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volcanoes of the aleutian islands

Starting west of Anchorage across Cook Inlet, out to the tip of the chain, there are about two dozen volcanoes, mostly extinct, but some closest to Anchorage are still active. 

Note below that the Aleutian Islands reach close to Russian Kamchatka Peninsula.

The Aleutian Archipelligo ends just a few miles from Russian Kamchatka Peninsula.

On this peninsula find nine more volcanoes, not surprising.

What is surprising is that are nearly that many Ski Resorts.

Cold, 25 degrees below freezing anyone?

Scientific theory says that Aliutes, Eskimos and Indians crossed the Bering Land Bridge during different times as inter-glacial events raised and lowered the sea level of the Bering  Strait.

Aliutes deny that theory.

Through research at the library in Dutch Harbor and conducting interviews with elderly citizens at Dutch Harbor, and Unalaska Island, and here is their story.

The Aleuts deny any connection with Eskimos, so dispute the scientific theory of the land bridge and kinship, noting that even  their language is much different than the three Eskimo languages.

They don't know how long ago, but about 8,000 years ago they left Kamchatka peninsula because of volcanoe erruptions, and over several centuries of island hopping some settled on islands that had fresh water and others continued moving east.

They walked between islands where the sea level was low, and used umiaks to cross deeper water between islands.

Furthermore they relate from collective memories passed down by their elders that they settled on islands that had fresh water, and at times moved to escape from volcanic eruptions.

As they approached mainland Alaska in their thousand year treak, they encountered a warlike tribe of people. From a hilltop they saw Kodiak Island, so turned their umiaks south to settle Kodiak.

One settlement on Kodiak yielded a campfire that radio-carbon tested to 7,000 years old. Another campfire closer to Anchorage  was determined to be 9,000 years old. These match up well with ages of other findings of ancient sites in North America. 

Certified by research and interviews by donkelly in 1984-1986. This material is under copywrite and all rights of authorship are reserved.