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History of Angelus Memorial Park

In 1951, six people filed the necessary paperwork for the establishment of a memorial park . The park opened it's gates in 1951 and the first burials took place in 1952. It was the first memorial park in Alaska. On September 25, 1953 A.S Haines, Rose B. Haines, A.U. Hassman, Dave Franke, Gordon Green and Marilyn Haines met to create Evergreen Memorial Park Association. On that same day, they had the first Board of Trustees Meeting. Rose B. Haines was appointed Chairwoman and A. S. Haines was appointed Secretary of the meeting.

The Haines property was purchased by the new Association for $44,000.00 on Sept. 25, 1953 and several more properties were acquired over the next few years to make up the 37 acres of rolling hills that belong to Angelus Memorial Park, Inc. today. The first annual meeting was held in the office of the association on Oct. 1, 1955 at 3 P.M. The Association became a non-profit corporation on Sept. 14, 1955. The Park incorporated December 4, 1961 and the park's name was changed to Angelus Memorial Park on Feb. 11, 1964. It is noteworthy that Angelus Memorial Park, Inc. was Alaska's first cemetery to establish a perpetual care fund for the endowment of the corporation. The park is governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees elected by the property owners at their annual meeting.

Angelus Memorial Park Inc. 440 East Klatt Road Anchorage, Ak. 99515-3448
M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm 907 344-1311


Jack, Suzanne E Devotion Angelus 5/7/1990
Jack, Wesley D. Devotion Angelus 6/4/1987
Jacks, Marcella "Peggy" Love Angelus 7/23/2009
Jacks, May Newcomb Christus Angelus 7/16/1971
Jacks, Orvel B. Christus Angelus N/A
Jackson, Charles Edward Last Supper Angelus 6/4/1974
Jackson, Cora Morsch Devotion Angelus 9/22/1963
Jackson, Elizabeth Lewis Christus Angelus 6/10/1963
Jackson, Florence G Columbarium Angelus 4/10/2006
Jackson, George D. Devotion Angelus 7/23/1984
Jackson, George Dabney Devotion Angelus 7/12/1953
Jackson, Gladys  Christus Angelus 5/23/1975
Jackson, Hazel E. Last Supper Angelus 9/8/2005
Jackson, James Alvin Columbarium Angelus 10/26/1998
Jackson, Jeffory S Last Supper Angelus 10/30/1987
Jackson, Joseph M. Last Supper Angelus 7/31/1987
Jackson, Mary Lou Last Supper Angelus 10/16/1997
Jackson, Stephanie  Last Supper Angelus 7/29/1992
Jacobo, Mario  Last Supper Angelus 6/2/1987
Jacobs, Jacqueline M. Catholic Angelus 5/26/1976
Jacobsma, Athalene  Christus Angelus 8/15/1962
Jacobsma, Henry  Christus Angelus 6/11/1981
Jacobson, George M. Devotion Angelus 7/22/1966
Jacobson, Gordon A. Devotion Angelus 9/23/1971
Jacobson, Hans Martinus Devotion Angelus 5/24/1953
Jacobson, John  Devotion Angelus 8/8/1955
Jacobson, Mabel  Devotion Angelus 6/14/1968
Jagusch, Daniel Wilfred Christus Angelus 9/26/2003
Jagusch, Norma C. Christus Angelus 6/17/1988
Jaidinger, Eugene S Christus Angelus 9/1/1971
Jaidinger, Robert Michael Christus Angelus 9/5/1997
Jaidinger, Stanley P. Christus Angelus 6/14/1993
Jakoski, Carl E. Catholic Angelus 9/23/2005
Jakoski, Jacqueline D. Catholic Angelus 9/23/2005
James, Jane B. Columbarium 1 Angelus 9/25/2006
Janigo, Michael J Catholic Angelus 5/23/1970
Janigo, Richard Michael Catholic Angelus 5/9/2000
Janigo-Hooper, Maybelle A. Catholic Angelus 6/18/2009
Janis, Henry  Devotion Angelus 8/20/1954
Janis, Henry J. Devotion Angelus 9/20/1956
Janis, Margaret Mary Devotion Angelus 9/20/1956
Janis, Mathew Henry Catholic Angelus 9/30/1968
Janis, Thomas Patrick Catholic Angelus 8/4/2001
Jarrard, Lana Jean Elks Angelus 8/20/2008
Jaussaud, Sherri Ann Elks Angelus 6/16/1983
Jeanotte, Levi G. Christus Angelus 5/29/2002
Jeffers, Grace A. Elks Angelus 5/20/1975
Jeffers, Howard  Devotion Angelus 6/20/1990
Jeffries, Robert J Elks Angelus 5/4/1979
Jeffries, Ruth D. Elks Angelus 6/4/1980
Jeffs, Leland Ernest Columbarium Angelus 1/31/2004
Jelinek, Judith Ann Christus Angelus 5/19/1971
Jelinek, Robert Louis Christus Angelus 8/23/1979
Jellich, Mary Julia Catholic Angelus 7/21/1997
Jemison, Mims P. Catholic Angelus 7/24/1998
Jenkins, Barbara E. Columbarium Angelus 3/11/1988
Jenkins, Beverly Either Last Supper Angelus 6/12/2010
Jenkins, Jack Jerome Devotion Angelus 11/12/1955
Jenkins, Jeanie  Devotion Angelus 6/17/1974
Jenkins, John Stephenson Last Supper Angelus 5/27/1993
Jenkins, Leonard Charles Last Supper Angelus 10/3/2009
Jenkins, Mabel E. Christus Angelus 5/19/1965
Jenkins, Thomas Michael Columbarium Angelus 4/22/2010
Jensen, Alma Rose Columbarium Angelus 7/18/1991
Jensen, Arthur S Last Supper Angelus 7/28/1989
Jensen, Christine Koryn Devotion Angelus 9/1/1954
Jensen, Christine Koryn Devotion Angelus 9/1/1954
Jensen, Eliza  Christus Angelus 5/19/1967
Jensen, Iris E. Christus Angelus 7/19/1989
Jensen, Lillian M. Last Supper Angelus 10/22/1994
Jensen, Marjorie N Last Supper Angelus 8/2/1996
Jensen, Ollie M. Devotion Angelus 11/27/1953
Jensen, Stella  Devotion Angelus 6/15/1964
Jensen, Walter P. Devotion Angelus 8/12/1963
Jerue, Leonard  Catholic Angelus 9/14/1965
Jerue, Wilson George Catholic Angelus 9/3/2010
Jess, David Lee Devotion Angelus 5/1/1957
Jess, Margaret H. Devotion Angelus 6/29/1989
Jewell, Ashley Lynn Catholic Angelus 10/28/1987
Joe, Sophie Ruth Devotion Angelus 5/28/1958
Johannes, Carol L Elks Angelus 8/29/1980
Johanson, Sven S. Last Supper Angelus 9/15/1976
John, Clifford  Devotion Angelus 5/7/1955
Johnnie, Helen E. Love Angelus 6/2/1988
Johnson, Aaron Michael Last Supper Angelus 8/29/2002
Johnson, Albert W. Christus Angelus 6/11/1979
Johnson, Alton A. Devotion Angelus 5/24/1960
Johnson, Bernard  Devotion Angelus 6/29/1954
Johnson, Bert L. Last Supper Angelus 9/11/1972
Johnson, Carl Morton Christus Angelus 7/18/1960
Johnson, Carol Lorraine Elks Angelus 8/29/2009
Johnson, Charles  Last Supper Angelus 8/27/1981
Johnson, Christopher J. Devotion Angelus 6/2/1971
Johnson, Chrystal Star Last Supper Angelus 6/19/2003
Johnson, Clyde Willard Elks Angelus 6/18/1986
Johnson, Donald  Christus Angelus 5/3/1979
Johnson, Doris Jean Elks Angelus 9/18/1975
Johnson, Dorothy Kate Catholic Angelus 5/25/1978
Johnson, Dorothy McKee Christus Angelus 9/29/1975
Johnson, Eric David Love Angelus 5/9/2005
Johnson, Helen Arlene Last Supper Angelus 5/21/1984
Johnson, Hodges  Last Supper Angelus 8/1/1978
Johnson, Ida Mae Last Supper Angelus 6/17/2004
Johnson, James "Jimmy"  Devotion Angelus 9/3/1958
Johnson, James Washington Devotion Angelus 2/5/1956
Johnson, Jewell L. Christus Angelus 5/10/1960
Johnson, Katherine E. Devotion Angelus 12/4/1956
Johnson, Kathy Elizabeth Devotion Angelus 4/25/1956
Johnson, Kendall S. Christus Angelus 8/27/1974
Johnson, Kenneth C. Christus Angelus 6/6/1958
Johnson, Lorine O. Columbarium Angelus 7/16/1991
Johnson, Lorraine  Last Supper Angelus 2/9/1978
Johnson, Marilyn Connie Elks Angelus 5/20/1998
Johnson, Marjorie P. Devotion Angelus 5/23/1967
Johnson, Mark  Last Supper Angelus 6/1/1994
Johnson, Meranda Jean Babyland Angelus 6/21/1998
Johnson, Nicholas Aaron Last Supper Angelus 5/29/1987
Johnson, Orah Madge Devotion Angelus 8/21/1987
Johnson, Patricia M. Elks Angelus 5/19/1970
Johnson, Raymond Frank Devotion Angelus 5/4/1953
Johnson, Robert (Robin) L. Elks Angelus 7/15/1975
Johnson, Ronald C. Catholic Angelus 8/20/1966
Johnson, Rosemary Cecelia Catholic Angelus 6/15/2000
Johnson, Sarah Jennie Devotion Angelus 5/13/1980
Johnson, Stella C. Christus Angelus 8/10/1990
Johnson, Verne Harry Devotion Angelus 9/29/1953
Johnson, William (Billy) Joe Devotion Angelus 9/17/1976
Johnston, Alfred L Christus Angelus 5/25/1995
Johnston, Cleo May Christus Angelus 1/8/2004
Johnston, Danese M. Christus Angelus 6/10/1992
Johnston, Estelle  Catholic Angelus 6/27/1996
Johnston, Everett M. Christus Angelus 6/18/1999
Johnston, Forrest Ure Columbarium Angelus 7/30/2007
Johnston, Hazel Kathryn Christus Angelus 5/25/1960
Johnston, Jeanette M. Last Supper Angelus 5/19/1977
Johnston, Kate Sloan Catholic Angelus 5/21/1980
Johnston, Leonard B. Christus Angelus 11/24/1958
Johnston, Mary  Love Angelus 9/21/2010
Johnston, Terrance A Catholic Angelus 8/21/1990
Johnston, Timothy S Catholic Angelus 5/8/1981
Johnstone, William Wilson Devotion Angelus 2/19/1958
Joiner, Jack D. Devotion Angelus 5/28/1956
Joinette, Steven  Devotion Angelus 5/24/1961
Jokic, Emilia "Amy"  Columbarium Angelus 2/26/2007
Jolicoeur, Arainna Lynn Babyland Angelus 5/11/2001
Jolly, Amanda Jolene Last Supper Angelus 5/28/1985
Jonas, Oscar Lee Devotion Angelus 2/5/1955
Jonas, Robert Lee Devotion Angelus 5/31/1953
Jones, Alta Jane Last Supper Angelus 6/27/1986
Jones, Audrey Jean Last Supper Angelus 5/30/2000
Jones, Barbara Jane Christus Angelus 9/24/1959
Jones, Betty Lynn Last Supper Angelus 7/23/1974
Jones, Bill  Last Supper Angelus N/A
Jones, Billy Zane  Last Supper Angelus 8/11/1973
Jones, Calvin H Love Angelus 7/19/1994
Jones, Carol Louise Christus Angelus 7/6/2010
Jones, Daretta W. Last Supper Angelus 5/19/1972
Jones, Dorothy A. Last Supper Angelus N/A
Jones, Douglas E. Christus Angelus 3/13/2004
Jones, Earl  Devotion Angelus 8/5/1965
Jones, Elza Clarence Elks Angelus 5/17/1974
Jones, Forrest M Devotion Angelus 7/8/1955
Jones, Herman W. Last Supper Angelus 5/23/1967
Jones, Janette F. Love Angelus 6/10/1987
Jones, Kyle Edward Last Supper Angelus 9/24/1984
Jones, Margaret Ann Daley Love Angelus 8/23/1987
Jones, Martha G. Love Angelus 7/19/1994
Jones, Michael Allan Last Supper Angelus 9/20/1998
Jones, Nina Rebecca Devotion Angelus 6/6/1962
Jones, Thomas L. Christus Angelus 7/16/1982
Jones, William Gordon Love Angelus 10/25/2007
Jordan, Johnathan Mark Devotion Angelus 6/26/1997
Jordan-Allen, Mattie L. Devotion Angelus 8/23/1965
Joseph, Devonte Steeven Javon Babyland Angelus 9/14/2004
Joseph, Louise  Catholic Angelus 5/21/1966
Josey, Dante Savon Last Supper Angelus 6/26/1998
Josey, La Vonne Evans Devotion Angelus 6/1/1983
Joshua, Kathleen Anne Devotion Angelus 7/2/1955
Joy, Benjamin Lounsbury Elks Angelus 6/15/2007
Joy, Jacqueline M Elks Angelus 6/16/2006
Judd, Phillip H. Christus Angelus 6/15/1964
Jung, Kyung Shin Love Angelus 6/14/2010
Justice, Della Ann Elks Angelus 8/13/1985
Justiniano, Alfredo M. Devotion Angelus 5/12/1984
Justison, Arthur Irving Devotion Angelus 5/31/1953
Jutila, Emil  Devotion Angelus 2/8/1956

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