Dobbins 1st Arkansas Cavalry (Wanda F. Ridge)

2nd Ark. Mounted Rifles  1861-5 (Charles Koberg)

7th Ark. Inf. Battl.    1861-2 (Dewitt Yingling)

7th AR Inf.Reg. (Shaver's), Co.D (Jeanne Barfield)

7th Arkansas Cavalry (CS)      1864-5 (Mark Miller)

8th AR Infantry              

8th Ark. Inf. Regt.     1861-5 (Dewitt Yingling)

9th Ark. Inf. Battl.    1861-2 (Dewitt Yingling)

9th AR Inf. Regiment, Co's A & F (William L Brown)

10th Arkansas Infantry        1861-3

10th Ark. (Witt's) Cavalry    1863-5

16th Arkansas Infantry Regiment (Mark Miller)

19th Ark. Infantry          

26th AR Infantry Regiment    (Mark Miller)

30th AR Infantry Rgt, Co. D  (Mark W. Anderson)

38th AR Inf. Reg., Hqtrs & all Cos. (Jeanne Barfield)


Florida (CSA)


The Civil War in Florida (John Rigdon)

1st Florida Cavalry          (Glenn Langford)

3rd Batt. FL Cav. Co. C    1861-4 (Henry Skinner)

 (Simpson Mounted Rangers)

4th Florida Infantry         (Glenn Langford)

8th FL Infantry Regiment      1862-5 (James R. Bell)

9th FL Inf., all companies    1861-5 (William Morgan)

FL Partisan Ranger Companies  1862 (Bertil Haggman)




Civil War in Georgia

The Civil War in Georgia (John Rigdon)

1st Ga Vols Co. A & B       (Mike Seigle)

 (Olmstead)(Irish Jasper Greens)

1st GA Cav, Co C "Highland Rangers"

                             1861-5 (Joseph Gardner)

1st Georgia Cavalry, Company F

1st GA Partisan Ranger Reg.    1862 (Bertil Haggman)

1st Reg. Georgia State Line  1863-5 (John McKay)

2nd Georgia Infantry, Co. B

 ("Jackson Blues")            1862-5  Melanie.Massengale@Colorado.EDU

2nd GA Battalion Sharpshooters (Dana M. Mangham)

2nd Reg. Georgia State Line  1863-5 (John McKay)

2nd Georgia Cavalry            1864-5  Melanie.Massengale@Colorado.EDU

2nd Reg't Ga. Vol. Cav. Co. K (Robin Adams)

2nd Georgia Reserves, Co. A    1864-5  Melanie.Massengale@Colorado.EDU

3rd Georgia Vol. Infantry      1861-5 (Don D. Worth)

3rd Battalion Georgia Infantry (Vance Harris)

4th Battalion Ga. Sharpshooters (Vance Harris)

4th (Clinch's) GA Cavalry (William Bowers)

5th GA Clinch Rifles    1860-5 (John Rigdon)

6th Regt. Inf. Vol's          1861-5 (Chuck Golden)

7th Georgia Infantry Regiment  1862-5 (Ron Cobb)

7th Georgia Cavalry   (John W. Jennings)

 (Claiborne's Partisan Rangers)

8th Georgian Battalion Co. A (Ricky Lynn King)

 Muster roll

8th Georgia Infantry Regiment  1862-5 (Ron Cobb)

9th Georgia Infantry          1861-5 (Neal Griffin)

9th Georgia Infantry Regiment  1862-5 (Ron Cobb)

9th Georgia State Guards      1863

9th Ga. State  Guard          1863-4 (Paul Cronic)

10th Ga Vol Inf, Co I

 (Fayette Grey Guards)        1861-5 (Mike Stone)

10th Ga. Cavalry Co. B (John W. Jennings)

11th Ga. Infantry Regiment    1862-5 (Ron Cobb)

11th Ga. Artillery   (Brad Coker)

 (Sumter Flying Artillery)

11th Georgia Cavalry          1864    Melanie.Massengale@Colorado.EDU

11th Georgia Cavalry          1864-5 (Ron Goss)

12th Georgia, Company F (William S. Proal)

13th Georgia Inf. [Allen Sullivant]

13th Ga. Cavalry Regiment      1864-5 (Paul Cronic)

14th Battalion GA Light  Artillery (Doug Burger)

15th Georgia Infantry, Co. E  1861-2

15th GA Partisan Ranger Batt'n 1862 (Bertil Haggman)

16th GA                       (DavidSmith)

16th Ga. Infantry Regiment    1862-5 (Paul Cronic)

16th Ga. Cavalry Battalion    1862-5 (Paul Cronic)

16th GA Partisan Ranger Batt'n 1862 (Bertil Haggman)

17th Georgia Infantry, Co. D (GeneSmith)

20th GA Partisan Ranger Batt'n 1862 (Bertil Haggman)

22nd Georgia Infantry        

22nd Georgia Infantry         (Phil Leigh)

22nd Georgia Vol.Inf.Reg.,Co.C (Nick Cleghorn)

23rd Georgia Infantry    (Richard Thompson)

23rd Reg GA Vol Inf (Bartow Invincibles) Co.H

27th Regiment Georgia Infantry (Bill Bowers)

28th Georgia Vol. Inf.       (Carl Hancock)

29th Georgia Infantry   (Stephen K. Giddens)

30th Georgia Battalion        1864  Melanie.Massengale@Colorado.EDU

31st Georgia Volunteer Infantry (Greg White)

31st Georgia Infantry, Co. D  1861-5 (Ruth Reddick)

32nd Georgia Infantry          1861-5

34th Ga Infantry      (William Patrick)

34th GA Reg't, Co. E "Jackson Farmers" (Bob Long)

35th GA Infantry Regiment      1861-5 (John Cown)

37th GA Infantry             (Steve Pipes)

39th Georgia Infantry, Co. F (Emily Seagle)

39th GA Vol. Inf. Reg. (Gerald D. Hodge, Jr)

39th GA Vol. Inf, Co. F        1861-5

40th Georgia Infantry       (Kay Borden)

41st Georgia Infantry        

41st Georgia Vol. Inf. (H. David Richardson)

43rd Georgia Infantry          1861-4

43rd Ga Infantry              1862-5

44th Georgia Infantry Regiment (Judkin Browning)

45th GA Infantry, Co D        1862-5 (Ruth Reddick)

47th Regiment Georgia Infantry (Bill Bowers)

48th Georgia Infantry      1862-5 (Robert Peters)

48th GA Vol. Infantry Regiment (J.A. Malone)

48th GA Inf. Reg., Co. B      1862-5

48th GA Infantry, Co D        1862-5 (Ruth Reddick)

48th Georgia Infantry, Co. H

 ("Hamilton Rangers")        1861-5  Melanie.Massengale@Colorado.EDU

49th GA Volunteer Regiment    1860-5  JOHNR238@AOL.COM

49th Georgia Infantry, Co. C  1862-5

50th GA Inf. Reg.             1861-5 (Mike Stone)

51st GA Inf. Reg.             1861-5 (Mike Stone)

52nd Ga. Inf.                1862-5 (Lee Ivester)

 (Habersham Guards)

52nd GA Inf, Co A             1861-4  MJarrard@AOL.COM

53rd GA Inf. Reg.             1861-5 (Mike Stone)

54th GA Inf.Co.B &Co.K, Satilla Rifles

                         (William Bowers)

56th Reg. GA Vol. Inf. 1862-5 (John W. Jennings)

57th Georgia Inf              1863-4 (Joseph Gardner)

59th Ga. Vol Infantry Regmt    1862-5 (Ron Cobb)

60th Georgia Infantry          1862-5 (Neal Griffin)

64th Vol Inf Reg Company E    

65th GA Inf.Reg. (Photos, Letters, etc.) (Michael Gay)

65th GA Inf., Co F             (Michael Gay)

Andersonville prisoners & graves (Kevin Frye)

Blue Ridge Rangers, Co.D, 1st GSL 1863-5

                           (John McKay)

Camp Lawton, Millen, Georgia lookup (Jack Lundquist)

Camp Oglethorpe (Officers at Macon, GA) lookup

Clinch's 4th GA Cavalry   (William Bowers)

Cobb's Legion, Co. B [Inf.] (John W. Jennings)

Cobb's Legion Cav. Batt'n, Co. C & H  1862-5 (Ed Rowe)

Confederate States Armory, Macon                            (Matthew Norman)

Croft's Battery (Capt. Edward Croft), Georgia Light Artillery

 (Columbus [Light] Artillery) 1861-5 (Ruth Walsh)

Georgia Militia                1864-5

Gordon County, GA soldiers (Lorna Ellis)

 (roster lookups only if you know which regiment)

Havis's - Palmer's Battery      1862-5 (Doug Burger)

Invalid Corps (Georgia CSA)     1864-5

Lumpkin's Battery (Georgia CSA) 1864    Melanie.Massengale@Colorado.EDU

GA Partisan Ranger Companies    1862 (Bertil Haggman)

Phillips' Legion Vol.Inf. 1861-5


Phillips' Legion (Georgia CSA)

                 (Lynna Kay Shuffield)

Thomas Brigade (Georgia CSA)  1861-5 (John Cown)

Troup Artillery (Georgia CSA) 1861-5 (Bill Smedlund)

Wright's Georgia Brigade   1862-5 (Robert Peters)

Andy Young's Cavalry (Georgia CSA) 1864  Melanie.Massengale@Colorado.EDU

Andy Young's Cavalry (Georgia CSA) 1864-5 (Ron Goss)


Indiana (CSA prisoners)


Camp Morton - Civil War Camp and Union Prison - Indianapolis  1861-5 (Tim Beckman)


Kentucky (CSA)


Kentucky In The Civil War

1st Batt'n Mounted Rifles Co B

2nd Kentucky Infantry CSA     (Joey Oller)

2nd Kentucky Cavalry CSA     (Joey Oller)

3rd Kentucky, CSA     (Frank Carvell)

4th Kentucky Inf. Reg          1861-5

6th Kentucky Infantry CSA     (Joey Oller)

7th Kentucky, CSA     (Frank Carvell)

7th KY Inf. (Mounted) CSA [Allen Sullivant]

9th Kentucky Infantry CSA     (Joey Oller)

10th KY Partisan Rangers     (Stephen D. Lynn)

13th. KY Cavalry CSA     (Shirley Combs)

 (originally 10th Mounted Infantry, most from Letcher & Perry Co.)

Civil War in SE KY           (Holly Timm)

Schoolfield's Battery (KY) (Ronald Griffin)

Sypert's Kentucky Cavalry     (Stephen D. Lynn)




The Civil War in Louisiana (John Rigdon)

Louisiana State Archives: Confederate Pension Applications Index

1st (Wheat's) Special Battalion Louisiana Infantry  1861-2

               (Ross Brooks)

1st Regiment Louisiana Cavalry 1861-5

 (a.k.a. Scott's Regiment) (Thomas Cardwell)

3rd LA Infantry Regt. 1861-5 (Alan Thrower)

3rd LA Cavalry (9th LA Partisan Rangers) (Neale Brown)

8th Regiment LA Infantry  1861-5 (N. Wayne Cosby)

9th LA Partisan Rangers (3rd LA Cavalry) (Neale Brown)

11th Regiment LA Vol. Infantry (John Walsh, Jr.)

12th La. Infantry Regiment (R. Hugh Simmons)

14th (Austin's) Battalion of Louisiana Sharpshooters

                      (John Walsh, Jr.)

15th Louisiana Infantry        1862-5 (Michael Dale)

15th Louisiana Infantry Regiment (James A. Breaux)

18th Regiment Louisiana Infantry (J. Richard)

19th Louisiana Infantry        1861-5

28th Louisiana Infantry, Co. I 1862-5 (Steve Pipes)

128th Louisiana Infantry    1863-5 (Frank Fuller)

Irish Brigade of New Orleans (6th Louisiana Infantry Regiment, Co. I)

                             (Patrick Macken)

Pointe Coupee Artillery        1861-5 (Jack)

 a.k.a. Bouanchaud's Battery (Louisiana)




MD CSA Inf, Cav, Artil. units (Richard M. Palmer)

1st Maryland Infantry         (G. D. Stone)

1st Maryland Inf., CSA   (Tom Clemens)

1st Md Cavalry              

1st Maryland Cavalry (CSA)    1860-5

2nd Maryland Inf., CSA   (Tom Clemens)

Fredericksburg, MD Cem. CSA soldiers (Bill Pearce)

Hagerstown, MD: Rose Hill Cem. CSA soldiers

                                 (Bill Pearce)




The Civil War in Mississippi (John Rigdon)

1st Miss. Infantry (State Troops) (Richard Dietz)

1st Miss. Partisan Rangers    1862-4 (Allen Helms)

 (later named the 7th Miss. Cavalry)

1st (Pinson's) Miss. Cavalry (CSA) (Tom Neely)

2nd Miss. Inf. Reg.            1861-5 (Mike Brasher)

2nd MS Cav.Regt., Partisan Rangers (Howard Perry Beckman)

3rd Mississippi Infantry    

3rd (Third) Battalion Miss. Inf.  1861-5 (Rob Swinson)

3rd Batt'n Miss. Inf. (Brenda Williamson)

3rd Battalion Miss. Inf. annotated roster (Rob S.)

3rd Miss. Cavalry Regiment (McGuirk's) (Bill Allen)

4th Mississippi Co. K        

4th Mississippi Cavalry (Kinloch McCollum)

4th Mississippi Cavalry (CSA) (Richard Dietz)

5th Regiment Mississippi Infantry  (orig. commanded by LTC Albert Fant)

                               1861-3 (Len E. Reinker)

5th Regt. Miss. Cav.  Co C.   (Steve Cole)

6th Miss. Inf.              1861-5 (Jeff Giambrone)

7th Mississippi Infantry (Robert W.P. Patterson)

7th Regiment Miss. Inf.   (Ron Skellie)

7th Miss. Cavalry              1864-5 (Allen Helms)

 (previously 1st Miss. Partisan Rangers)

9th MS Infantry Regiment      1861-2 (Rich Holler)

10th Miss. Infantry   (Bill Garner)

11th Miss. Infantry, Co. D    1861-5

12th Mississippi Cavalry      1861-5 (David Slay)

13th Miss. Infantry Regt. (Jess N. McLean)

14th Miss. Light Artillery (CSA)

 (Ward's Battery)           (Tom Neely)

15th Miss. Inf., Co.D "Wigfall Rifles" (Paul Hightower)

16th Confederate Cav. (12th Miss.Cav.) (David Slay)

16th Miss. Infantry Regiment (Ben H. Fatherree)

16th Regt Miss. Inf., Co. F    1861-4 (Bill Pearce)

17th Mississippi Inf., Co. F  1861-3

18th Miss. Cav. Regiment, Co G (William L Brown)

19th Miss. Infantry Regiment (Bill Furr)

21st Miss. Inf.              1861-5 (Jeff Giambrone)

22nd Mississippi Inf., Co. F  1861-5

22nd Miss.Inf.Co.G "Black Hawk Rifles" (Steve Cole)

26th Miss Infantry    1861-5 (Steve Hardwick)

26th Mississippi Vol.          1862-5 (Ben Israel)

27th Miss.Inf.Reg. 1861-5 (Russel R. Madere, Jr.)

28th Miss. Cavalry Co H        186?? (Ken Jones)

28th Miss Cav. Regiment, Co I  1862-5 (Rich Holler)

29th Mississippi Infantry (CSA) (Tom Neely}

29th Miss. Infantry Co. B     (S. Glover)

30th Miss. Inf. Co. A "Neill's Guards" (Steve Cole)

32nd Miss. Infantry Regiment   1862-5 (Rob Swinson)

32nd Regiment Miss. Inf. annotated roster (Rob S.)

32nd & 45th Miss.Inf.Reg't (Consolidated) 1863-4

33rd Miss. Inf. Reg't 1862-5 (Fred Kimbrell)

33rd Miss. (Hardcastle's) Inf. Reg. 1862 (Rob Swinson)

37th Mississippi, Co. G      

38th Miss. Infantry/Cavalry 1862-5 (Jeff Giambrone)

41st Miss. Regiment Co. K  died 1864

43rd Miss. Infantry      1862-5 (Jim Huffman)

45th Miss. Infantry Regiment   1861-5 (Rob Swinson)

45th Regiment Miss. Inf. annotated roster (Rob S.)

45th Miss. Reg't, CSA (Brenda Williamson)

46th Mississippi Infantry (CSA) (Richard Dietz)

46th MS Regt. Co G (earlier known as Co G of the 6th Battalion)

                     1862-5 or

Wirt Adams' (aka Woods') Reg't of MS Mounted Volunteers

                      (Patrick T. Dolan)

Barefoot Brigade (Mississippi) 1861-3 (Rob Swinson)

Buckner's Division (Miss.)     1861-3 (Rob Swinson)

Cleburne's Division (Miss.)    1862-5 (Rob Swinson)

Hughes Battalion Co H (Miss.)  186?? (Ken Jones)

Lowrey's Brigade (Mississippi) 1863-5 (Rob Swinson)

MS Partisan Ranger Companies  1862 (Bertil Haggman)

B. F. Saunders Mississippi Independent Company of Scouts (CSA)

                           (Tom Neely)

Vicksburg Light Artillery      1861 (Rich Holler)

Wood's Brigade (Mississippi)    1861-2 (Rob Swinson)

Wood's-Lowrey's Brigade (Miss.) 1862-3 (Rob Swinson)

Yates Artillery Battery (Douglas Vick)

 (14th Miss Artillery Bn)


Missouri (CSA)


Missouri Soldiers' Records: War of 1812 - World War I

1st MO Cav. Co. A (Woodson's)  1863-5 (Tom Curran)

1st MO Cav.(dismounted) Co.D  1862-3 (Terry McGinnis)

1st Northeast Missouri Cavalry, CSA  1862

 (Porter's Regiment)         (Herbert B. Murch)

1st & 3rd (Consolidated) MO Cav. (John Handley)

2nd Missouri Infantry, CSA  (D. Reid Ross)

2nd Missouri Confederate Cavalry

3rd Missouri Confederate Brigade

3rd Missouri Confederate Cavalry

3rd MO Battalion, Cavalry     (John Handley)

3rd MO Battalion, Cavalry (Dismounted) (John Handley)

3rd MO Regiment, Cavalry      (John Handley)

8th MO Inf., CSA, Co. F (Ray G. Thompson)

8th Missouri Cavalry Regiment (Jeffers')

 of Marmaduke's Brigade      1862-5 (Jim McGhee)

15th MO Cavalry Rgt, Co. L   (Mark W. Anderson)

16th Missouri Infantry CSA (Duncan Crofutt)

Civil War on the Western Border: The Missouri-Kansas Conflict, 1854-1865

Dorsey's Co. B, Cavalry, Missouri, CSA

                 (Suzanne Shaffner)

Irish in the Civil War (MO) (Michael MacNamara)

Missouri State Guard          1861-2 (Jim McGhee)

Quantrill's Raiders          

Woodson's Cavalry              1863-5 (Tom Curran)

 (also known as Co. A, 1st Missouri Cavalry)