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Last update June 25, 2017

  This is version 13.1 of the (U.S.) Civil War units file.  The next

version will be posted in September. 

  If you see this file after October 31, 2017, it is obsolete; please

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The CWUNITS file lists people who have (at least some) information on

a unit and are willing to help others research it.  Some are experts,

most are not.  This is _not_ a file of re-enactment units.

Directions: If you're looking for info on a unit, see if someone is

listed; if so, contact them.  For more specific directions, read the

FAQ (see below).  If you don't know which unit or no one is listed,

do _not_ ask me (unless you want to volunteer as a contact).

I am _not_ a Civil War expert, only a fellow seeker.

CWUNITS is now five files (plus one for the FAQ) as follows:

Part Contents

1    USA national & states A-I

2    USA states K-N

3    USA states O-W

4    CSA national & states A-M

5    CSA states N-V

Q    FAQ (frequently asked questions and answers)

Parts 1-5 include this intro as well as the listings.

Within a state the units are organized by number (1st Infantry, etc.).

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If you're listed as a contact, would like to be, or wonder what it

involves, please read the FAQ. has many useful mailing lists including

several on the Civil War.

For information on reenactment units see the Civil War Reenactors Home

Page:  (I have no connection with this page.)

Carol Botteron (ancestors on both sides)





For bibliographies of USA and CSA units, see:


The USGenWeb Project has information on US states and counties,

 including rosters and other information on Civil War units from

 some counties.  Choose the state and county of interest from


Adjutant Generals' Reports    (Jim Gordon)

Camp Chase Gazette, "The Voice of Civil War Reenacting"

Civil War Ancestor Genealogy

Civil War Ancestry Research Help at

Civil War List Homepage

Civil War photos from "The Atlantic" Magazine

Dyer's Compendium (Regimental Info) (Jim Gordon)

Dyer's Compendium (Regimental Info) The American Civil War (Thomas Long)




Rosters of many units      (Virginia Leddy)

Union regiments, selected:

Musters and Histories

Civil War Cavalry    

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (mostly US Colored Troops)

US Colored Troops             (A. Walton)

1st US Artillery, Battery L  1861-7 (Paul Callsen)

1st US Colored Cavalry     (Steven Prowten)

1st US Dragoons/1st US Cavalry 1854-60 (Will Gorenfeld)

1st&2nd (Berdan) US Sharpshooters 1861-5 tpellech@ComCAT.COM (T.Pellechio)

2nd U.S. Artillery, Co. F (S. Havens)

2nd US Light Artillery, Battery F (Michael MacNamara)

2nd U.S. Cavalry (Dragoons)    1836-75 (David Michel)

3rd U.S. Infantry     1860-5 (Guy N. LaFrance)

3rd U.S. Colored Troops (Infantry) (Byron Childress) (Katherine Hawkins)

3rd US Artil. Light Batt'y C 1863-3/64 (Brad Forbush)

3rd US Colored Cavalry (Frank Carvell)

4th US Artillery, Co. F, M     1864

5th US Artillery, Battery K   (Gene Knight)

5th US Colored Heavy Artillery 1863

 (9th Louisiana Infantry, African Descent)

5th US Vols (Galvanized Yankees) (K Torgler)

6th U.S. Inf. 1857-67 or (Cliff Swanson)

8th US Infantry, Co. B  jan 1855-aug 1860

11th Corps                    (Ken Woolley)

12th US Infantry               1862-4 (Robert Rowen)

13th Army Corps, Engineer Corps.(USA) (Don Wester)

14th Reg. US Colored Heavy Artil. (John B. McGowan)

 (1st Reg. NC Colored Heavy Artillery)  1864-5

17th U.S. Colored Troops       1863-5 (Jim Kliese)

18th US Infantry              (George Gentry)

27th U.S. Colored Troops       1863-90 (Kelly Selby)

29th U.S. Colored Infantry (Edward Miller Jr.)

32nd U.S. Colored Troops       1864-5 (Thom Peters)

35th Reg. US Colored Inf.   1863-5 (John B. McGowan)

 (1st Reg. NC Colored Infantry)

36th Reg. US Colored Inf.  1863-5 (John B. McGowan)

 (2nd Reg. NC Colored Infantry)

37th Reg. US Colored Inf.  1863-5 (John B. McGowan)

 (3rd Reg. NC Colored Infantry)

49th US Colored Infantry       1863

 (11th Louisiana Infantry, African Descent)

50th US Colored Troops     1863-6 (Mary Bakeman)

 (formerly 12th Louisiana Infty African Descent)

51st US Colored Infantry       1863

 (1st Mississippi Infantry, African Descent)

63rd US Colored Infantry       1863

 (13th Louisiana Infantry, African Descent)

79th USCT (1st KS Colored Inf.) 1862-5 (Gregory Urwin)

83rd USCT (2nd KS Colored Inf.) 1863-5 (Gregory Urwin)

92nd US Colored Troops         1863-5 (C.Switzer)

99th US CT                     1863-5 (C.Switzer)

 (ex-15th Regt., Corps d'Afrique, and ex-5th Engineers, C d'A)

100th (KY) Reg. U.S.C.T.     

 (U.S. Colored Troops) Co. F

135th Rgmt, Co B, US Colored Troops (USCT)


Mississippi Marine Brigade (USA) (Carol Kimmel Allsup)

Union Balloons              1861-3 (James Green)

British (English, Irish, Scots, and Welsh) in the Civil War (Tim Beardsworth)

Chaplains of US Colored Troops (Mary Bakeman)

Cemeteries -- U.S. CWC -- Civil War Links -- Historic Places 1

Civil War Reader     

Engineer Corps., Dept. of the Gulf (Don Wester)

Germans in the Civil War (Tim Engelhart)

Irish in the Civil War (Michael MacNamara)

Medical Resources - College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Methodist Episcopal chaplains (Mary Bakeman)

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (Adam Flint)

Officers who resigned from USA Army to join CSA Army

                     (Jo Ann Sebasta)

US General Hospital, Beverly, NJ 1864-5 (Bill Hughes)

Army of the Potomac

Cavalry Corps                 (Nick Fry)


US Navy ships


Agawam             1864-5 (Terry Foenander)

Albatross          1864-5 (Terry Foenander)

Arizona            1863 (Terry Foenander)

Catskill                   1864-5

Fortune                    1864-5

General Lyon lookup       (Jack Lundquist)

Harvest Moon               1864-5

Juanita                    1864-5

Juniata            1864-5 (Terry Foenander)

Montauk                    1861-5

USS New Ironsides         (Bill Roberts)

USS New Ironsides         (Alice J. Gayley)

Pawnee                     1861-5

Shenandoah         1864 (Terry Foenander)

Sultana, April 27, 1865 disaster lookup (Jack Lundquist)

Sweet Brier                1864-5


Battles and Campaigns


American Battlefield Protection Program, US Park Service (includes CW battle summaries)

Battle Order of >100 battles (Gary Swinfield)

1861 Aug Wilsons Creek (Oak Hills) (Alan Thrower)

1862-5 Northwest Indian Expedition (Craig Rothhammer)

1862 Feb  Fort Henry-Fort Donelson campaign (Ken Gott)

1862 Feb 10  Elizabeth City, NC (Bruce Long)


1862 Apr 19  South Mills, NC  (Bruce Long)


1862 May 4-5 Battle of Williamsburg (Michael Zatarga)

1862 May 5   Williamsburg, VA (Tom McMahon)

1862 May 25  Winchester,VA    (George Bradley)

1862 Aug 9   Cedar Mountain, VA (George Bradley)

1862 Sep 13  South Mountain, MD (Bill Christen)

            (Fox's and Turner's Gap)

1862 Sep 17  Battle of Antietam (Michael Zatarga)

1862 Sep 17  Battle of Antietam (Brian Downey)


1862 Oct 8   Perryville, KY (Kurt Holman)

1862 Oct 22  Pocotaligo, SC   (Lew Schmidt)

1862 Dec 30-1863 Jan 3  Stones River (Dan Masters)

1863 Jun 7   Milliken's Bend, LA

1863 Jul 1-3 Gettysburg: NY units (Roger Deming)

1863 Jul 1-3 Gettysburg Order of Battle

                    (William G. Jeff Davis)

1863 Oct 20 Philadelphia, TN (Gerald D. Hodge, Jr)

1863 Nov 24-25 Lookout Mountain, TN (H. Swindoll)

1864 Jan 3  Jonesville, VA

1864 Feb 20  Olustee, FL      (Lew Schmidt)

1864 Apr 12 Battle of Fort Pillow -- Union casualties

                              (Steve Cole)

1864 May 14-15 Resaca, GA     (George Bradley)

1864 May 25  New Hope Church, GA (George Bradley)

1864 Jul  9  Battle of Monocacy (Dan Masters)

1864 Jul 20  Peach Tree Creek GA (George Bradley)

1864 Aug 13  Berryville Wagon Raid (Dan Masters)

1864 Nov 29  Spring Hill, TN  (Mark Miller)

1864 Nov 30  Battle of  Franklin, TN (Rob Swinson)

1865 Mar 6   Natural Bridge, FL (Lew Schmidt)

1865 Mar 25  Fort Stedman (BrianMurphy)

1865 Apr 9   Blakeley, AL    (Camille Corte)


Alabama (USA)


1st Alabama Cav. (USA)        (Glenda Todd)

1st TN-AL Independent Vidette Cavalry

 Companies A-H                1863-5 (Alfred C. Ellis)


Arizona (USA)


Fort Arivaypa, AZ             1859-60

Fort Breckenridge, AZ         1859-60

Fort Stanton, AZ              1859-60

Fort Grant, AZ                1859-60

Camp San Pedro                1859-60


Arkansas (USA)


Civil War In Arkansas

1st Arkansas Cavalry (USA)     1862-5

3rd Arkansas Cavalry (Union)   1861-5  W874@AOL.COM (Irving Wiener)

3rd Arkansas Cavalry (USA)     1863-5

3rd Ark. Cavalry, Co. K (USA)  1864-5

4th Ark. Union Cavalry       1863-5 (Jo Holsinger)


California (USA)


California Cavalry and Infantry (John Patchin)

Civil War Alcatraz       

1st Cal. Volunteers, Co. I    (Fred Pinnegar)

1st Infantry Cal. Volunteers   1861-4 (Henry Mace)

1st Batt'n Native Cavalry (Cal.) 1863-6

                    (David Jackson)

1st Cav. Cal. Vol's Co's A-D   1861-4 (Henry Mace)

2nd California Reg't, Co. F    1862-4 (Mark Tonn)

2nd Cavalry Cal. Vol's Co. B   1861-4 (Henry Mace)

5th Infantry Cal. Vol's        1861-4 (Henry Mace)

Cal100 & Battalion            1862-5 (Larry Rogers)

Drum Barracks, Wilmington,CA   1861-73

                                       (David Jackson)




2nd Colorado Cavalry       1863-5 (Krista Ottino)

3rd Colorado Cavalry, Co L     1864




1st Connecticut Infantry      (D.Brooks)

1st Conn. Cavalry Volunteers (Bob Angelovich)

2nd Connecticut Volunteers (Frank Cook)

2nd CT Heavy Artillery         1861-5 (Bob Moline)

2nd Conn. Light Arty.         1861-5 (Jamie Adams)

2nd Conn Vol Reg, Rifle Co C  5/61-8/61 (Frank Cook)

5th Conn. Inf.                1861-5 (George Bradley)

5th CT Infantry, Co. H   (Howard Shaughnessy)

6th Connecticut Vol. Inf.     1861-5 (Jamie Adams)

6th Reg't Conn. Vols, Co. H   1861-2 (B Stevens)

7th Connecticut Infantry      (D.Brooks)

7th Conn.Regt.Co.D&G or

9th Connecticut Infantry      (Joe Kelly)

13th Conn. Vol. Inf. Co B & D  1861-4 (Steve Carter)

16th Conn. Vol. Inf. Co H      1862-3 (Steve Carter)

17th Conn. Vol. Inf.         1862-5 (Dale Call)

18th Connecticut Volunteers (Frank Cook)

20th Conn. Inf.                1862-5 (George Bradley)

23rd CT Volunteer Regiment Co. B

26th Conn. Vol. Inf.        1862-3 (Lawrence S. Matthew)

27th Ct. Vols., Co. D          1862-3

29th Conn. Infantry (Colored) (D.Brooks)


Dakota Territory


1st Dakota Cavalry            (Joy Fisher)




All Delaware units           (George Contant)

1st Delaware Infantry     (Thomas Reed)

1st Delaware Cavalry      (Thomas Reed)

2nd Delaware Infantry     (Thomas Reed)

3rd Delaware              (Thomas Reed)

4th Delaware Infantry     (Thomas Reed)

7th Delaware              (Thomas Reed)

8th Delaware Infantry     (Thomas Reed)

9th Delaware              (Thomas Reed)

Ahl's Heavy Artillery Co. (Del.) (Thomas Reed)

Milligan's Cavalry Company (Del.) (Thomas Reed)


District of Columbia


2nd D.C. Inf.         1861-5 (Robert Hill)

D.C. barracks                

D.C. ordnance                


Florida (USA)


1st FL Cavalry (USA), all co's 1864-5 (Sharon Marsh)

  (Ft Barrancas, Pensacola, FL)

2nd Florida Cavalry (Union)    1862-5 (C.Switzer)


Georgia (USA)


1st GA Infantry USA   (Michael Gay)




All Illinois units           

Illinois Civil War Muster and Descriptive Rolls

1st IL Light Artill., Batt. F  1862-5 (Steve Hauck)

1st IL Light Artill., Batt. F (Matt Ryan)

1st IL Light Artill., Batt. H  1862-5 (Roger Kvist)

1st IL Light Artill., Batt. M  1862-5

2nd IL Light Artill., Batt. G  1861-5

4th Illinois Cav, Co. F      1861-4 (Joseph Gardner)

5th IL (Vols), Co D, Co M    1861-4  family history of Jonas H Roe (Erik Feagans)

5th Illinois Cav, Co. A      1861-5 (Joseph Gardner)

7th IL Infantry, esp. Co. H (Robert Snyder)

8th Illinois Cavalry           1861-5

9th Infantry Co. B            (Robert Foley)

9th Reg. IL Mtd. Inf. Co.H,E,C (Michael Jones)

9th Ill. Vol. Cavalry          1861-4

12th IL Vol. Cavalry Co.D  1864-5 (Gary E. Boyd)

13th IL Vol. Infantry Co C     1861-4 (RogerShaddick)

13th Illinois Cavalry (Richard Ottino)

14th Regiment Illinois, Co K   1861-4

14th IL Vol. Cav. Co. B   1863-5 (Warren Distler)

16th Reg't. IL Cav. Co. B (Michael Jones)

18th Illinois Vol. Regt.      (Steve Knoblock)

18th IL Infantry Volunteers   (Susan Cook)

18th Ill. Inf., Vols., Co. B   1865

19th Illinois                 (Marc Gaynes)

21st Illinois Infantry       1861-6 (Frank Crawford)

23rd IL Inf (Mulligan Irish Brigade) 1861-5 CreedChgo@AOL.COM (Jim Creed)

24th Illinois Infantry (William G. Jeff Davis)

26th IL Inf., All Companies 1861-6 (Patrick Crocker)

Includes Field & Staff/Non-Commissioned Staff/Band & Unassigned Recruits

30th IL Inf.               1861-5 (Matthew Anderson)

32nd Illinois Infantry  1861-5 (Dennis Brantly)

33rd Illinois Infantry         1861-5 (Dan Lowery)

36th Illinois Infantry     (Mark Krausz)

36th Illinois Infantry (D. Reid Ross)

36th Illinois Infantry        (Dave Powell)

37th Illinois Inf., Co. C     1861-3 (Joseph Gardner)

39th Ill. Vol. Inf.            1861-5 (Charles Stanley)

39th IL Veteran Vol. Inf. (Frederick Decker)

41st IL (Kip Johnson)

42nd IL, Co. H             (Jane DRAKE BRODY)

43rd IL Infantry              (Joe Broom)

43rd IL Infantry, Co. C        1861-5 (Roger Kvist)

45th IL Inf, Washburne Lead Mine Regt.

                        (Richard T Cochrane)

46th Illinois Vol. Infantry    1861-5 (Bob Nelson)

48th Illinois Infantry (Jeffrey R Scherrer)

48th Reg. Ill. Infantry        1861-5 (Donald Aikman)

49th IL Infantry              (Joe Broom)

51st Reg. Ill. Vol. Inf.   1861-5 (Perry Allen)

52nd IL Infantry, Co. C      1861-5 (Dennis Lorensen)

55th IL Infantry             1861-5 (Frank Crawford)

55th IL Vol. Infantry         (Chris Keen)

57th IL Infantry, Co. D        1861-5 (Roger Kvist)

59th Illinois Infantry       (Mark Cornell)

61st Illinois, Co. H     (Ralph Emmons)

64th IL (Yates) Sharpshooters  1864-5

74th IL Vol. Inf. Co. H     1862-3 (Gary E. Boyd)

75th IL                       (C. Johnson)

75th IL                       (Fred South)

75th Illinois Infantry         1862-5

75th IL Volunteer Infantry     1862-5 (Don Newton)

77th Illinois Infantry     (Matt Ryan)

78th Illinois Volunteers       1862-5 Clay Feeter)

78th Reg IL Vol Inf Journal    1862-3 [Bill Allen]

 [Benneson's Rifles regiment]

80th Illinois                 (Gary Campbell)

82nd IL Vol. Inf. Reg't       (Joe Reinhart)

85th Illinois Inf., Co. D      1862-5 (Lynn Stone)

86th IL Infantry               1862-5 (Gordon Tye)

86th Reg. IL Inf. Vols, Co. E  1862-5

88th IL Vol. Infantry Regiment 1861-4 (Alfred Casell)

88th Illinois                 (Dave Winship)

89th Reg't. IL Vol. Inf. Co. B (Michael Jones)

89th Illinois Infantry      1862-5 (Phil Reyburn)

92nd Illinois Vol. Infantry    1862-5

92nd IL Infantry               1862-6

93rd Regiment, Ill. Vol. Inf. (Ruth Langer)

95th IL Volunteer Infantry    1862-5 (V.Gearhart)

95th Illinois Infantry        1862-5 (Frank Crawford)

96th IL Vol. Reg. (Lake County) (L.DeMont)

96th Reg. Ill. Infantry      1861-5 (Hal Hileman)

97th Ill. Inf. Regt.(USA)   (Don Wester)

104th Illinois Inf. Regiment  (Paul Yamauchi)

105th Illinois Infantry      

105th Regt IL Infantry Co. B 

111th IL Infantry             (Joe Broom)

112th Illinois                (Rollen Easter)

114th Ill. Vol. Infantry Co. C 1862-5 (Iris Grimmett)

120th IL Infantry USA        1862-5 (Bill Oliver)

122nd IL Infantry Regiment     1862-5 (DonaldBethard)

123rd IL Inf (Mounted), Co E 1862-5 (Joseph Gardner)

123rd Illinois,  Co. H   (Ralph Emmons)

123rd IL Vol.Inf., esp.Co.K (David Kent Coy)

125th Illinois Infantry (Jody Crawford)

128th Reg't. IL Vol.Inf. Co.C (Michael Jones)

129th Illinois Infantry, Co F  1862-5

132nd IL Infantry Company K            jthielen@VNET.IBM.COM

133rd IL Vol. Infantry         1864-5 (Randy Nickell)

147th IL Reg.                          jthielen@VNET.IBM.COM

Alton, IL, including list of CSA prisoners at Alton Prison

Sangamon County, IL, soldiers (Judith Fowler)




1st IN Heavy Artil. Rgt, Co. M (Mark W. Anderson)

1st Ind Cavalry Co B           186?? (Ken Jones)

2nd IN Cav. (28th IN Inf.) 1861-5 (Bruce A. Mohler)

3rd Indiana Cavalry            1861-5 (Jim Goecker)

7th IN Inf. Rgt, Co. C  (90-Day) (Mark W. Anderson)

7th IN Infantry, Co. F     1861-4 (Ralph Clark)

8th Indiana Cavalry          (Charles Plank)

9th Indiana Infantry           1861-5 (Brian Roeske)

9th IN Inf., Co. F             1861-4 (Kat A.)

9th Indiana                  

9th Ind Cavalry, Co I     (Ralph Clark)

10th IN Inf. Co. D     1863-4 (Carolyn Bridge)

11th Indiana Volunteer Infantry (Tim Beckman)

11th Indiana Cavalry          (Kelle Metz)

  (126th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry)

13th IN Volunteer Infantry  1861-5 (Randy D. McNally)

13th IN Infantry, Co. A   (Ralph Clark)

13th Indiana Cavalry Regiment (John W. Powell)

13th IN Cavalry Rgt, Co. I (Mark W. Anderson)

  (131st IN Infantry Rgt)

14th IN Regt. Co. I, Vol. Inf. 1861-5 (BarbRaymond)

14th IN Vol. Inf. Regiment     1861-5 (Roger Burke)

16th IN Inf. Rgt, Cos.A&H (1-Year) (Mark W. Anderson)

17th IN Light Artillery   1861-5 (Bob Nelson)

18th IN Regt. Co. C, Vol. Inf. 1861-5 (BarbRaymond)

18th IN Inf. Rgt, Co. K (3-Years) (Mark W. Anderson)

18th Indiana Light Artillery   1862-3 (Ernie Tyler)

19th IN Vol. Inf. Reg. (Iron Brigade)

20th IN Reg. Kearney Cross recipients only

23rd Battery, IN Light Artil.  1862-5 (Carol B.)

24th Battery, IN Light Artil.  1862-5 (W. Denney)

27th Ind. Inf. Regt. (USA)  (Don Wester)

28th IN Inf. (2nd IN Cav.) 1861-5 (Bruce A. Mohler)

30th Indiana Infantry          1861-5 (Michael Kline)

30th Indiana                  (Dave Winship)

30th IN Infantry, Co.I      1863-4 (C. Bridge)

31st Indiana Infantry          1861-5 (D. Hutchinson)

32nd Indiana Vol.              1862-5

33rd IN Inf. Rgt, Co. D (3-Years) (Mark W. Anderson)

34th IN Vol. Infantry Regiment (Alfred H. Casell)

35th Indiana Infantry    1861-5 (Brian Henry)

35th Reg't. IN Vol.Inf. Co.D (Michael Jones)

37th Indiana Vol. Infantry     1861-5 (Dan Masters)

38th reg Indiana Vols, Co. E   1861-3

39th IN Infantry (8th IN Cavalry) (Charles Plank)

40th Indiana Infantry     1861-5 (Bill Christen)

40th IN Inf., Co. B       1861-5 (Bruce A. Mohler)

42nd IN Vol. Infantry     1861-5 (Tim Beckman)

43rd Ind. Inf. Regt. (USA)  (Don Wester)

48th IN Inf.Co.E       1863-4 (Carolyn Bridge)

49th IN Volunteer Infantry     (Bart Johnson)

51st IN Inf.Rgt.Cos.F & I (3-Years) (Mark W. Anderson)

59th Reg Indiana Vols, Co. F   1864-5

66th IN Inf. Rgt., Co. K     1862-5 (Mark W. Anderson)

67th Indiana Vol. Infantry    1862-5 (Michael Maben)

70th IN Inf.Rgt,Cos.B&F (3-Years) (Mark W. Anderson)

70th IN Regt, Co. G        7/1862-6/1865 (Eileen Coppola)

73rd Ind Regiment, Co. A      1862-4

79th IN Inf.Rgt, Co.E (3-Years) (Mark W. Anderson)

80th Reg. IN Vol. Inf.,Co.K (John L. Ragle)

 (White River Rangers)

81st Indiana Infantry       1862-5 (Howard G Walker)

83rd Reg. IN Vol. Inf. Co. E (Capt. Loyd's Co.)

                       (Michael Jones)

85th Reg.IN Inf.Vols.Co.D  1862-5 (Ron Andrews)

88th Indiana Reg't Vol's       1861-5 (Dick Whitney)

91st IN Regt. Co. E     10/62-8/64 (Vicki Spencer)

99th IN Vol. Infantry             (Paul Loman)

99th IN Inf. Co. C     1863-4 (Carolyn Bridge)

100th Indiana Infantry       (Charles Plank)

101st Indiana Infantry  1862-5 (Brian Henry)

126th Reg't IN Vol.Inf.(11th IN Cavalry) (Kelle Metz)

129th Indiana Infantry       (Charles Plank)

132nd IN Inf. Rgt, Co. E (100-Day) (Mark W. Anderson)

133rd Ind. Inf. Regt. (USA) (Don Wester)

140th Indiana Infantry         1864-5 (Dan Masters)

140th Ind Infantry, Co A    1864-5 (Ralph Clark)

148th Ind Infantry, Co K  (Ralph Clark)

Belgians in the Civil War (Mike Morrison)

Camp Morton, Indianapolis (CSA prisoners)

                              1863-4 (Bill Allen)

Camp Morton - Civil War Camp and Union Prison - Indianapolis

                         1861-5 (Tim Beckman)

Gibraltar Brigade (Indiana)   (R. Burke)




All Iowa Uønits                (Joe Grage)

All Iowa Units               

1st Iowa Infantry        (Charles Larimer)

1st Iowa Battery         (David Armstrong)

2nd Iowa Inf, Co F           1861-3 (Larry Rettinger)

2nd Iowa Inf, Co H             1861-5  CurleyBo@Franklin.SE-Iowa.Net

2nd Iowa Cavalry              (Hugh Price)

2nd&3rd Iowa Inf Consol Co K 1863-5 (Larry Rettinger)

3rd Iowa Cavalry, Co. F      1861-2 (Robert Snyder)

4th Iowa Infantry, Co D     1861-5 (Ralph Clark)

4th Iowa Cavalry, Co. D      

5th Iowa Infantry     (Charles Larimer)

5th Iowa Infantry              1861-4 (Rob Stroud)

5th Iowa Infantry, Co. D       1861-4

5th Iowa Cavalry               1864-5

5th Iowa Cavalry               1861-5 (Rob Stroud)

6th Iowa Infantry, Co. B       1861-2

6th Iowa Vol. Inf.             1861-5 (Jamie Adams)

6th Iowa Cavalry        (Terry Townsend)

6th Iowa Vol. Cavalry    1862-5 (Craig Rothhammer)

7th Iowa Volunteer Infantry (Richard Martis)

7th IA Vol.Inf.Co.C [Mahaska Co.] 1861-4 (R.Martis)

8th Iowa Infantry              1861-6 (Sue Trout)

9th IA Inf., Co. F        (Sally Macias)

10th Iowa Vol. Infantry        1861-5

11th Iowa Infantry             1861-5

11th Regt Iowa Infantry Co. B

11th Regt Iowa Inf. Co. G    1862-5 (Linda Dunning)

14th Iowa Vol. Inf.           1861-4

14th Iowa Infantry, Co. I     1861-5 (Steve Kiner)

17th Iowa Vol. Inf., Co. G   1862-5 (Eric W. Weber)

17th Iowa Inf, Co K          1862-5 (Larry Rettinger)

18th Iowa Infantry           1862-5 (Gregory Urwin)

19th Iowa Infantry Co. G     1862-5

19th Iowa Inf, Co H          1862-5 (Larry Rettinger)

21st Iowa Volunteer Infantry  1862-5  PHICFI@AOL.COM (Carl Ingwalson)

21st Iowa Vol. Inf. Regiment (Douglas Slauson)

22nd Iowa Infantry        1862-5 (Jeffry Burden)

22nd Iowa Infantry     1862-5 (Tony Klingensmith)

22nd Iowa Infantry             1861-5 (T. Nanzig)

22nd Iowa Inf. (letters of T. Peirce) (DB Vaughn)

23rd Iowa Infantry             1863

23rd Iowa Infantry             1862-5 (Steven Witmer)

23rd Iowa Infantry            1862-5 (Dave Powers)

23rd Iowa Regiment, Co. A    

23rd Iowa, Co. I           (Ross McClintock)

24th Iowa Infantry            (Pat Kasch)

24th Iowa Infantry, Co. G      1862-5 (D. L. Cope)

25th Iowa Infantry       (Charles Larimer)

27th Iowa Infantry            1861-5 (Steve Kiner)

28th Regt Iowa Infantry Co. I

29th Iowa Infantry             1862-5 (Gregory Urwin)

30th Iowa Infantry             1862-5

32nd Iowa Inf. Vols, Co. B     1862-5 (Bob Bowen)

32nd Iowa Volunteers, Co. D (Rondie Yancey)

33rd Iowa Infantry             1862-5 (Gregory Urwin)

33rd Iowa Infantry Vol. Reg't  1863-6 (Ellen Reed)

34th Iowa Inf, Co. F           1862-5

36th Iowa Infantry             1862-5 (Gregory Urwin)

36th Iowa Infantry Co. F       1862-5

38th Iowa Inf. Co. A          (Sally Macias)

38th Iowa Inf. Co. I         1862-5 (David Wildman)

40th Iowa Infantry             1862-5 (Gregory Urwin)

Clinton Co. IA muster rolls   (Joe Grage)

Washington, Washington Co, IA men (Julie Beenblossom)