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History of Angelus Memorial Park

In 1951, six people filed the necessary paperwork for the establishment of a memorial park . The park opened it's gates in 1951 and the first burials took place in 1952. It was the first memorial park in Alaska. On September 25, 1953 A.S Haines, Rose B. Haines, A.U. Hassman, Dave Franke, Gordon Green and Marilyn Haines met to create Evergreen Memorial Park Association. On that same day, they had the first Board of Trustees Meeting. Rose B. Haines was appointed Chairwoman and A. S. Haines was appointed Secretary of the meeting.

The Haines property was purchased by the new Association for $44,000.00 on Sept. 25, 1953 and several more properties were acquired over the next few years to make up the 37 acres of rolling hills that belong to Angelus Memorial Park, Inc. today. The first annual meeting was held in the office of the association on Oct. 1, 1955 at 3 P.M. The Association became a non-profit corporation on Sept. 14, 1955. The Park incorporated December 4, 1961 and the park's name was changed to Angelus Memorial Park on Feb. 11, 1964. It is noteworthy that Angelus Memorial Park, Inc. was Alaska's first cemetery to establish a perpetual care fund for the endowment of the corporation. The park is governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees elected by the property owners at their annual meeting.

Angelus Memorial Park Inc. 440 East Klatt Road Anchorage, Ak. 99515-3448
M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm 907 344-1311


Cable, Marlyn Rose Devotion Angelus 8/19/1955
Cabrera, Guillermo Lokahi Munue Devotion Angelus 4/28/2003
Cadman, Theodore "Ted" R. Last Supper Angelus 6/20/2007
Cahill Jr., James Joseph Devotion Angelus 5/24/1961
Cahill, Helen Marie Columbarium Angelus 10/13/2010
Cahill, Thomas William "Bill" Columbarium Angelus 1/20/1995
Cain, Joseph Alan Catholic Angelus 10/23/2004
Call, Linda Ruth Catholic Angelus 5/26/1982
Callahan, John Leahy Christus Angelus 7/11/1968
Callison, Milton(Nick) Loran Christus Angelus 7/8/2002
Calvin, Albert Kay Devotion Angelus 12/3/1952
Calvin, Jackson Courtney Elks Angelus 5/13/1969
Calvin, Juanita Marguerite Elks Angelus 6/9/1995
Calvin, Richard C Elks Angelus 5/29/1968
Cameron, Jack  Christus Angelus 8/3/1961
Camp, Robert Bruce Devotion Angelus 6/6/1961
Camp, Sarah Kristin Columbarium Angelus 9/8/1988
Campbell, Darwin R. Devotion Angelus 7/1/1963
Campbell, Gina L. Devotion Angelus 6/8/1971
Cange, Clara J Catholic Angelus 8/20/1986
Cange, Joseph  Catholic Angelus 5/18/1984
Cann, Jon Milton Christus Angelus 5/3/1967
Cann, Joye L. Christus Angelus 6/23/2010
Canna, Donald James Christus Angelus 5/15/1968
Capra, Maryan  Catholic Angelus 6/12/1970
Carey, Raymond George Catholic Angelus 7/15/2003
Carl, John  Devotion Angelus 7/27/1957
Carle, Wilmer C. Christus Angelus 7/7/1965
Carleson, Damon  Devotion Angelus 5/28/1977
Carls, Ethel S. Devotion Angelus 6/5/2001
Carls, Lee H. Devotion Angelus 5/9/1970
Carlson, Carl  Elks Angelus 8/22/1996
Carlson, Corrine A Elks Angelus 9/9/2004
Carlson, Dennis  Catholic Angelus 7/11/1974
Carlson, Desiree Jeanine Devotion Angelus 6/10/1998
Carlson, Glenna Jean Devotion Angelus 6/19/1963
Carlson, Hjalmer  Devotion Angelus 6/13/1956
Carlson, Janet Marie Catholic Angelus 7/11/1974
Carlson, Margaret Mary Catholic Angelus 6/12/2006
Carlson, Richard E Catholic Angelus 5/22/1972
Carmichael, Frances E. Christus Angelus 7/20/1987
Carmichael, Paul Bartlet Christus Angelus 8/29/1963
Carpenter, Jamee Lynne Devotion Angelus 9/10/1967
Carpenter, Jessie Mrytle Devotion Angelus 8/4/1994
Carpenter, William Adams Devotion Angelus 6/29/1956
Carpenter, William Allen Last Supper Angelus 6/9/1981
Carr, Bernard Joseph Catholic Angelus 5/24/1967
Carr, Bernice I Catholic Angelus 6/9/1994
Carr, Brian Laurence Catholic Angelus 9/30/1998
Carr, Burton Edward Elks Angelus 6/1/1981
Carr, Esiny L. Devotion Angelus 9/30/1955
Carr, Jesse Redmond Christus Angelus 2/8/1958
Carr, Leander P. Love Angelus 9/12/1987
Carr, Marie A Elks Angelus 5/9/1973
Carr, Velma E. Christus Angelus 9/30/2008
Carrillo, Baby Girl Twin A  Devotion Angelus 5/31/1953
Carrillo, Baby Girl Twin B  Devotion Angelus 5/31/1953
Carroll, John Frances Devotion Angelus 6/3/1963
Carson, Kenneth Scott Christus Angelus 11/1/2010
Carson, Kenneth Wayne Christus Angelus 5/30/1999
Carson, Olga S. Christus Angelus 5/29/2007
Carson, Peter  Devotion Angelus 6/1/1956
Carter, Charles Shields Christus Angelus 7/7/1989
Carter, Charles W. Devotion Angelus 5/4/1956
Carter, Jimmie C. Christus Angelus 9/10/1980
Carter, Karl A Catholic Angelus 5/29/1986
Carter, Levi Cecil Devotion Angelus 5/21/1954
Carter, Mandi Jay Last Supper Angelus 5/2/1984
Carter, Tawana M Christus Angelus 10/6/2006
Carver, Mae Elizabeth Catholic Angelus 5/15/1970
Casa'Calvo, Antonio  Last Supper Angelus 7/5/1985
Casa'Calvo, Gudrun H. Last Supper Angelus 7/13/1987
Case, Glenn Earl Last Supper Angelus 7/21/2005
Case, Marian Francis Last Supper Angelus 9/11/1998
Casey, Deborah Eline Devotion Angelus 7/2/1960
Casiano, Hunter Rudolfo Columbarium Angelus 3/3/1999
Cason, Delbert Allan Christus Angelus 6/13/1995
Cason, Martha Jean Christus Angelus 5/22/1970
Casqueira, Richard (Ricke) Albert Christus Angelus 7/25/1969
Cassel, Lillian Esther Christus Angelus 9/16/2003
Cassel, Roy L Christus Angelus 8/19/1998
Cassell, Christopher  Last Supper Angelus 6/23/1981
Caston, Kimberly Dawn Devotion Angelus 9/1/1965
Castro, Anthony Jesus Last Supper Angelus 5/7/2004
Caswell, Dara Elaine Last Supper Angelus 6/9/1995
Cate, Elwyn A Elks Angelus 5/19/1976
Cates, Aden M Catholic Angelus 6/23/1989
Cates, David Lee Catholic Angelus 5/29/1968
Cates, Josephine F. Catholic Angelus 5/10/1996
Cates, Kenneth W. Catholic Angelus 5/26/1999
Caton, Mary Louise Devotion Angelus 5/24/1961
Catt, Homer  Last Supper Angelus 6/5/1969
Catton, Eileen Patricia Devotion Angelus 7/20/1961
Caudle, Jay Oscar Last Supper Angelus 9/25/1973
Caudy, Lenore Euliba Catholic Angelus 5/15/1967
Cavanaugh, Cari R. Christus Angelus 5/18/1985
Cavanaugh, Shirley A. Christus Angelus 8/22/1990
Cavota, Theresa Marie Devotion Angelus 12/30/1957
Cawood, William R Last Supper Angelus 8/24/1983
Cedros, Albert A. Love Angelus 6/25/1997
Center, Michael G. Catholic Angelus 5/21/1971
Cerney, Thomas Jay Catholic Angelus 5/21/1997
Cervantes, Gregory Scott Columbarium Angelus 10/3/1990
Chae, Bok Soon Elks Angelus 11/8/2003
Chamberlain, Debra Lynn Devotion Angelus 5/29/1963
Chamberlain, John  Devotion Angelus 5/24/1953
Chambers, Michael LaVerne Christus Angelus 6/11/1959
Champeaux, Pierre  Devotion Angelus 7/16/1955
Chandler, Harold C Catholic Angelus 5/28/1965
Chandler, Mary A Catholic Angelus 10/1/1973
Chaney, Joseph Alexander Last Supper Angelus 7/11/1990
Chaney, Lawrence A. Devotion Angelus 5/28/1954
Chang, Sang "Ike" Christus Angelus 6/10/1989
Chang, Sarah Mei Babyland Angelus 5/14/1993
Chang, Young Chul Love Angelus 5/29/2002
Chapa, Candace Seigler Love Angelus 6/15/1998
Chapman, Charles Harry Devotion Angelus 5/22/1979
Chapman, Ellis Dean Devotion Angelus 8/5/1978
Chapman, George R. Devotion Angelus 5/31/1979
Chapman, Jessie R. Devotion Angelus 10/8/1963
Chapman, Laurence S Elks Angelus 9/23/1976
Chapman, Mary Elizabeth Devotion Angelus 8/27/1970
Chapman, Misty Lynn Devotion Angelus 6/8/1979
Chapman, Ralph I Elks Angelus 6/27/1987
Chapman, Robert Gary Devotion Angelus 8/14/1957
Chapman, Ruth C. Elks Angelus 11/17/2003
Chapman, Shirley June Columbarium Angelus 12/22/2000
Chapman, Walter John Devotion Angelus 2/18/1959
Charf, Kendi Michelle Last Supper Angelus 6/29/1978
Charliaga, Susan  Catholic Angelus 5/30/2005
Charmley, Roy B Last Supper Angelus 7/11/1986
Chase, Allan Richard Christus Angelus 6/7/2008
Chase, Ruth M. Last Supper Angelus 7/19/1988
Chase, Sophia "Sophie" Rose Christus Angelus 6/7/2008
Chayaelkum, Mary  Devotion Angelus 7/3/1957
Chen, Jackson K. Columbarium Angelus 9/15/2006
Chiaro, Louise  Devotion Angelus 3/20/1958
Chickalusion, Terry  Devotion Angelus 11/16/1953
Childers, Cleo A. Last Supper Angelus 6/4/1974
Childs, Jeffrey L. Columbarium Angelus 5/30/2002
Chilton, Eric Kyle Last Supper Angelus 6/5/1991
Chisholm, Harry R. Christus Angelus 5/9/1970
Chisholm, Vernie C. Christus Angelus 8/17/1965
Chitty, Merrill  Christus Angelus N/A
Cho, Chang Ho Catholic Angelus 6/19/1998
Cho, Hong Yon Catholic Angelus 7/5/1996
Cho, Hwoo Nam Catholic Angelus 5/23/2007
Cho, Joseph  Catholic Angelus 7/29/2005
Cho, Pal Son Catholic Angelus 2/7/2004
Cho, Sharon Young Christus Angelus 5/17/1985
Cho, Sung Jin Catholic Angelus 5/16/1994
Cho, Ul Ye Catholic Angelus 6/5/2000
Cho, Young Ho Catholic Angelus 7/30/1983
Choe, Chu Ak Catholic Angelus 10/15/2004
Choe, Po Pae Catholic Angelus 6/19/1999
Choi, Hong Kyu Love Angelus 8/1/2000
Choi, Josephine  Love Angelus 6/2/2001
Choi, Justin Nam Catholic Angelus 7/6/2004
Choi, Sang Jin Love Angelus 11/25/2000
Choi, Soon Ho Catholic Angelus 8/26/2005
Chon, Julius  Devotion Angelus 6/4/1964
Chong, Bum Jin Catholic Angelus 6/18/2010
Chong, Chong S. Columbarium Angelus 2/15/2007
Chong, Joseph Ho Catholic Angelus 10/5/1978
Chopp, Alice A. Devotion Angelus 5/20/1988
Chopp, Anthony A. Devotion Angelus 7/29/1962
Christensen, Haakon  Devotion Angelus 4/9/1956
Christensen, James GIBBONS Last Supper Angelus 6/22/1989
Christensen, James J. Devotion Angelus 10/9/1953
Christensen, Leona Ellen Devotion Angelus 5/20/1965
Christensen, Matluna K. Catholic Angelus 5/13/1980
Christensen, Nick J Catholic Angelus 6/21/1990
Christenson, Blanche B. Christus Angelus 5/9/1977
Christenson, Ordell  Catholic Angelus 5/28/1968
Christian, Lawrence L. Catholic Angelus 7/26/1977
Christian, Mary Jane Catholic Angelus 7/8/2006
Christiansen, Gary Eric Babyland Angelus 6/2/2004
Christianson, David  Christus Angelus 5/29/1985
Christman, Richard E. Catholic Angelus 5/10/1984
Christopher, Hallie Ann Babyland Angelus 8/20/2004
Christopherson, Dean H Elks Angelus 5/20/1992
Christopherson, Elaine Christina Elks Angelus 8/27/2001
Chronister, Raymond Lee Christus Angelus 5/24/2002
Chun, Gi Il Catholic Angelus 9/26/2003
Chun, Yi Hyuck Catholic Angelus 10/23/2002
Churchill, Alfred Stoddard Last Supper Angelus 9/14/2004
Churchill, Wavel Pimbrook Last Supper Angelus 9/14/2004
Ciccone, Frank Anthony Last Supper Angelus 5/23/2003
Clanton, Susie Ann Devotion Angelus 7/16/1957
Clark, Allen Gregory Devotion Angelus 5/24/1969
Clark, Beth Porter Christus Angelus 5/23/2002
Clark, Don H. Christus Angelus 5/20/1982
Clark, Harold H. Devotion Angelus 2/18/1955
Clark, Helen Evelyn Christus Angelus 8/22/1989
Clark, Jeffrey Ryan Babyland Angelus 8/6/1991
Clark, Lawrence Edgar Last Supper Angelus 10/27/2009
Clark, Mary S. Last Supper Angelus 4/29/1998
Clark, Robert Jimmie Devotion Angelus 5/28/1953
Clarkson, Gerald A. Catholic Angelus 5/10/1987
Clarkson, Lianoru Natividad Christus Angelus 5/22/2008
Claunch, Nina  Devotion Angelus 9/17/1975
Claus, Bernard Dale Last Supper Angelus 5/25/1999
Clay, Albinita Marie Elks Angelus 6/5/2002
Clay, Carey Hope Christus Angelus 6/5/1992
Clay, William Forrester Columbarium Angelus 6/30/2004
Clift, Donald Joseph Last Supper Angelus 6/17/2004
Clift, Edna  Last Supper Angelus 7/10/1998
Clift, Joseph Wallace Last Supper Angelus 9/19/1972
Cline, Charlotte  Catholic Angelus 8/10/2005
Cline, George Fitzhugh Devotion Angelus 5/27/1953
Clinton, James R. Last Supper Angelus 5/20/2008
Clinton, James Richard Paul Devotion Angelus 5/9/2001
Cloud, Harold D. Devotion Angelus 4/4/1959
Cluff, Hyrum Gail Christus Angelus 6/3/1968
Coats, Elsie  Devotion Angelus 6/6/1984
Coddington, Barbara Lee Catholic Angelus 6/19/2010
Coddington, Robert Zachary Elks Angelus 5/27/1986
Coffey, James F. Catholic Angelus 9/21/1984
Coffey, Jeffrey Edward Columbarium Angelus 10/11/2001
Coffin, Jefferson Reed Devotion Angelus 9/21/1958
Cohen, Patrick William Devotion Angelus 10/27/1954
Cohen, Robert Elmore Christus Angelus 8/5/2002
Colborn, Anna K. Christus Angelus 5/24/1973
Colborn, Beulah Mary Christus Angelus 7/25/2007
Colborn, Walter A. Christus Angelus 5/25/1977
Colbry, Doran John Last Supper Angelus 11/2/1993
Cole, Mary Agnes Christus Angelus 5/15/1958
Coleman, John Milton Last Supper Angelus 7/6/1998
Coleman, Taeko  Last Supper Angelus 6/1/1974
Colletta, Sam  Devotion Angelus 5/27/1963
Colligan, Dennis  Elks Angelus 10/17/1985
Collings, Ray Sean Christus Angelus 6/17/1994
Collins, Jessie Lawana Elks Angelus 6/23/1994
Collins, Patrick J. Devotion Angelus 2/25/1955
Collum, Jo  Christus Angelus 5/20/1976
Collyer, Shirley F. Elks Angelus 6/6/1985
Coltts, Joseph W Catholic Angelus 5/22/1972
Columbus, Evelyn Mae Catholic Angelus 5/20/2008
Columbus, Joseph Anthony Catholic Angelus 6/13/2001
Combs, Edward  Christus Angelus 5/16/1962
Combs, Inez V Christus Angelus 8/31/1996
Combs, Jodi Allan Catholic Angelus 6/4/1999
Combs, Sheila Marie Love Angelus 5/21/1998
Comegys, Frankie Edna Last Supper Angelus 10/11/1996
Comegys, Mohler Duncan Last Supper Angelus 6/15/1994
Compton, Paul Everett Columbarium Angelus 10/9/2007
Confer, Dana L. Columbarium Angelus 1/24/2000
Conley, Marvin Ray Love Angelus 5/21/2007
Connaker, Eleanor Ann Last Supper Angelus 4/23/2005
Connaker, John Marvin Last Supper Angelus 6/17/1999
Connaker, Timothy Patrick Last Supper Angelus 8/30/2001
Conner, Donald O. Devotion Angelus 4/7/1954
Connett, Baby Boy  Devotion Angelus 6/15/1955
Connolly, Bill (William)  Catholic Angelus 5/20/1975
Connolly, Faye Marie Catholic Angelus 5/23/2003
Connolly, John R. Christus Angelus 10/14/1965
Connolly, Mark Kenton Catholic Angelus 6/30/2009
Connolly, Roger Joseph Catholic Angelus 6/30/2009
Connolly, Ruth E Catholic Angelus 6/21/2006
Connolly, Todd Joseph Catholic Angelus 5/22/2000
Connor, Martha Jane Mardane Columbarium Angelus 5/18/2006
Conquest, Pallas  Devotion Angelus 4/29/1955
Conrad, Tammy Sue Last Supper Angelus 6/3/1980
Conway, Jack B. Columbarium Angelus 7/23/1990
Conway, Jessica Andrea Last Supper Angelus 6/30/1990
Cook, Brian Patrick Catholic Angelus 10/2/1981
Cook, Darlene Renee Elks Angelus 5/28/1986
Cooke, Maranda Lynn Last Supper Angelus 9/17/1990
Cooke, Pauline Kaleinani Last Supper Angelus 6/2/2009
Cooksey, David Adrian Catholic Angelus 8/21/1968
Cooksey, Helen Bernice Catholic Angelus 5/20/2002
Cooksey, Joseph A. Catholic Angelus 5/30/2007
Cooley, John Melvin Christus Angelus 8/2/1982
Cooley, Teresa Marleen Last Supper Angelus 7/15/1974
Coonrod, Loren James Love Angelus 6/21/1998
Cooper, Barbara Ann Last Supper Angelus 7/26/2005
Cooper, Innie E Christus Angelus 7/13/2004
Cooper, John A Christus Angelus 7/13/2004
Cooper, Larry Joe Elks Angelus 11/5/1981
Cooper, LeRoy N. Last Supper Angelus 5/29/1984
Cooper, Robert Grant Last Supper Angelus 6/11/1981
Copeland, Michael Fabian Devotion Angelus 1/18/1954
Copeland, Scott Allen Devotion Angelus 5/28/1965
Copeland, William Brian Columbarium Angelus 11/19/2007
Copelin, Charles L. Christus Angelus 10/9/2000
Copelin, Esther Irene Christus Angelus 6/19/2001
Copelin, Fay W. Christus Angelus 12/2/1974
Corbett-Goulding, Nathaniel Titus Last Supper Angelus 6/15/1993
Corder, Gary Dean Christus Angelus 6/24/1970
Corder, Rex E. Devotion Angelus 6/4/1982
Corder, Wayne Leon Elks Angelus 5/20/1991
Corey, James R.T. Elks Angelus 9/24/1982
Cornforth, Charles A Devotion Angelus 5/16/1960
Cornils, Frederick Edward Catholic Angelus 5/9/1988
Corrado, Gregory R Catholic Angelus 8/1/1977
Cose, LeRoy Edward Columbarium Angelus 6/7/2007
Cose, Martin Lee Columbarium Angelus 4/22/1991
Cosper, Ezra Oliver Last Supper Angelus 12/7/1997
Cosper, Gladys Eugenia Last Supper Angelus 8/7/2000
Cottle, Dora E. Columbarium Angelus 5/5/1993
Cottle, George Franklin Columbarium Angelus 7/29/2004
Cotton, Hope Renea Babyland Angelus 9/22/2003
Couch, Ellis Norman Devotion Angelus 12/31/1954
Couch, Frank A Columbarium Angelus 7/26/1988
Court, Rudolph M. Love Angelus 5/12/1987
Courtney, Bonnie Vey Christus Angelus 4/7/1958
Courtney, Jeanne Marie Devotion Angelus 12/19/1953
Courtney, Jesse B. Christus Angelus 7/9/1966
Courtney, Jessie Domell Christus Angelus 4/7/1958
Courtney, Madison Joshua Last Supper Angelus 6/7/2010
Courtney, Winona  Christus Angelus 4/7/1958
Courtright, Anastasia "Ann"  Catholic Angelus 7/22/1983
Courtright, Dean Alan Love Angelus 10/27/1987
Courtright, Harry M. Catholic Angelus 6/10/1988
Cousens, Kathleen A. Catholic Angelus 7/1/2005
Couture, Robert Bayne Devotion Angelus 5/26/1964
Coval, Christopher  Catholic Angelus 5/21/1982
Coven, Ann Elizabeth Devotion Angelus 10/17/1964
Covington, Robbie D. Devotion Angelus 5/24/1961
Coward, Kylie Deborah Babyland Angelus 7/22/2003
Cowgill, Francis A. Catholic Angelus 10/21/2000
Cowles, Ethan Perry II Last Supper Angelus 8/11/1977
Cox, Brian David Christus Angelus 9/7/1999
Cox, Brittany Rae Columbarium Angelus 8/8/2010
Cox, Cherlyn Marie Devotion Angelus 5/26/1969
Cox, Danny  Christus Angelus 6/8/2006
Cox, Darin R Elks Angelus 6/4/1986
Cox, Emmy Julia Christus Angelus 6/13/2002
Cox, George William Elks Angelus 5/24/1982
Cox, John M. Christus Angelus 7/8/1968
Cox, Keith R. Elks Angelus 5/23/1984
Cox, Layna Kay Devotion Angelus 11/8/1956
Cox, Philip W. L. Christus Angelus 10/20/2000
Crabb, David B Catholic Angelus 6/25/1998
Craig, Bonnie C. Love Angelus 10/7/1994
Craig, Cheryl Marie Catholic Angelus 7/31/2010
Craig, Donald E. Last Supper Angelus 7/27/2009
Craig, Mary J. Last Supper Angelus 6/18/1993
Craig, Nora M. Christus Angelus 8/13/1971
Craig, Ralph E Elks Angelus 5/10/1974
Craig, William  Elks Angelus 6/12/1989
Craig-Westfall, Virginia K Elks Angelus 4/29/1991
Crandall, Joseph Robert Last Supper Angelus 5/26/1982
Crandall, Michael Dallas Love Angelus 3/6/2004
Crandell, Gladys Dye Devotion Angelus 5/21/1967
Crane, Grace M Elks Angelus 5/27/1994
Crapps, Alexander Leon Catholic Angelus 4/21/2005
Crapps, Cynthia Elizabeth Catholic Angelus 4/21/2005
Crapps, Diana Elizabeth Catholic Angelus 6/20/2005
Crawford, Andrew G Elks Angelus 5/18/1987
Crawford, George Willard Last Supper Angelus 6/19/1996
Crawford, Mary Marjorie Last Supper Angelus 5/27/1997
Crawford, Michael W. Christus Angelus 8/25/1975
Crawford, Theodore M. Devotion Angelus 3/8/1956
Creech, Esther Ingred Last Supper Angelus 10/11/2000
Creech, Lance W. Devotion Angelus 5/25/1968
Creech, William Leon Last Supper Angelus 10/11/2000
Cremo, Chris William Christus Angelus 11/1/2002
Cremo, Steven  Christus Angelus 6/23/1975
Crew, Joan C. Columbarium Angelus 10/7/1986
Cribbs, Donald  Catholic Angelus 9/21/1984
Crist, Sean  Devotion Angelus 7/9/1965
Croasman, Douglas Christopher Last Supper Angelus 5/15/1985
Cronce, Baby Boy  Devotion Angelus 7/6/1953
Cronin, Dennis Finbarr Last Supper Angelus 5/17/1974
Cronin, Stacy J. Devotion Angelus 5/26/1983
Crooks, Albert O. Christus Angelus 7/14/1965
Crooks, Margaret Mae Christus Angelus 5/27/1982
Crosby, Everlean Holloway Elks Angelus 5/21/1987
Crosby, Joshua B Elks Angelus 8/7/1985
Cross, Bessie J. Christus Angelus 5/18/1962
Crouse, Robert F. Elks Angelus 9/4/1985
Crow, Genevieve Beatrice Elks Angelus 9/16/2002
Crow, Ralph Hoke Elks Angelus 6/4/1996
Cruikshank, Lorraine H. Last Supper Angelus 10/7/1989
Cruikshank, Robert Steven Last Supper Angelus 5/10/1979
Cruikshank, Walter A. Last Supper Angelus 5/14/1961
Crusey, Sophia  Catholic Angelus 5/28/1966
Cruz, Anthony J. Last Supper Angelus 8/21/1990
Cue, Doshia Emogene Watts- Devotion Angelus 9/25/2002
Cummings, William F. Last Supper Angelus 10/21/1970
Cummins, Dominique Jo Catholic Angelus 10/16/2001
Cunningham, Frances S Catholic Angelus 5/8/1981
Curran, Aura  Devotion Angelus 5/29/1968
Curran, Doris R Last Supper Angelus 9/7/1977
Curran, Jack Patrick Devotion Angelus 8/31/1972
Curran, James Henry Last Supper Angelus 6/8/1993
Currier, Donna Diane Last Supper Angelus 5/13/2003
Currin, Clene J. Devotion Angelus 5/31/1953
Currin, Mabel A. Devotion Angelus 6/11/1985
Currington, Rowena Burack Devotion Angelus 6/6/1984
Curry, Bertren R. Christus Angelus 10/5/1981
Curry, Helen Lucille Christus Angelus 6/7/2006
Curry, Mary JoAnne Devotion Angelus 7/11/1994
Curry, Royce Lee Devotion Angelus 10/11/1988
Curtis, Harold Alan Christus Angelus 10/27/1995
Curtis, Marietta Joan Columbarium Angelus 7/26/2010
Curtis, Ray  Devotion Angelus 12/14/1953

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