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Wantoot Plantation

Location: Six miles from Pinopolis basin; Berkeley Co., SC
Constructed: 1712

History: The plantation, a landmark from early Colonial days, is located six miles from Pinopolis, lies within the Pinopolis basin of the gigantic hydro-electric development. When the first Santee canal was being constructed during the last decade of the eighteenth century, Daniel Ravenel protected his property through threat of arms, when Colonel Senf, engineer in charge, threatened to cut his banks and flood his rice fields. Wantoot was a proprietory grant to the St. Julien family when they emigrated from France following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes. The St. Julien name died out. Of the ten men in the family, none left male descendants. Daniel Ravenel, of Somerton, married an heiress of the St. Julien family and became the owner of Wantoot. For the century and a half following the plantation became the principal residence of the Ravenel family. Through marriage, it later became the property of the Macbeth family. Still later it was bought by the late Hawkins Jenkins, who built the house now standing. It was sold by the Jenkins to the Pegues family. It is now owned by John Kimberly, of Asheville.

Associated Surnames: Jenkins, Macbeth, Pegues, Ravenel, St. Julien

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