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The CWUNITS file lists people who have (at least some) information on

a unit and are willing to help others research it.  Some are experts,

most are not.  This is _not_ a file of re-enactment units.

Directions: If you're looking for info on a unit, see if someone is

listed; if so, contact them.  For more specific directions, read the

FAQ (see below).  If you don't know which unit or no one is listed,

do _not_ ask me (unless you want to volunteer as a contact).

I am _not_ a Civil War expert, only a fellow seeker.

CWUNITS is now five files (plus one for the FAQ) as follows:

Part Contents

1    USA national & states A-I

2    USA states K-N

3    USA states O-W

4    CSA national & states A-M

5    CSA states N-V

Q    FAQ (frequently asked questions and answers)

Parts 1-5 include this intro as well as the listings.

Within a state the units are organized by number (1st Infantry, etc.).

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Carol Botteron (ancestors on both sides)





UNION (continued)




Kansas Adjutant General's Report, 1861-1865

1st KS Colored Inf. (79thUSCT) 1862-5 (Gregory Urwin)

2nd KS Colored Inf.(83rd USCT) 1863-5 (Gregory Urwin)

2nd Kansas Battery         (Greg Foster)

2nd Kansas Cavalry     1861-5 (Matt Balocca)

7th Kansas Cavalry, Co. K (Michael Elliott)

8th KS Vol. Infantry         (Boo Hodges)

8th Regt. KS Vol. Inf. Co. F  1862-5 (Dana White)

11th KS Cavalry               1862-5  merope@Radix.Net (TeresaLindquist)

Civil War on the Western Border: The Missouri-Kansas Conflict, 1854-1865


Kentucky (USA)


Kentucky In The Civil War

4th Kentucky Cavalry          1863-5 (Cliff Manis)

4th KY Volunteers, Cavalry (USA) (Bob Crouch)

5th KY Infantry (USA)        (G. D. Stone)

5th KY Infantry (USA)         1861-4 (Joe Reinhart)

6th KY Infantry (USA)         1861-4 (Joe Reinhart)

7th Kentucky Infantry, Co E (Ralph Clark)

7th KY Cavalry (USA)   1862-5 (J. Dutch Revenboer)

7th Regiment KY Vol. Cavalry (USA) (David Bush)

8th KY Inf. (USA), Co. A & E  1861-4 (JohnCarter)

8th KY Cavalry (USA) Co. B    1862-3 (John Carter)

9th KY Vol. Infantry, U.S.A.

                   or (Geoffrey B. Michael)

10th KY Infantry (USA) (Dennis Belcher)

10th Kentucky Mounted Infantry 1863-5 (Cliff Manis)

11th Ky Vol. Inf. (USA)     (Mike Wilson)

11th Kentucky Cavalry (USA)    1862-5 (Jerry Johnson)

11th KY Cav.(US) Stoneman's Raid 22 Mar-May 1865 (Wayne)

12th Kentucky Infantry, Co A (Ralph Clark)

12th KY Cav.(US) Stoneman's Raid 22 Mar-May 1865 (Wayne)

13th KY Cavalry (USA)        

14th Kentucky Infantry Union Volunteers (Marlitta H. Perkins)

15th Kentucky Infantry (US) (Kirk C. Jenkins)

17th KY Vol. Inf. (U.S)        1861-5 (Earl Higgs)

17th Ky Vol. Inf. (USA)       (Mark Carroll)

17th Regiment KY Vol. Inf.     1861-5 (Sam Foster)

18th Infantry, KY Volunteers  1862-5

19th Kentucky Infantry (USA)  1861-5 (James Wilson)

20th KY Vol. Inf., USA  [AllenSullivant]

21st KY Volunteer Infantry  1861-5

23rd Kentucky Inf. (US)     1861-5 (Bill Christen)

24th KY Inf (US)            1861-5

24th KY Infantry, Co. H     1861-2 (Ralph Clark)

24th KY Infantry, Co. H        1863    L.FINK1@GENIE.GEIS.COM

26th KY Inf. Rgt., Co.A (USA) 1861-5 (Mark W. Anderson)

 Muster Roll of 11 Apr 1863 at Russellville, KY:

39th KY (Union)           (John Burton)

47th KY Infantry, Co. D        1863-4

53rd KY Inf (Mounted), Co F    1865 (Joseph Gardner)

54th Reg. KY. Infantry, Union (Patrick Hays)

100th (KY) Reg. U.S.C.T.     (R. Watson)

 (U.S. Colored Troops) Co. F

Civil War in SE KY           (Holly Timm)


Louisiana (USA)


1st Louisiana Infantry (USA)   (Chris Rein)

1st Louisiana Cavalry (USA)    (Chris Rein)

2nd Louisiana Infantry (USA)   (Chris Rein)

2nd Louisiana Cavalry (USA)    (Chris Rein)

9th Louisiana Infantry, African Descent (5th USCHA)


11th Louisiana Infantry, African Descent (49th USCT)


12th Louisiana Infantry, African Descent (50th USCT)

                          1863-6 (Mary Bakeman)

13th Louisiana Infantry, African Descent (63rd USCT)


73rd Infantry, USCT         (Jim Hollandsworth)

74th Infantry, USCT         (Jim Hollandsworth)

75th Infantry, USCT         (Jim Hollandsworth)

96th La. Inf. Regt. (USA)   (Don Wester)

Louisiana Native Guards (73rd, 74th, 75th) (Jim H.)




Maine State Archives, Civil War Page

1st Maine Light (or Mounted) Artil.

1st Maine Heavy Artillery    

1st Reg. ME Hvy Artillery, Co I (Ralph Clark)

2nd Battery, ME Light Artil. 1861-5 (Steve Hunter)

2nd Maine Battery           1861-5 (Dan Peters)

3rd Maine Volunteer Inf.     (Tim Johnson)

3rd Maine, Company A (Charles McGillicuddy)

3rd Maine Infantry, Co E (Ralph Clark)

3rd ME Reg. Kearney Cross recipients only

4th Maine Vol. Inf. Regiment  1861-3

 (one of the 300 "Fighting Regiments")

4th Maine Infantry            1861-4 (Talbot Hackett)

5th Maine Infantry            1861-4

6th Maine Vol.Inf. "Brownville Rifles"

6th Maine Inf. Co. C,D,F,G,K  1861-4

6th Maine Infantry, Co I (Ralph Clark)

7th Maine Infantry, Co C (Ralph Clark)

8th Maine Inf. Vols, Co. H    1861-5

9th ME Regiment              (S. Heavner)

10th Maine Infantry    1861-3 (Nick Picerno)

12th ME Regiment,  Co. B      1861-4 (N. Bauer)

13th Maine Infantry     (Charles A. Bonsall)

13th Maine Inf.,Cos.D&F 1862-3 (Richard Bouchard)

14th Maine Infantry    1863-5 (Richard Bouchard)

16th Maine Vol.Inf.Reg't         1861-3

 (one of the 300 "Fighting Regiments")

17th Maine Infantry, Co. I (Ralph Clark)

17th ME Reg. Kearney Cross recipients

19th Maine Infantry             (Lee Hadden)

22nd Maine Infantry      1862-3 (Jeffry Burden)

23rd Maine                  1862-3 (Charles Beal)

28th ME Vol. Inf. Co.G 1862-3 (Marion Whitney Martin)

29th Maine Infantry     1863-6 (Nick Picerno)

30th Maine Infantry      (Charles A. Bonsall)

Jackson, Maine: names of men who enlisted

Kearney Cross recipients        


Maryland (USA)


All US Maryland Regiments  1861-5 (Robert von Lunz)

1st Maryland Infantry          1861-5

1st Maryland Infantry (US) 1861-5 (Robert von Lunz)

1st Maryland Eastern Shore (Union)

1st MD Potomac Home Brigade (PHB) 1861-5 (Duane Stone)

2nd Maryland Vol. Inf (U.S.)     (John Lamb)

3rd Maryland Infantry (US) 1862-5 (Robert von Lunz)

8th Maryland Infantry (US) 1862-5 (Robert von Lunz)

8th New York Heavy Artillery Regt (in Baltimore 1862-4)

 (129th NY Vol Inf)       (Kathryn Lerch)

30th MD Inf.,USA (Colored) Co.E 1864-5 (John Carter)

39th MD Inf.,USA (Colored) Co.E 1864-5 (John Carter)




All Massachusetts units (Edward Maguire)

Massachusetts Civil War Research Center

Massachusetts Volunteers book

MassHome Directory of Mass. Civil War Web Sites

1st Co. Vol. Sharpshooters     1861-2 (Carol B.)

 (Andrew Sharpshooters)


1st Mass. Heavy Artillery      1861-5 (Dan Gagnon)

1st Mass. Cav., Co. F (Grace-Marie Moore Hackwell)

2nd Mass. Inf. Regiment   1861-5 (Edward Maguire)

2nd Mass. Vol. Cav. Regt.     1862-5 (Larry Rogers)

2nd Mass. Vol. Cav.   (Thomas Parson)

2nd Mass. Artillery, Co. A   1 863-5 (Karen Hennigan)

3rd Mass. Cavalry        (Robert von Lunz)

4th Mass. Cavalry, Co. I      1864-5 (Mia Turner)

5th Mass. Battery            1861-5

5th Mass. Batt. Lt. Artil.  1861-5 (BrianMurphy)

5th Mass. Vol.Cav. (Colored) 1863-5 (John Richardson)

5th Mass. Vol. Cav. (Colored)

6th Reg. Mass. Vol. Mil. Co E  1861 (Dennis Ahern)

8th Mass. Vol. Militia, Co. J  1861 (Ralph W. Osgood II)

 emphasis on Salem Zouaves (three months service - 4/15/61-8/1/61)

9th Mass. Vol. Infantry    1861-4 (Christian Samito)

10th Mass. Regiment Vol. Inf. (Jenn Kunjara)

10th Battery, MA Light Artil.1862-5 (Ed Moore)

11th MA Infantry       (Pete Lindell)

13th Mass. Vol. Inf. (Herbert A Rideout)

13th Mass. Vol. Inf.          1861-4 (Brad Forbush)

14th MA Battery Lt. Artil. 1864-5 (Brian Murphy)

15th Reg.Mass.Vol.Inf. 1861-4 (Susan Harnwell)

16th Mass. Infantry           (Paul McNamee)

16th Mass. Vol. Inf.         (Bob Keniston)

17th Mass. Inf                1861-5

18th Mass. Volunteer Infantry (Tom Churchill)

19th Massachusetts Infantry    1861-5

20th Mass. Volunteer Infantry (Marge Reid)

 Index to German soldiers:

21st Mass. Volunteers      1862-4 (Mark Spies)

23rd Mass. Vol. Militia   (Ralph W. Osgood II)

25th Mass. Vol. Infantry      1861-5 (John Ockerbloom)

27th Reg. Mass. Vol. Inf. 1861-5 (John Fitzgerald)

30th Mass. Vol. Inf., Co. K    1862 (Dennis Ahern)

34th MA Vol. Inf.            (Doug Belknap)

35th Mass. Vol. Inf.           1862-5 (Rich Byam)

36th Mass.                     1861-5

36th Mass. Infantry   (Fritz Ballard)

40th Reg. Mass. Vol. Inf.     (Don Brewster)

42nd Mass. Vol. Inf., Co. D    1862 (Dennis Ahern)

46th Mass. Volunteers, Co. A  1861-3 (May Miller)

48th Mass. Inf.                1861-5

50th Mass. Vol. Co. G      11/63-8/64 (Lyn Reuter)

52nd Mass Regiment Vol. Inf. (Jenn Kunjara)

52nd Mass. Infantry  1862-3 (Glenn L. McMullen)

54th Massachusetts Infantry    1863-5 (Gregory Urwin)

55th Mass. Vol. Inf. (Colored) 1863-5 (K. Dhalle)

59th Mass. Inf.                1861-5

Irish in the Civil War     (Michael MacNamara)

Mass. Minute Men of '61  April-July 1861 (Carol)




All MI Enlistment & Pension Records 1861-1915                  (Don Harvey)

Michigan & the Civil War  

1st Mich. Inf. Co. H          1861 (Steve Hauck)

1st Mich. Inf. Co. I        

1st MI Vol. Artil. Reg. (Ronald Griffin)

1st Michigan Light Artillery, Battery C

 (3rd Michigan Battery)  (John Hughes)

1st Michigan Cavalry Roll of Honor

1st Mich. Engineers & Mechanics (Mark Hoffman)

1st Mich. Sharpshooters    1863-5 (Christopher Czopek)

1st MI Sharpshooters, Co.K 1863-5 (R D Winthrop)

 (the 'Indian Company')

3rd Michigan Infantry  (Steve Soper)

3rd Mich. Inf., Co. F   (Keith A. Lehamnn)

3rd MI Reg. Kearney Cross recipients only

3rd Michigan Battery     (John Hughes)

 (Battery C, First Michigan Light Artillery)

4th Michigan Vol Cavalry   1861-5 (Michael Ruddy)

5th MI Reg. Kearney Cross recipients only

5th Michigan Cavalry Roll of Honor

6th Mich.Inf.(Heavy Art.) CoA 1861-5 (Howard Hickman)

6th Mich. Inf. (Heavy Arty.)  1861-5 (C.Switzer)

6th Michigan Cavalry Roll of Honor

7th Michigan Cavalry Roll of Honor

8th Michigan Infantry Co A    1861-5 (L.V.Patterson)

9th Michigan Infantry         (Dave Knoch)

9th Mich. Vol. Inf.    1861-5 (Joe Fitzharris)

9th Regt.Michigan Cav. Co C&K  1863-4 (Jim Brown)

9th Reg. Mich. Cavalry, Co H  1864-5

10th Michigan Cavalry         1861-5 (Sheila Carlson)

10th Michigan Cavalry         1863-5 (Cliff Manis)

10th Michigan Cavalry         1863-5 (Edgar Sherman)

11th Michigan Infantry        (Eric Faust)

10th MI Cav. Stoneman's Raid 22 Mar.-May 1865 (Wayne)

11th MI Cav. Stoneman's Raid 22 Mar.-May 1865 (Wayne)

12th Mich. Inf., Co C  1861-5 (Dorothy Snyder)

16th Reg't Mich. Vol.  1861-July 2,1863 Clay Feeter)

16th Michigan, Co. D        

17th Michigan Infantry    1862-5 (Bill Christen)

19th Michigan Infantry      1862-5 (Robert Beasecker)

20th Michigan Infantry      1862-4 (David Hallock)

21st Michigan Infantry      1862-5

22nd Michigan Infantry      1862-5 (Jack Haus)

23rd Michigan Infantry      1862-4 (P.R.Bennett)

23rd Michigan Infantry (Dale Stedman Willett)

24th Rgt MI Vol Inf, Co. E    1865 (Dave Farmer)

24th Michigan Infantry       (Lee Hadden)

24th MI Vol Infantry Co. C    1862-5 (Rob Richardson)

Belgians in the Civil War (MI) (Mike Morrison)

Iron Brigade (MI)              1861-5 (Rob Richardson)

Ross's Battery (MI) (Ronald Griffin)




MN Civil War resources (under September 1997)

1st Minnesota Vol. Inf.   (Matthew Hubert)

1st Minn. Vol. Inf. Regiment (John Schlue)

1st Minn. Volunteers,  Co E    1861-5

1st Regiment MN Infantry, Co. K (William Crozier)

2nd Minn. Inf. Regt.(USA)   (Don Wester)

2nd Minnesota Vol. Inf. (Matthew Hubert)

3rd Minn. Vol. Inf.  1861-5 (Joe Fitzharris)

4th Minn. Inf.      1861-5 (Charles Christian)

4th Minn. Vol. Inf. Regiment (John Schlue)

6th Minn. Infantry (Geoffrey Rasmussen)

7th Minn.Reg't.Inf.Co.D 1862-5 (Eric Smith)

9th Minnesota Vols. Co. G   (Jerry Kagele)

11th Minn.Regt.Inf.Co.K 1864-5 (Eric Smith)


Mississippi (USA)


1st Mississippi Infantry, African Descent

 (51st USCT)                  1863


Missouri (USA)


Missouri Soldiers' Records: War of 1812 - World War I

1st MO Light Artil., Battery M (USA) (Michael MacNamara)

1st Missouri Cav. (US), Co. K  1865

2nd Provisional Reg't, Enrolled Mo. Militia (K.D. Ross)

 (Detailed Militia) (USA)

2nd Missouri Cavalry, Co. H  1864-5 (Howard Hickman)

3rd Regt MO Cavalry Vols (USA)

3rd Mo. State Militia Cavalry (USA) (K.D. Ross)

6th MO State Militia, Co.M, US 1862-5 (Brenda)

7th Missouri Inf. USA (James E. "Crow" Crofutt)


7th Missouri Cav, Co. I        1861-5

8th Mo. Regiment, Co. H        1862-4

10th Reg. Mo. Vols, Infantry (Bernadine Teague)

11th Missouri Infantry (US) (Dennis Belcher)

12th Mo. State Militia Cavalry (USA) (K.D. Ross)

17th Missouri (US)   (Phil Hinderberger)

18th Reg. Mo. Vol. Inf. (USA). Co. B (Virgil Maw)

21st Missouri Infantry (USA) (Everett Deibler)

22nd Reg. Mo. Vols, Inf. (Bernadine Teague)

23rd Missouri Volunteers (US)

24th Reg. Mo. Inf. Vols Co.E (Bernadine Teague)

26th Missouri Vol. USA      1861-5 (Greg Wall)

29th MO Inf, Co. D          Jan 1862+

29th Missouri Vol. Inf. Co I 62-5 (Trueman Farris)

30th MO Infantry USA (James E. "Crow" Crofutt)

31st Missouri Inf. Regiment (Gary L. Scheel)

32nd MO Vol. Inf.     (John Dill)

37th Regiment, Enrolled Mo. Militia (K.D. Ross)

 (Shirt Tail Militia) (USA)

43rd Missouri Inf. USA (James E. "Crow" Crofutt)

46th Missouri Infantry (US)    (Ronald Frye)

47th Missouri Inf. Regiment (Gary L. Scheel)

48th Mo. Volunteers            1862-4

48th Mo., Co. I                1862-4

49th Reg. Mo. Inf. Vols., USA  1864-5 (Blake Sasse)

51st Mo. Regiment              1862-4

63rd Missouri Infantry         1861-5

73rd MO Enrolled Militia (US) (Ronald Frye)

89th Mo. Regt. Enrolled Militia Inf. (Don Wester)

Andrew Co.Mo. Enrolled Militia 1861-4

Captain Noah Bray's E.M.M.   

Camp Douglas Guard Detachment (all states) 1862-4

Capt. Edgar's Co. Inf.- Mo. H.G. (Don Wester)

Civil War on the Western Border: The Missouri-Kansas Conflict, 1854-1865

Enlisted MO Militia, Dallas County Co.

Fremont's Body Guard (MO/OH Cavalry) (John L. Maurath)

Irish in the Civil War (MO) (Michael MacNamara)

Nodaway Co. Mo. Home Guard    1862-4

Ordnance detachment-St.LouisArsenal[federal]1/1862-70

Phelps Regiment            1861-2 (John C. Rutherford)


New Hampshire


1st N.H. Heavy Artillery  1861-5 (Robert von Lunz)

1st N.H. LightArtil.Batt'y 1861-5 (Robert von Lunz)

2nd NH VI, Co. G              1865

5th Regiment NH Infantry      1861-5

5th Regiment, NH Volunteers   1861-5

6th NH Inf. (Volunteers) (Arthur J. Simpson III)

7th New Hampshire Volunteers (Annie House)

9th Regiment, NH Volunteers (Helen A. Gillespie)

10th Reg., NH Vols, Co. F      1864

12th NH Infantry, all co's (GeorgeNKidder)

12th NH Volunteer Infantry   (James A. Burns)


New Jersey


All NJ units             (John Petrocci)

All NJ units                 (Joe Bilby)

1st NJ Vols (3 mons & 3 yrs) (John Petrocci)

2nd NJ Infantry Vols (3 yr)    1861-4 (Fred L. Adams)

2nd NJ Vols (3 mons & 3 yrs) (John Petrocci)

3rd NJ Vols (3 mons & 3 yrs) (John Petrocci)

3rd NJ Cavalry, Co K  (Karen Morgan Denmark)

4th NJ Vols (3 mons & 3 yrs) (John Petrocci)

4th NJ Inf.                    1861-5

5th NJ Vol. Infantry, Co C (Karl E. Gansberg)

6th NJ Inf, Co. K              1861-5

9th NJ Infantry                1861-2 (J. Haller)

10th New Jersey Infantry (Robert von Lunz)

10th NJ Vol Inf (Olden Legion) (Randy B. Rauscher)

10th NJ Vols (3 yrs)     (John Petrocci)

11th New Jersey Infantry (Robert von Lunz)

12th NJ Vol Inf.            1862-5 (Art Snellbaker)

13th NJ Vol. Infantry     (Robert Monacelli)

13th NJ Vol. Infantry

13th NJ Vols (Richard Dobson)

14th NJ Volunteers (rosters etc.)

14th NJ, Co. K

15th NJ Infantry             (Joe Bilby)

15th NJ Vols (3 yrs)     (John Petrocci)

23rd NJ Vols (3 yrs)     (John Petrocci)

25th NJ Volunteer Infantry    1862-3

26th Inf. Regt, NJ Vols  1862-3 (Frederick G. Dempsey)

33rd New Jersey               (John Zinn)

34th NJ Inf., Co I            1861-5

39th NJ Volunteer Infantry    1864-5 (Casey Moton)

Beverly NJ National Cemetery (Bill Hughes)


New Mexico


8th NM Inf. Co. B              1855-60


New York


New York State Civil War Soldier Database

New York in the Civil War

NY CW units (officers,indexed) (John Andrew Prime)

1st Battallion, NY Sharpshooters (Dale Becker)

1st NY Light Artillery, Co. B  1861-5

1st NY Light Artillery, Battery B (Stephen Dreher)

1st NY Light Art'y, Battery K  1864-5 (Steve Carter)

1st NY (Lincoln) Cav. Co. A-L (WilliamD.SimonsonJr.)

1st NY (Lincoln) Cav., Co. K  1863-5 (Dave Farmer)

1st NY Veteran Cavalry       (George Contant)

1st NY Veteran Cavalry   1863-5 (Sean Coykendall)

1st NY Dragoons             (George Contant)

1st NY Dragoons                1865 (Jon Bucknam)

1st New York Dragoons    (Robert von Lunz)

1st NY Dragoons                (Conrad Bush)

1st NY Engineers, Co. H or

1st NY Mounted Rifles          (Ethel Lawson)

2nd New York Infantry     (Thomas Reed}

2nd NY (Veteran) Cav.          1863-5 (Mark Aubrey)

2nd NY Mounted Rifles          1864-4 (Conrad Bush)

2nd NY Mounted Rifles      1864-5 (Bill Crowley)

2nd NY Heavy Artillery     (Michael Thaler)

3rd NY Volunteer Infantry     (Bob Southon)

3rd NY Light Artil. Batt. G   1861-5

   or (Russ Dear)

3rd NY Cav, Co. B             1861-2

4th New York Heavy Artillery  1865 (Conrad Bush)

5th NY Inf. (Duryee Zouaves)

5th NY Inf. (Duryee Zouaves) Co.C                          (Scott Harrington)

5th NY Vet.Vol.Inf. (Dury⁄e's Zouaves) (Shaun Grenan)

5th NY Cavalry                1861-5 (Hal Akers)

5th NY Cavalry               (Conrad Bush)

6th New York Heavy Artillery (Frank Licameli)

6th New York Heavy Artillery (Laurence Gluckman)

6th New York Heavy Artillery (L. Gluckman)

6th NY Cav, Co. A              1861-2

7th NY Vol. Inf.              1864-5

7th NY Heavy Artillery        1861-5

7th New York Heavy Artillery (Robert von Lunz)

8th NY Vol. Inf.              1861-3 (Kurt Stutt)

8th NY Heavy Artillery        1865

8th NY Heavy Artil. Regt    1862-5 (Kathryn Lerch)

 (129th NY Vol Inf)

8th New York Heavy Artillery (Robert von Lunz)

8th NY Vol. Heavy Artillery (Donna Gardner Miller)

8th NY Cavalry              

8th NY Cavalry                1861-5 (Conrad Bush)

8th NY Cavalry               (George Contant)

9th N.Y. Hawkins' Zouaves     1861-3 (Michael Zatarga)

9th NY Vol., Co. H (Hawkins' Zouaves)

9th NY Heavy Artillery      1862-5 (Lisa Saunders)

9th NY Cavalry               (Conrad Bush)

10th NY Cavalry (officers)   (Lee Garlock)

10th NY State Militia     (Ann Prentice)

 (177th NY Infantry)

11th NY Inf. (Fire Zouaves)    1861-2 (Brian Pohanka)

11th New York, Co. B          1861-4  MSMAIL.GRAVESM@TSOD.LMIG.COM

11th NY Indep. Batt'y of Lt.Artil. (Michael Elliott)

12th New York Vol Infantry    1861-2 (Conrad Bush)

12th NY Cavalry        1862-5 (Kenneth Wooster)

13th NY Ind Battery (Light Artillery) 1861-5                        (John Clavin)

13th NY Vol. Cavalry Co. D    1864 (Ed Hake)

14th Brooklyn, Co. E         (Frank Ruiz)

14th Regiment, N.Y.S.M. (14th Brooklyn, 14th NY Militia, 84th NY Vols,

 Brooklyn Chasseurs, Brooklyn Zouaves) (Frank Ruiz)

15th NY Light Artil. "Hart's Battery" (Terry Lewis)

15th NY VOL HVY ART          

15th NY Vol. Cavalry, Co. A  

16th NY Reg               (Steve Riley)

16th NY Reg. Inf.              1861-3 (Mark Aubrey)

16th New York Vol. Infantry  

16th New York Vol. Cav.    1863-5 (Steven G. Miller)

16th NY Vol. Cavalry    1863-5 (Paul R Bierwirth)

17th N.Y. Veterans (Zouaves)  1863-5 (Michael Zatarga)

17th NY Light Artillery   (Tom Taber)

19th New York Light Artillery  1862-5 (Conrad Bush)

19th NY Cavalry               (Conrad Bush)

19th New York Cavalry   (Robert von Lunz)

20th NY Vol. Inf. Co. B (Barry Gloeckner)

20th NY Vol. Cavalry (Mark Chidichimo)

21st Cav. NY                 (C. Johnson)

21st New York Cavalry     (Thomas Reed)

22nd NY Vol. Inf. (not militia!) (Tom Clemens)

23rd New York Inf.              1861-2 (Bill Hughes)

23rd NY Inf., Co. I    1861-3 (S. Greenhagen)

24th NY Ind. Battery            1861-5 (Conrad Bush)

25th Regiment of Cavalry (NY) (John Rowe)

 (Sickles' Cavalry)

26th New York Infantry    1861-3 (Paul Taylor)

27th NYSV                     (Larry Schmidt)

28th New York                  1861-3 (George Bradley)

29th NY Vol. Inf.        1861-3 (Seth Vogelman)

30th New York Infantry   (Thomas Reed)

30th Reg. Co. E NY Inf. Vol.  1861-3 (Eileen Coppola)

33rd NY Infantry             (George Contant)

33rd NY Vol Inf                1861-3 (John Mosher)

34th NY Indep. Light Artil. [Roemer's] Battery

                           (Michael Thaler)

35th Regiment NY Vol. Infantry (Luke McKenzie)

36th New York Infantry       (Terence Clarey)

37th NY Vol. Infantry    1861-3 (John Andrew Prime)

 (Irish Rifles) (complete roster)

37th NY Reg. Kearney Cross recipients only

38th N.Y. Infantry            1861-3 (Michael Zatarga)

38th NY Reg. Kearney Cross recipients only

39th Reg. NY State Vols. (Garibaldi Guard)

40th New York Infantry   (John Andrew Prime)

40th NY Reg. Kearney Cross recipients only

41st NY "De Kalb Regiment" (Tim Engelhart)

43rd NY Inf. Volunteers        1861-2

44th Regt NY Vol.Inf. Oct3,1862-Sep8,1864 (J & B Ekiss)

45th New York Vol Regt      1861-5 (Kathryn Lerch)

 (Fifth German Rifles)

47th NY Volunteer Infantry (William Spinola)

48th NY Vol. Rgt.           (Charlotte Beck)

49th New York Vol. Inf.      1861-5 (George Robb)

49th NY Volunteer Infantry   1861-5 (Chris Stowe)

52nd NY Vol. Inf.            1861-5 (Jason Longo)

53rd New York Infantry       (Guy Gallez)

54th NY State Volunteers      1861-6 (Janet Kozlay)

56th NY Infantry ("Tenth Legion") (Michael Thaler) (viewable only with Internet Explorer)

60th New York Vol. Inf.      

61st New York             (Christian Samito)

62nd NY Vol Infantry          1861-5 (J. Haller)

62nd NY Vol., Co. F (Anderson Zouaves) 1861-5

64th NY                      (C. Johnson)

69th New York                (Joe Bilby)

69th New York Infantry        1861-4  Historybks@AOL.COM

69th NY Vols, Co B  1861-5 (Paula Kelley Ward)

75th Reg. NY. Inf. Vols.      1861-5

76th NY Vol. Infantry         1861-4 (Mike Brown)

76th New York Vol Infantry    1861-2 (Conrad Bush)

76th Regiment NY Infantry     1861-5 (Bob Hall)

78th New York                (Shaun Grenan)

78th NY Vol. Infantry        (Jay Avery)

79th New York Infantry      1859-64 (Terry Johnston)

85th New York Vols.           (Wayne Mahood)

86th NY Vols (Steuben Rangers) (Roger Stern)

91st Regiment NYS Vol. Inf.    1861-5 (Steve Owens)

92nd New York Vol. Inf.      

93rd New York            (D. Reid Ross)

94th NY Vol. Infantry         1862-5 (Paul Martini)

 (Belle Jefferson Rifles)

95th New York Infantry       (Lance Ingmire)

 (Warren's Rifles)

96th New York Inf. Co A      

98th NY Infantry             (George Contant)

100th New York Volunteers 1861-5 (William Smallshaw)

101st New York Vol Infantry    1861-2 (Conrad Bush)

101st NY Volunteers, Co. H     1861-3

102nd NY Infantry of Volunteers (Todd Creswick)

103rd N.Y.S. Vol. Inf., Co. I (S. Greenhagen)

104th New York               (Kim Stenson)

104th NY Volunteers, Co I     1861-5

105th NY Volunteer Infantry   1862-3 (Paul Martini)

 (Leroy Regiment)

106th NY Volunteer Infantry  

106th NY Volunteer Infantry (Todd Creekman)

107th NY Vol. Infantry       (George Farr)

107th New York Inf.           (Bill Hughes)

109th NY Vol Inf Reg Co.G&H (9th Corps) 1862-5

111th NY Infantry           (George Contant)

111th NY Infantry            

111th NY Volunteers   (Kenneth L Veneron)

112th New York Vol. Infy USA (Dick Pitcher)

114th NY Infantry              1862-5 Clay Feeter)

114th N.Y.S. Vol. Inf. (S. Greenhagen)

115th New York Infantry     (Lance Ingmire)

 (The Iron Hearted Regiment)

116th New York Inf.      1862-5 (Robert von Lunz)

116th Reg. NY Vol. Inf., Co K  1862-5 (Esther Williams)

118th NY Vol.Inf.              1862-5 (Tom LaPierre)

   (Adirondack Reg't)

120th NY State Volunteers      1862-5

121st NY Inf.             (Thomas Reed)

121st NY Volunteer Infantry (Doug Herrmann)

121st NY Vol Inf.          Aug 23, 1862 (Jerry Reed)

 Rosters Co's A-K

122nd NY Infantry, Co. D    

123rd NY Infantry            (Bob Farrell)

123rd New York Infantry (D. Reid Ross)

124th NY Volunteers         (James A. McMann)

126th New York Infantry (Robert von Lunz)

126th New York Vols.         (Wayne Mahood)

127th NY Volunteers, Co. A-I  1862-5 (Judith Field)

128th NY Vol.Inf.Co.A-I,K 1862-5 (Dean Thomas)

129th NY Volunteer Regt    1862-5 (Kathryn Lerch)

130th NY Vol Infantry         (Conrad Bush)

130th NY Vol Inf.              1862 (Jon Bucknam)

135th NY Volunteer Infantry (Frank Licameli)

 (redesignated 6th NY Heavy Artillery)

136th NY Vol Infantry         (Conrad Bush)

137th New York                72327.3654@CompuServe.COM (John Albert)

137th NY                     (C. Johnson)

137th Reg't, NY State Vols   1862-5 (David Cleutz)

140th New York Vol. Inf.      1862-5 (Scott Smith)

141st New York                1862-5 (George Bradley)

142nd New York Vol. Inf.    

143rd NY Vol. Infantry      1862-5 (Dave Johnson)

146th NY Inf.                 1862-5 (Brian Pohanka)

147th NY                     (Lars Mikkelsen)

148th NY State Vols, Co. B    1862-4 (Ken Morse)

150th New York Infantry (Robert von Lunz)

150th NY Vol. Infantry      

151st NY Inf, all companies (George N Kidder)

152nd NY Infantry              1862-5 (Hal Akers)

153rd NY Infantry        (Richard Hayes)

154th NY Infantry       (John Andrew Prime)

154th New York Infantry    1862-5 (Mark H. Dunkelman)

161st New York Infantry        1864-5

161st New York Vol Infantry    1862-5 (Conrad Bush)

161st NY Vol. Inf.    1863-5 (Richard MacAlpine)

162nd NY Volunteer Infantry   1862-5 (Len Dapolito)

165th NY Vol. Inf.            1862-5 (David Ring)

 (2nd Duryee Zouaves)

165th New York State Infantry 1863-5

169th NY Infantry            (Bob Farrell)

169th NY Infantry, Co. A    

169th N.Y.S.V. Infantry Regiment (Steven Wiezbicki)

173rd New York State Infantry  1863-5

177th NY Infantry         (Ann Prentice)

 (10th NY State Militia)

178th NY Vol Infantry         1863-5 (J. Haller)

179th NY Vol. Infantry (Jeanne Larzalere Bloom)

184th NY Inf                  1864-5

185th NY Inf                  1864-5

Gettysburg battle: NY units   (Roger Deming)

Irish in the Civil War (NY) (Michael MacNamara)

Pettit's Batt'y (B, 1st NY Light Arty) (Stephen Dreher)

Roemer's Battery (34th NY Indep. Light Artil.)

                           (Michael Thaler)

Rorty's Battery (B, 1st NY Light Arty) (Stephen Dreher)


North Carolina (USA)


1st Reg. NC Infantry (USA)  1862-5 (John B. McGowan)

1st Reg. NC Colored Infantry 1863-5 (John B. McGowan)

 (35th Reg. US Colored Infantry)

1st Reg. NC Colored Heavy Artillery (John B. McGowan)

 (14th Reg. US Colored Heavy Artillery)  1864-5

1st NC Reg't Inf. Vols. (USA) Hyde Co. Soldiers

1st NC Union Volunteers (John B. McGowan)

1st NC Union Vols(white) Co.D 1862-5 (C. Meekins)

2nd Reg. NC Colored Inf.  1863-5 (John B. McGowan)

 (36th Reg. US Colored Infantry)

2nd NC Reg't Inf. Vols. (USA) Hyde Co. Soldiers

2nd Reg. NC Infantry (USA)  1863-5 (John B. McGowan)

2nd NC Union Volunteers (John B. McGowan)

3rd Reg. NC Colored Inf.    1863-5 (John B. McGowan)

 (37th Reg. US Colored Infantry)

Hyde County, NC Union Soldiers (John B. McGowan)

US Colored Troops units formed in NC (John B. McGowan)