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Silver Bluff Plantation

Original Location: Silverton Township, Barnwell Co., SC
Final Location (due to county line change)*: Aiken Co., SC (1871)
Constructed: ----

History: James Henry Hammond arrived at Silver Bluff in 1831 and took possession of the property that his wife Catherine Fitzsimons inherited from her father Christopher Fitzsimons (of Charleston) after his death in 1825. As Hammond's wealth and position grew, so did his plantation lands. In 1855, he acquired "Redcliffe" in Edgefield County as the place of the new family estate while the lands and slave quarters that made all the new found opulence possible, were still eight miles to the south at Silver Bluff, Cathwood and Cowden Plantations in Barnwell County. *In 1871, Aiken County was formed from parts of Barnwell and Edgefield Counties, and "Redcliffe" and Silverton Township reverted to Aiken County.

Associated Surnames: Fitzsimons, Galphin, Hammond

Associated Plantations: Redcliffe (Edgefield Co., SC)

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