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Barnwell's Island Plantation

Location: St. Bartholemews Parish; Beaufort Co., SC
Constructed: ----

History: In the fall of 1861 at the time of the Port Royal Expedition during the Civil War, Barnwell's Island Plantation was occupied and planted by William Henry Trescot. Unaware that his plantation was subject to General Sherman's order, W.H. Trescot went away on business and left his land unprotected. In the mean time, a party of Union soldiers took possession of the plantation. Upon his return to St. Bartholemews Parish, Trescot discovered that the soldiers had raised the U. S. flag upon his house and posted a notification for his arrest. Trescot's land was taken out of his possession, and as a result, several freedmen had occupied and farmed the land. In 1867 William Trescot petitioned for restoration of ownsership. After Trescot regained possession, only allowed those freedmen willing to work under contract to remain on the plantation.

Associated Surnames: Trescot

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1860 Slaves of William H. Trescot
From 1860 Slave Schedule, Extracted by Tom Blake

Agriculture & Livestock

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