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  This is version 13.2 of the (U.S.) Civil War units file.  The next

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The CWUNITS file lists people who have (at least some) information on

a unit and are willing to help others research it.  Some are experts,

most are not.  This is _not_ a file of re-enactment units.

Directions: If you're looking for info on a unit, see if someone is

listed; if so, contact them.  For more specific directions, read the

FAQ (see below).  If you don't know which unit or no one is listed,

do _not_ ask me (unless you want to volunteer as a contact).

I am _not_ a Civil War expert, only a fellow seeker.

CWUNITS is now five files (plus one for the FAQ) as follows:

Part Contents

1    USA national & states A-I

2    USA states K-N

3    USA states O-W

4    CSA national & states A-M

5    CSA states N-V

Q    FAQ (frequently asked questions and answers)

Parts 1-5 include this intro as well as the listings.

Within a state the units are organized by number (1st Infantry, etc.).

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Carol Botteron (ancestors on both sides)





CSA (continued)


North Carolina


The Civil War in North Carolina (John Rigdon)

NC Troops-A Roster 1861-1865 (Derick Hartshorn)

1st NC Volunteers        (Craig Chapman)

1st NC Cav (9 NC Troops) Co G  1861-2 (Ralph Clark)

1st NC Cavalry (9th NC Troops)

1st NC Heavy Artillery Battalion (Jeff Hunt)

2nd North Carolina Infantry  (Lee Hadden)

2nd NC Cav (19 NC Troops) Co G  1861 (R. Clark)

3rd NC Cav. (41st NC State Troops) (Bobby Edwards)

3rd Batt'n NC Light Artil.  1862-5 (Chris Davis)

4th North Carolina Infantry  (Lee Hadden)

4th Reg. N.C.S.T             (Eric G. Hall)

5th NC Cav. (63rd Regiment)  1862-5 (Peter Warwick)

5th Battalion N.C. Cavalry    1863-4

6th North Carolina State Troops 1861-5 (Ernest Dollar)

6th NC Cavalry (65th Co. F)  (Tim Seawolf-Self)

7th NC Cavalry Co. B         (Tim Seawolf-Self)

7th NC Cav (69 NC Troops) Co FG 1862-4 (Ralph Clark)

8th Regiment NC State Troops 1861-5 (Chris Davis)

11th Regiment NCT (Bethel) (Craig Chapman)

11th NC Infantry, Co I       1862-5

12th NC Infantry, Co D      -1865 (Ralph Clark)

13th North Carolina Infantry (Hal F. Sharpe)

13th NC Light Artil. Co D   1861-5 (Ralph Clark)

14th North Carolina Infantry (Lee Hadden)

14th NC Infantry Regiment (Thomas R. Long, Jr.)

14th NC Infantry, Co. A (Fred Taylor)

15th N. Carolina, Co. F        1861-5

16th North Carolina Infantry (Hal F. Sharpe)

16th NC Infantry, Co G        1864 (Ralph Clark)

16th Battalion N.C. Cavalry (James A. Weaks)

17th Regt., Co. B, NCST (1st Organization) (roster)

17th Regt., Co. B, NCST (2nd Organization) (roster)

18th NC Infantry, Co. I    1862-4 (Ralph Clark)

21st NC Infantry              1861-5 (Fred Gibson)

21st NC Reg. Inf., Co. D      1864-5

22nd North Carolina Infantry (Hal F. Sharpe)

22nd NC Infantry, Co B,G    1862-4 (Ralph Clark)

25th NC Inf. Regiment    1862-5 (Bob Hughes)

25th Rgt North Carolina Troops (B C BANKS)

26th North Carolina Infantry (Lee Hadden)

27th NC Infantry Regiment (Thomas R. Long, Jr.)

28th North Carolina Co. D & K  1861-5 (Art Hathcock)

28th NC Inf. Co. F, I  1861-5 (Frances Casstevens)

29th NC Infantry, Co B,G,H  1861-5 (Ralph Clark)

30th North Carolina Infantry (Lee Hadden)

30th Regiment NC State Troops (Nick Sholar)

31st N. Carolina, Co. I        1861-5

33rd Regt., Co. F, NCST (roster) (John B. McGowan)

33rd Regt., Co. H, NCST (roster) (John B. McGowan)

34th North Carolina Infantry (Hal F. Sharpe)

36th NC Artillery, 2nd Co. G (Ralph Clark)

37th NC Infantry, Co. G        1861-5

37th North Carolina Troops (Michael C. Hardy)

38th North Carolina Infantry (Hal F. Sharpe)

38th NC Infantry, Co. F    1861-3 (Ralph Clark)

39th NC Infantry, Co. A,B    1862 (Ralph Clark)

41st NC State Troops (3rd NC Cav.) (Bobby Edwards)

42nd NC Infantry, Co. A       1864-5

42nd Regiment, NC Troops, Co.C (Jodie Gee)

42nd NC Infantry, Co D      1862-5 (Ralph Clark)

43rd North Carolina Infantry (Lee Hadden)

43rd NC Inf., all companies  1862-5 (William Morgan)

43rd NC Infantry Regiment (Thomas R. Long, Jr.)

47th NC Regiment Co. K   (Judith Tickel Need)

48th NC Infantry, Co. C        1862-?

54th Regt., Co. B, NC Infantry 1862-4 (Derick S. Hartshorn)

56th NC Infantry, CSA   (Dave Parker)

58th North Carolina Troops    1862-5 (Michael Hardy)

63rd NC Troops (5th NC Cav.) 1862-5 (Peter Warwick)

64th NC Infantry             (Dan Slagle)

65th Regiment NC (6th NC Cav.) (Tim Seawolf-Self)

66th North Carolina Infantry (David Brooks)

67th North Carolina Infantry (David Brooks)

68th Reg't NC Partisan Rangers Co. A 1862-5

                         (Chris Meekins)

69th North Carolina Troops (Derick Hartshorn)

72nd Reg't NC State Troops  1864-5 (Chris Davis)

  (a/k/a 3rd Regiment NC Jr Reserves)

73rd North Carolina Infantry (Tom Hill)

75th Regiment N.C. Troops (James A. Weaks)

  (16th Battalion N.C. Cavalry)

Gen. George B. Anderson's Brigade

  (2nd, 4th, 14th, 30th NC Infantry) (Lee Hadden)

Capt. Croom's Co., NC Local Defense (Chip Pate)

Capt. Galloway's Coast Guard Regiment, NC Local Defense

                              1861-4 (Mike Edge)

Catawba County, NC Troops (Derick Hartshorn)

Hyde Co. NC 1890 Veterans Census - A-J

Hyde Co. NC 1890 Veterans Census - K-W

Hyde Co. NC Confederate Pensions - B-H

Hyde Co. NC Confederate Pensions - J-W (John B. McGowan)

Hyde County, NC Confed. Soldiers (John B. McGowan)

Hyde County, NC Militia Officers, 1861 (roster)

Hyde County, NC Raids (John B. McGowan)

Hyde County, NC Veterans Page (Index) (John B. McGowan)

Martin-Kirkland Brigade (NC) (D.Brooks)

McRae's Batt'n, NC Cavalry    1863-4 (Derick S. Hartshorn)

McRae's NC Cavalry, Co E      1863 (Ralph Clark)

NC Squadron ("Mosquito Fleet") (Bruce Long)

Pender/Scales Brigade, NC Inf., ANV (Hal F. Sharpe)

Salisbury, NC prison lookup (Jack Lundquist)

Spencer's Independent Cavalry (roster) (John B. McGowan)

Swindell's Partisan Rangers (roster) (John B. McGowan)

Tyrrell Co., NC enlistees

Yadkin County companies (Frances Casstevens)




CSA soldiers buried in Ohio         SCOTT.MORRIS@DFAS.MIL (Scott Morris)


South Carolina


The Civil War in South Carolina (John Rigdon)

SC CW Information & Artifacts (John Bigham)

SC Confederate History (Joseph Matheson, Jr.)

1st SC Infantry       (Brent Rourk)

1st S.C. Infantry Battalion (Chris Phelps)

  a.k.a The Charleston Battalion

1st (Martin's) SC Mounted Militia (Fred Knudsen)

1st SC Rifles Inf.            1861-5 (Jay Griffin)

    (Orr's Regt.)

1st (Orr's) SC Rifles, Co. L (Jane DRAKE BRODY)

1st SC Cavalry     [Allen Sullivant]

2nd SC Infantry         (Joseph Matheson, Jr.)

2nd SC Inf.Reg.Co.B (Butler Guards) (Claud Eaton)

2nd SC Palmetto Guards, Co.D  1861

3rd SC Infantry         (Joseph Matheson, Jr.)

3rd (Gill's) Batt. SC Reserve Inf. (Fred Knudsen)

3rd Battalion (James\Laurens) SC Inf. Co. B 1861-5

3rd SC Battalion of SC Troops  1864

4th S.C. Cavalry (Shelly B. Parker)

5th Regt. SC Vols.            1861-5

5th SC Cavalry                1861-5 (Fred Knudsen)

6th SC Battalion             (Bill Carraway)

6th SC Regiment               1861 (Jim Gabel)

6th Regt., S.C. Volunteers    1861-5 (Sam Thomas)

7th SC Battalion             (Jim Gabel)

7th SC Infantry         (Joseph Matheson, Jr.)

7th SC Infantry              (Glen Swain)

7th SC Cavalry (Kirkwood Rangers and Wateree Mounted Rifles)

                        (Joseph Matheson, Jr.)

8th SC Infantry         (Joseph Matheson, Jr.)

8th (Stallings'/Hutto's) Battalion SC Reserve Infantry

                             (Fred Knudsen)

9th SC Battalion             (Bill Carraway)

10th SC Vol. Inf. (Shelly B. Parker)

10th SC Vol. Inf.      (Ernest Blevins)

11th SC Regiment             (Jim Gabel)

13th SC Volunteer Infantry    1861-5

14th SC Vol Inf (Gregg's/McGowan's Brigade) (Keith Midgette)

14th Reg. SC Vols CSA, Co. A

14th Battalion SC Cavalry     (Fred Knudsen)

15th SC HvyArtly(Lucas'Batt'n) 1861-5

15th SC Infantry         (Jim Clary)

15th SC Infantry       (Joseph Matheson, Jr.)

16th SC Partisan Ranger Batt'n 1862 (Bertil Haggman)

17th Regt., S.C. Volunteers    1861-5 (Sam Thomas)

17th SC Infantry (DeWitt B. Stone, Jr.)

17th Battalion SC Cavalry     (Fred Knudsen)

18th Regt., S.C. Volunteers    1861-5 (Sam Thomas)

18th SC Regiment         (Charles Gaulden)

18th SC Infantry (DeWitt B. Stone, Jr.)

19th Reg. SC Inf. Vols. Co. C  1861-5 (Joyce McManus)

20th South Carolina Infantry (John Eargle)

20th SC Infantry of Kershaw's Brigade (Joseph Matheson, Jr.)

21st SC Regiment             (Jim Gabel)

22nd SC Infantry (DeWitt B. Stone, Jr.)

22nd SC Regiment              1863 (Jim Gabel)

22nd Regt., S.C. Volunteers    1861-5 (Sam Thomas)

23rd SC Infantry (DeWitt B. Stone, Jr.)

23rd Regt., S.C. Volunteers    1861-5 (Sam Thomas)

25th SC Regiment             (Jim Gabel)

25th SC Regiment, Co. B   (Jane DRAKE BRODY)

26th S.C. Vol. Inf. (Shelly B. Parker)

26th SC                 (Bill Carraway)

26th SC Infantry (DeWitt B. Stone, Jr.)

26th Regt., S.C. Volunteers    1861-5 (Sam Thomas)

27th S.C. Infantry   (Chris Phelps)

27th SC Regiment             (Jim Gabel)

Brooks Artillery Battery (SC)  1862-5 (Tim Fisher)

  (also known as Rhett's or Fickling's)

Butler Guards (2nd SC Inf.Reg.Co.B) (Claud Eaton)

Charleston, SC prison lookup (Jack Lundquist)

Columbia, SC prison lookup (Jack Lundquist)

Corps of Cadets Co A (Citadel) & B (Arsenal) SC

                        1860-5 (Ernest Blevins)

Florence, SC prison lookup (Jack Lundquist)

Hagood's SC Brigade           (Jim Gabel)

Hagood's SC Brigade    (Joseph Matheson, Jr.)

Hampton Legion of SC   (Joseph Matheson, Jr.)

Hart's Battery (SC)          (Terry Lewis)

Holcombe Legion (Infantry), SC Vols (Sam Thomas)

Holcombe Legion Inf. Reg't (SC) (DeWitt B. Stone, Jr.)

Macbeth Artillery (SC, also called Boyce's Artil. or Jeter's Artil.)

                  (DeWitt B. Stone, Jr.)

Marion Artillery, SC (Capt.E.L.Parker)

                        (Robert Bean)

Palmetto Sharpshooters of SC (Joseph Matheson, Jr.)

Pee Dee Light Artillery (SC)  1861-5 (Tommy Jordan)

SC Partisan Ranger Companies  1862 (Bertil Haggman)


Tennessee (CSA)


The Civil War in Tennessee (John Rigdon)

All Tenn. soldiers    (Gerald Kincaid)

1st Tenn Inf (Prov)            1861-5

1st Tenn. Inf. (Turney's)  1861-5 (Barry Crompton)

1st (East) TN Vol. Inf. pension files

                  (Nancy Dixon Murray)

1st Confederate Cavalry Regiment, Co. G (TN) 1861-5

                              (David Cagle)

1st (6th) (Wheeler's) TN Cavalry

1st TN Cav (Roger's), Co F  1861-2 (Joseph Gardner)

1st Tenn. Heavy Artillery Co D,E (Ralph Clark)

2nd (East) TN Vol. Inf. pension files

                  (Nancy Dixon Murray)

2nd Tenn. (Robison's) Infantry

3rd (East) TN Vol. Inf. pension files

                  (Nancy Dixon Murray)

3rd TN Cavalry, esp. Co. D   (John R. Long)

  (Forrest's Old Regiment)

4th (Smith's) Tenn. Cav., Co A         1861-5

4th (Starnes-McLemores) TN Cav, Co A&D 1862-3

4th (8th) TN Cav. Co. C [Allen Sullivant]

5th Tennessee Infantry   (Thomas Reed)

5th Tenn Inf. Regiment CSA           John041862@AOL.COM (Jim Porter)

5th TN Cav (McKenzie's)     (Mike Harden)

5th TN Cav (McKenzie's) Co A  1862-5 (Joseph Gardner)

6th (East) TN Vol. Inf. pension files

                 (Nancy Dixon Murray)

7th Tenn Infantry          1861-5 (BarryCrompton)

7th Tenn. Infantry           (Howard Jones)

7th Tennessee Cavalry, Co. 'C'

8th Tenn. Inf. CSA     (Daryl Melear)

9th Tennessee Cavalry, Co. B   1863-5 (Cliff Manis)

11th Tenn. Infantry, Co. E     1861-5

11th (Gordon's) Battalion (Tenn.)

11th (Holman's) Cavalry (Tenn.)

12th Tenn. Inf. Regiment, CSA  1861-2

                       (Frank Carvell)

14th Tenn Infantry          1861-5 (BarryCrompton)

16th TN Cavalry Battalion, Co E (Ralph Clark)

17th Tenn. Infantry Regiment CSA (Steve Arnold)

18th Tennessee Infantry, Co. F   (Ric Manning)

19th Tenn. Infantry Regt., CSA (Robert von Lunz)

20th Tenn. Inf.  Co. C [Allen Sullivant]

20th TN Cavalry              1864-5

  (Russell's Regiment)

20th Tennessee Cavalry    (Thomas Reed)

21st TN Inf.Co.D, CSA 1861-2 (Frank Carvell)

21st (16th) Tennessee Cavalry (Thomas Reed)

22nd TN Inf.Reg't, CSA  1861-2 (Frank Carvell)

25th Tennessee Inf. [Allen Sullivant]

25th Tenn. Inf. Regiment, Co. K (Mark Barker)

32nd Tenn. Inf. Co. C/D   1862-4 (David T. Johnston)

34th Tenn. Infantry, Co F (Ralph Clark)

43rd Tennessee Infantry      1861-5 (George Martin)

43rd Tenn. Infantry  Co. G   1862-3 (Terry McGinnis)

44th Tennessee Inf. [Allen Sullivant]

44th TN Inf., Consol., Co. E (Milton L. Campbell)

46th Tenn Inf. Regiment CSA            John041862@AOL.COM (Jim Porter)

46th Tenn. Infantry Co. A    

46th Tenn. Inf., Co. D, CSA    1861-5 (M. Hammond)

47th Tennessee Infantry   (Barry Dunagan)

48th (Nixon's) TN Inf., Co B&G 1861-5

48th (Nixon's) Tenn.Inf.Reg. (Gerald Kincaid)

48th (Voohries') Tenn.Inf.Reg. (Gerald Kincaid)

49th Tennessee Infantry        1861-5

54th Tenn. Inf. Regiment (Gerald Kincaid)

55th (Brown's) TN Inf. Rgt, Co.B CSA (Mark W. Anderson)

55th (McKoin's) TN Inf. [Allen Sullivant]

55th (McKoin's) TN Inf.    1861-2 (Milton L. Campbell)

59th Tennessee Mtd. Inf.      1862-5 (Bud)

59th Tenn. Mtd Inf, Co F (Ralph Clark)

61st Tennessee Infantry      (Chris Propes)

62nd Tennessee Regiment (CSA) (Keevin Prince)

62nd TN (CSA) Mtd. Inf., Co. C (Milton L. Campbell)

62nd Tenn. Mtd Inf, Co I (Ralph Clark)

63rd Tenn. Infantry (CSA)    

Allison's Squadron (TN CSA)  

Freeman's (Huggins') Battery (TN)

                   [Allen Sullivant]

Hamilton's (Shaw's) TN Cav. Batt'n (Steve Pipes)

Morton's Battery, Forrest Cavalry (TN) (Alan Doyle)

Newsom's TN Cavalry, Co. E (Jane DRAKE BRODY)

Phillips' TN Light Artil. Co. 1861-5 (David Cagle)




Texas Confederate units      (Steve Skelton)

TX Confederate State Pensions

1st TX Inf.Co.I "Crockett Southrons" 1861-3 (Dana White)

1st Texas Partisan Rangers (Donald S. Frazier)

2nd TX Inf Co K (Texana Guards) 1861-5 (Bill Matthews)

2nd Texas Partisan Rangers    1863-5

2nd Texas Partisan Rangers (Donald S. Frazier)

2nd TX Mounted Rifles (Cav.) (Donald S. Frazier)

2nd Cavalry, TX State Troops  1863-4

2nd TX Cavalry                1862-5

2nd Texas Cavalry, Co. K     (Renee Smelley)

3rd Infantry, TX State Troops  1863-4

3rd Texas Cavalry              1861-5

3rd Texas Cavalry            

3rd TX Cavalry                1861-5

4th TX Mounted Vols (Cav.) (Donald S. Frazier)

4th TX Cavalry,Co.E "Milam Co. Guards" 1861-5 (DanaWhite)

5th Texas Co. E             (Michael Rich)

5th TX Mounted Vols (Cav.) (Donald S. Frazier)

5th Texas Mounted Volunteers, Co. A

5th Texas Cav., Co.  E        1861-5

6th Texas Infantry        (Tim Engelhart)

6th Texas Infantry Unit (Robert Peden)

6th Texas Cavalry              1861-5

6th TX Cav. Co. F             (Judy Baugh)

  "The Lancaster Guards"

7th Texas Infantry            1861-5

7th TX Mounted Vols (Cav.) (Donald S. Frazier)

7th Texas Cavalry, Co. F      1862-4 (Jim Arnold)

8th TX Inf. (Hobby's Regiment) Co. A (Rob McDade)

8th TX Inf. Co. C Youngs Rgt  1861-5 (Dana White)

8th TX Cav. (Terry's TX Rangers) 1861-5                      (Troy Groves)

9th Texas Infantry CSA     (Ron Brothers)

9th (Maxey, Young) TX Inf. Reg. (Mike Cobb)

10th Texas Cavalry            1861-5

11th Texas Infantry-Cavalry Bttn.

  (Ashley Speight's Bttn.) (Donald S. Frazier)

12th Texas Cavalry             1861-5

12th Texas Cav, Co A           1861-4 (Bob Wier)

13th TX Inf. (Bates's Regt.) (Donald S. Frazier)

13th Texas Cav Bttn.       (Donald S. Frazier)

13th Texas Cavalry Regt.       1862-5 (Tom Reid)

13th Texas Cavalry, Co. B      1862-5 (Dana White)

14th Texas Infantry           (David Williamson)

15th Texas Cavalry             1861-5

16th TX Infantry (no rosters)  1863

16th TX Cavalry (no rosters)   1863

17th TX Infantry (no rosters)  1863

18th Inf. (Ochiltree's Reg't) (William Cope)

18th Texas Cav. Co. I         (Judy Baugh)

19th TX Infantry (no rosters)  1863

19th Texas Infantry, Co. H   (Steve Skelton)

19th Texas Cavalry             1862-5

20th Texas Cavalry             1862-5

20th TX Inf. Regt. (Elmore's) (Donald S. Frazier)

21st TX Inf.Battn. (Griffin's) (Donald S. Frazier)

21st TX Cav (Dismounted)       1862-3 (Ron Blake)

24th TX Cav (Dismounted)       1862-3 (Ron Blake)

25th TX Cav (Dismounted)       1862-3 (Ron Blake)

26th Texas Cavalry (Joseph Vaughan Patterson)

27th TX Cavalry (Dismounted Inf.) (Thomas Reed)

28th Texas Cavalry (dismounted) (Jane Johansson)

28th Texas Cavalry Co. E Randal's Regt. 1st Texas Lancers

                                1862-4 (Dana White)

32nd Texas Cavalry          1862-5 (Frank Van Orden)

32nd Texas Cavalry            1862-5 (Steve Skelton)

  (Wood's regt.; aka 36th Tex. Cav.)

35th TX Cav Likens Regt. Co. A 1863-5 (Dana White)

36th Texas Cavalry            (Steve Skelton)

46th TX Cav. (TX Frontier Cav. Reg.) (Rob McDade)

John H. Burnett's Cavalry (Dismounted)(TX) (Tom Reid)

Camp Ford POW Camp, Tyler, TX  1863-5 (Vicki Betts)

TX Frontier Cav. Reg. (46th TX Cav.) (Rob McDade)

Giltner's Battery (TX) (Ronald Griffin)

Granbury's Texas Brigade (James McCaffrey)

Magnolia Rangers Co.D TX State Militia

                         (Stephen D. Forman)

Terrell's Texas Cavalry          1863-5

Terry's TX Rangers (8th TX Cav.) 1861-5        (Troy Groves)

Val Verde Btty (12th TX Field Btty) (Donald S. Frazier)

Walker's Texas Division         1862-5

Walker's Texas Division   (Jane Johansson)

Waul's Texas Legion           (David Pettus)

Waul's TX Legion Cav.Bat. Co.A  1862-5 (Dana White)

Wilson-Gonzales' Btty

  (13th Texas Field Btty) (Donald S. Frazier)


Virginia (CSA)


Virginia Regimental Histories Series

Virginia Regimental Histories Series

Library of Virginia -- Military Records and Resources

1st Engineer Regiment (VA)     1864

1st Stuart Horse Artillery (VA) (Robert Moore, II)

2nd Va. Inf., Co. A    1861-3 (Vince Hackley)

  (Jefferson Guards)2nd Va. Regiment, Co. E & K    1862-4

2nd Stuart Horse Artillery (VA) (Robert Moore, II)

3rd Reg. Va. Vol. Inf. Co. A-K 1861-5

3rd Va. Cavalry                1861-5

3rd Virginia Cavalry          (Page Johnson)

3rd Virginia Cavalry           1861-5 (T. Nanzig)

3rd Va. Cavalry          pre-post war (P. Moring)

4th Va. Infantry               1862-5

4th Virginia Cavalry, Co. D (Stephen Dunn)

  (Little Fork Rangers)

7th VA Cavalry             (James Miller)

7th Virginia Cavalry, Co. D (Robert Moore, II)

8th Virginia Infantry        (Page Johnson)

8th Virginia Vol. Inf. Regt.  1861-5 (Edgar Sherman)

8th Star New Market Artil., VA (Rices Battery)

8th Star New Market Artil., VA (Robert Moore, II)

8th Cavalry, VA, CSA        

8th Regt VA Cav             (Charles D Wood)

8th Virginia Cavalry    1861-5 (Diana Kinzer Heath)

9th Virginia Cavalry     (Steven G. Jett)

9th Virginia Cavalry   (Jackson Maddox)

10th Va. Regiment, Co. K      1862-4

10th Virginia Infantry, Co. K (Robert Moore, II)

10th VA Cav. Co's A-K  1861-5 (W.S.Schermerhorn)

 (Wise Legion/Rossers Mounted Rangers/TX Rangers/Henrico Light Dragoons)

10th VA Cav., Co. G (Jackson Rangers) (Lance Williams)

11th VA Infantry, Co. C      1861-5 (William Morgan)

12th Virginia Cavalry (Charles Griffith Moler)

13th Va. Inf., Co. A          1861-3

14th Regt Va Infantry         1862-5

14th Regt VA Cav           (Charles D Wood)

14th Virginia Cavalry, Co. E (William Kincaid)

14th VA Cav, Co F    1861-5 (Paula Kelley Ward)

14th Cavalry, VA, CSA        

16th Regt VA Cav           (Charles D Wood)

17th Virginia Infantry       (Page Johnson)

17th Virginia Cavalry (CSA)   (Lance Williams)

17th Regt VA Cav           (Charles D Wood)

18th Va. Inf.            pre-post war (P. Moring)

18th Va. Inf. (esp. Co. B)    1861-4

18th Va. Infantry, Co. E (CSA) (Carolyn Goudie)

19th VA. Batty. Arty., Co. A 

19th Cavalry, VA, CSA        

20th Cavalry, VA, CSA        

21st VA Infantry Regiment      1861-2

21st Va. Inf.            pre-post war (P. Moring)

21st Batt. VA Mtd. Inf. Co. B  1861-2

21st Regt VA Cav           (Charles D Wood)

21st VA Cav, Co G (Paula Kelley Ward)

22nd Regt VA Cav           (Charles D Wood)

24th VA Inf, Co A      1862 (Paula Kelley Ward)

24th Va. Cav. Rgt, CSA       (Tracey Hines)

27th Va (Carpenter's Batt'y) (Ronald Griffin)

28th Va. Inf., Co. A & C      1861-5 (Douglas Cooper)

29th Va Infantry             (G. D. Stone)

29th Va. Volunteer Infantry   1861-5

29th VA Inf.                  1861-5 (Joe Hale)

29th Regt VA Inf           (Charles D Wood)

30th Virginia Infantry        1861-5 (David Engel) or

31st Virginia Infantry CSA    1861-5 (Hawk)

32nd Virginia Infantry       (M. Johnson)

33rd Virginia Infantry, Co. H (Robert Moore, II)

34th Virginia Infantry       (Page Johnson)

34th Bn VA Cav             (Charles D Wood)

35th Batt VA Cavalry        (Dick Landis)

35th Battalion Va. Cavalry   (Page Johnson)

35th VA Cavalry, esp. Co B    1862-5 (Jim Poole)

36th Virginia Infantry Regt.  1861-5 (S. Teeft)

37th Battalion Virginia Cavalry (Michael Kyle)

38th Batt'n VA Light Artillery (Robert Moore, II)

38th Virginia Artillery      1861-5 (Bill Stribling)

  (Stribling's Battery & Fauquier Artillery)

41st VA Infantry            (Derik Morefield)

42nd VA Inf, Co. B (Paula Kelley Ward)

43rd Battalion VA Cavalry

  (Mosby's Rangers or Mosby's Partisans)

43rd Battalion Va. Cavalry       (Page Johnson)

43rd Bttn. VA Cav. (Mosby's Rangers)

                          (Brian Buntain)

44th Virginia Infantry        (Page Johnson)

44th Va. Inf.           pre-post war (P. Moring)

45th Virginia Infantry Regiment (Richard Dietz)

45th Regt VA Inf           (Charles D Wood)

46th Virginia Inf, Co A (Richmond Light Infantry Blues)


48th VA Infantry             (Vernard Bond)

50th Virginia Infantry       (Ann Conley)

51st Regt VA Inf           (Charles D Wood)

51st Virginia Infantry, CSA    1861-5        (John C. Williams III)

53rd Va. Inf.            pre-post war (P. Moring)

54th VA Inf.                  1861-5 (Joe Hale)

54th VA Inf, Co F & H (Paula Kelley Ward)

54th Regt VA Inf           (Charles D Wood)

55th Virginia Infantry CSA

     (David Engel) or

57th Virginia Infantry      1861-5 (Karen Christensen)

57th VA Regt. Co.B "Franklin Sharpshooters" (Twyla Edwards)

57th Reg. Va. Inf., Co. F      1863

58th Va. Infantry, Regiment    1861-5 (Luther McLain)

60th Virginia Regiment of Infantry (John Burton)

62nd Va. Mtd. Inf., 2nd Co. M (Robert Moore, II)

63rd Regt VA Inf           (Charles D Wood)

64th Virginia Mounted Infantry 1862-5

E.Alburtis'/J.S.Brown's "Wise Artil." (R. Moore, II)

(Schaeffer's) Beauregard Rifles (Robert Moore, II)

  (not to be confused with the Moorman-Shoemaker Lynchburg Battery)

Beauregard Rifles (Shoemaker's Batt'y) (Bob Nolley)

Brunswick Co., VA Heavy Artillery (Fred Taylor)

Carpenter's Batt. (27th Va) (Ronald Griffin)

W.H. Chapman's Battery (VA) (Robert Moore, II)

Chew's Ashby Artillery (VA) (Robert Moore, II)

Cosnahan's/Jones' Peninsula Artillery (VA)

Dearing's-Blount's Lynchburg Artil. (VA)

Dixie Artillery (VA)     (Robert Moore, II)

Fitz Lee's Brigade 1863 (VA) (James R. Jewell)

Fleet's Middlesex Artillery (VA) (Robert Moore, II)

Garrett's/Coke's Lee/Williamsburg Artil. (VA)

Graham's Petersburg Artillery (VA) (Robert Moore, II)

Hampden Artillery (VA)    (Robert Moore, II)

Hanover Co. Virginia battlefields (Deb Wetlaufer)

Thomas E. Jackson's Kanawha-Charlottesville Artillery (VA)

                         (Robert Moore, II)

Johnson's Bedford Artillery (VA) (Robert Moore, II)

King William Artillery (VA) 1861-5 (Jones' - Carter's - Page's -

  Cutshaws's)  Includes Morris Artillery, Orange Artillery of Va.,

  and Jeff Davis and Hardaway Artillery of Alabama)

                 (William Hendricks)

Laurel Brigade - Stuart's Cavalry - Army of Northern Virginia

                    (Charles Griffith Moler)

W.H.F. Lee's Brigade (VA)        1863 (James R. Jewell)

Lee Lynchburg Artillery (VA) (Robert Moore, II)

W.S. Lurty's Roanoke Battery (VA) (Robert Moore, II)

Mosby's Partisan Rangers (VA)

W. Nelson's/G.W. Nelson's Hanover Artil. (VA)

Newtown Artillery (VA)   (Robert Moore, II)

Nottoway Artillery (VA) 1861-5 (Joe Hale)

    (Jeffress' Battery)

T.J. Page Jr.'s Magruder Artillery (VA)

B.Z. Price's Battery (VA) (Robert Moore, II)

Rice's Battery (VA)       (Robert Moore, II)

Richmond Fayette Artillery (VA) (Robert Moore, II)

Sand's/Ritter's Henrico Artillery (VA)

(Schaeffer's) Beauregard Rifles (VA)

  (not to be confused with the Moorman-Shoemaker Lynchburg Battery)

Shoemaker's Batt'y (Beauregard Rifles) (Bob Nolley)

Shoemaker's Lynchburg Artil. (VA) (Robert Moore, II)

Signal Corps, Army of No. Va.  1863-5

                       (Gordon Seyffert)

Virginia Military Institute Archives: Civil War Resources

Jeb Stuart's Staff (VA) Gettysburg (James R. Jewell)

Thomas Artillery (VA)     (Robert Moore, II)

Weisiger's Manchester Artillery (VA)

Wimbish's/Clarke's Long Island Artil. (VA)

Wooding's Danville Artillery (VA) (Robert Moore, II)